Entreps and Enablers Wish for Better 2018

Last week, I have shared with you my wish for this year and that is for the continuous partnership of the private sector and the government in pushing for prosperity for all. I know that it has been the mission of mine for the past year and I am continuing the pursuit of this goal.

Here are some more wishes from our business chamber allies and entrepreneurs:

I wish for the early signing into law of the other packages of the Duterte’s tax reform program for the reduction and simplification of corporate income tax, rationalization of incentives and deepening of the capital markets to promote economic growth. – Benedicta Baladad, FINEX

I wish for peace and order throughout the country so the march to prosperity for all can continue its momentum. – Ebb Hinchcliffe, AMCHAM

We wish that the great work towards inclusive growth and poverty alleviation that we started in 2017 is sustained in full gear with the alliance that has been formed by the different private sector groups and the government. We wish that 2018 becomes a banner year for all Filipinos to come together and help lift all those suffering from the chains of poverty to break free all together as one nation and one people. – Rex Daryanani, FICCI

My wish is for all sectors of society to set aside self interest and collectively work to grow our economy and reduce poverty. – Edgar Chua, MBC

Peace, prosperity and optimism for all of us and for our country. – Nestor Tan, BAP

I pray for a stronger electronics industry to support our governments continued inclusive growth through developing SMEs for the electronics supply chain, and working with government to gain investor confidence and increase FDIs. – Dan Lachica, SEIPI

I wish for the business community to continue unite for inclusive business and other initiatives that can significantly address our nagging problems of poverty, inequality and corruption. – Peter Perfecto, MBC

For so many years I have been very disappointed with the superficial way the government has been addressing the development of MSMEs. However, there are indications that the incumbent government is finally going to walk the talk. I wish this will continue and can be sustained. – Serge Ortiz Luis, PCCI

I wish that more of our countrymen will have more access to capital so that they can pursue their dream to improve their businesses. – Tony Pasia, RBAP

May opportunities be abundant for businesses to flourish such that an improved economy will help create more jobs and redound to better lives for our people. – Melanie Ng, Cebu Chamber of Commerce

My goal for 2018 is to help make the Philippines more globally competitive, to improve our ease of doing business, to aggressively introduce more government online processes, and to make the government permits and licensing process more customer-friendly! – Bill Luz, National Competitiveness Council

I wish that our country will continue to have a good & strong economy. also wishing to have peace & political stability! – Paul Rodriguez, Asian Marine Transport Corporation

I wish many more people will make an effort to buy sustainably. Buy local as much as you can. Drink and eat local to save on carbon footprint. And try to grow your own food or support small producers. – Pacita Juan, ECHOstore

May it be the year when a greater orbit will be reached in demonstrating that the Philippine Human Capital, when feted against the world’s best, can succeed in establishing the foundation for a truly inclusive, just, prosperous, well governed and disciplined society. – Ramon Segismundo, People Management Association of the Philippines

For the country I pray for violence to stop and peace to reign. – Joel Santos, Entrepreneurs School of Asia

Smooth and peaceful year 2018.  – Chris Chilip, TyreMart

I pray that 2018 will be filled with endless possibilities, opportunities and trailblazing chances to give, share and love! May the KMME program of PCE & DTI continue to enhance the capabilities of our MSMEs and attain our battle cry of “Prosperity for All!”– Mary Ann Montemayor, Villa Margarita

2018 – the year the Pinoys stop saying I WISH to saying I WILL! Empower the Pinoy! – Benjamin Castillo, BAP

My wish for 2018 is for DA or BAI to make public all Poultry and Swine growers so that those with State-of-the-art Technology can reach out and pitch their relevance to ensure safe meats for consuming public. – Wilfred Gui, GUIFTS

For the country- more jobs and successful entrepinoys. – Christine Bersola-Babao

I wish for the following: (1) Infrastructure projects under Build, Build, Build Program are delivered according to specifications, within budget, and on schedule; (2) Go Negosyo receives continued support so Joey can achieve his vision for the SME sector to create more employment and reduce poverty; (3) That the government will be able to better anticipate the disruptions caused by digital revolution and devote more budget to human resource development; and (4) Lower Corporate income tax – Renato de Guzman

I wish and pray that in 2018, the Philippines will finally live up to its potential and become the tiger economy that it was always meant to be and may all this come to fruition because of the great and awesome entrepreneurial spirit that we all have. – Eric Yu, Cloudfone

Real Peace. Growth of Small Business. Good Governance. Mass Transit. – James Bernas

First, more MSME-friendly and inclusive business policies and regulations and the development support for innovative businesses and industries promoting science- and technology-driven enterprises for ASEAN and global MSMEs competitiveness. – Glenn Baticados, UP Los Baños Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

I wish to be able to see OPM flood the radio and TV stations the way Japan. China, Korea and Indonesia have done to propagate their music industry. – Angeli Valenciano, Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management Inc.


To celebrate the success of women entrepreneurs, Go Negosyo will once again identify Filipina entrepreneurs who have embodied a passionate, positive and inspiring character in leading their respective enterprises to its growth and prosperity. The Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs Awards will take place on the 10th Go Negosyo Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit 2018!

I invite you to nominate Filipina entrepreneurs who you think should be recognized as one of Go Negosyo’s Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneur!

You may download the forms from the Go Negosyo website (www.gonegosyo.net) and kindly submit it to[email protected].

IFE 2018 Nominations

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