Batang Negosyante Panalo!

Batang Negosyante Panalo!

On March 14, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo host DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla together with co-host Senator Bam Aquino were joined by AM Valdez, Marketing Head of Make A Difference Travel (MAD Travel), and Carmelo Orpilla, President of Batang Negosyante Ako Barkadahan, the two winners of TAYO or Ten Accomplished Youth Organization in an hour of substantial discussion about business and advocacy.

Being a youth means the person is passing through a transition period where individual experiences marked the changes in their way of thinking, feeling, acting and socializing. This led them to maturity as aided by internal factors that allow them to withstand frustration and make sense of what they are experiencing. A common trait of the youth is loving fun and excitement while ignoring other important matters. However, this do not apply to all in general as some Filipino youth are already ahead of their time and making their mark in the society.

In this episode, two inspiring Filipino youth will share their experiences on how they incorporate entrepreneurship into their advocacies.

DJ Cheska asked Senator Bam what is the importance of starting early in the business or engaging in social advocacy at the young age. Sen. Bam answered, ”yung pagsasanay sa pagiging negosyante o sa pagsasanay sa pagkakaroon ng ganitong activities, it takes practice kumbaga practice never makes perfect but practice makes you better. So kung nagsisimula ka habang bata ka mas magandang training yan for the present and the future”.

AM Valdez of MAD Travel envisioned the Philippines to be the top social-tourism destination in the world believing that tourism is not only about posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook but through tourism people can make an impact to the communities they visited. Their objective is to bring tourist in the indigenous people community so the guests can experience their way of life and to give additional livelihood to the tribe which she calls “pasyal with a purpose”.

The second guest Carmelo Orpilla and his friends noticed that there are various social problems involving the youth such as teen pregnancy, engaging to fraternities and unemployment, what they did is they used their business idea to change the lives of the troubled teenagers. Their mission is to create a young entrepreneur in every family by giving free coaching seminars, entrepreneurship and financial literacy training on how to become an entrepreneur and build their own business.


DJ Cheska mentioned a study stating that millennials do not save money for material investment instead they are spending more money in traveling, she asked AM if it is true and what is the principle behind it. AM shared, “Actually totoo sya, kasi sa amin nakikita namin yung experience na isang paraan po para matuto kami o makakilala kami ng ibang tao o ng ibang kultura, so dun namin pinipiling iinvest ang resources namin” AM answered. For her the experience, learnings and the people you meet in every travel adds value to the person and the value does not depreciate unlike material things.

Their advocacy is to help Aetas in restoring their ancestral land and transform it into tourist spot because of the need to sustain the livelihood of the Aetas. To have a sustainable financial resources to continue the restoration project in the community and to provide additional income for the Aetas, AM and her friends turn their fond of traveling into business knowing that there are a lot of people like them who love to travel and experience new things. Their first clients are their relatives and friends and by word of mouth, random travelers started to asked them about the tour.


Making your friends as business partners or be friends with your business partners is common among entrepreneurs, Sen. Bam asked Carmelo Orpilla on what comes first, is it the business or the barkadahan? Carmelo and his friends are young entrepreneurs who each have their own businesses, their involvement to the National Youth Commission united them to form a social enterprise that will assess the social issues among the Filipino youths. Carmelo and his friends started from scratch, their will to help the youths like themselves became their driving force. First they collected empty water bottles in Ayala and after a month they sold the bottles and buy processed meat and later on they were able to rent an apartment that they later called “Tambayan” where they teach their students to be entrepreneurial and at the same time a temporary shelter for some of them.

Making your friends as business partners or be friends with your business partners is common among entrepreneurs, Sen. Bam asked Carmelo Orpilla on what comes first, is it the business or the barkadahan? Carmelo and his friends are young entrepreneurs who each have their own businesses, their involvement to the National Youth Commission united them to form a social enterprise that will assess the social issues among the Filipino youths. Carmelo and his friends started from scratch, their will to help the youths like themselves became their driving force. First they collected empty water bottles in Ayala and after a month they sold the bottles and buy processed meat and later on they were able to rent an apartment that they later called “Tambayan”.

Tambayan is the group headquarter where they give free workshop and entrepreneurial training to the unemployed and out-of-school youth as well as giving important lessons about values and discipline. The youths in their Tambayan came from different areas of the Philippines where they were invited to talk, some came from Visayas and other latter part of the country. At first, their students are free of charge and expenses and after months of training when the student is already earning money on their own, they will be having their fair share of expenses.


For AM Valdez, the success of their organization can be measured by looking at the developments that they did in the Aeta community and for Carmelo Orpilla their success is about the positive changes that they bring to the lives of the out-of-school and unemployed youth.

Pinay, Panalo sa Negosyong Passion for Fashion!

Pinay, Panalo sa Negosyong Passion for Fashion!

GNSR Web Header Feb 28
Wrapping up the month of February, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla and Sen. Bam Aquino were joined by previous Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs awardees Delby Bragais, fashion designer and owner of Delby Bragais Bridal, Donna Jiao, President of XC Manufacturing and Trading Enterprise, Yoling Sevilla, President and CEO of The Leather Collection Inc., in an episode featuring exceptional enterprises by empowered women.

Delby Bragais owner of Delby Bragais Bridal, is an award-winning fashion designer, a multi- awarded and internationally certified image consultant, a sought-after speaker, an inspiring workshop leader a published author, and one of Go Negosyo 2016 Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs. From being in a business of ‘changing the looks’ she has expanded to ‘changing the lives’ through the creation of an image training consultancy division, Image Designers
International wherein she leads customized workshops and speaks on image strategy and people branding.

Donna Jiao of XC Manufacturing the leading exporter of jewelry in Bulacan, started as a helper of her mother in their pawnshop at the age of 12. At the early age of sixteen she was married. The need to provide for her family urged her to think of ways to provide for them. Having the experience, skills, and creativity on jewelry design she acquired from her younger days, she decided to start her own jewelry business. Today, her venture has garnered many top socialites and members of the elite both in the Philippines and outside the country. Donna was also one of Go Negosyo’s 2014 Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs.

Yoling Sevilla is the President and CEO of The Leather Collection Inc. a 27-year old company, which successfully found its niche in the corporate gifts market with their genuine leather products. Prior to founding the business, Yoling and her husband ran a printing business which then evolved to a design business. For years, the company has been providing sustainable livelihoods to marginalized women communities. They have also partnered with indigenous women in Sibaltan, North Palawan and Bagobo tribe in Southern Mindanao, who were able to marry their ancient weaving techniques to their leather products.

With the fast-paced fashion industry of seemingly similar looking products, Sen. Bam Aquino asked how companies like them are able stand out from competitors and copy-cats in the industry. Delby shared her experience in designing for clients only to have her designs imitated with cheaper service. These imitated designs never look how they should look. She believes what makes her stand out is the value added to her crafts, “It’s extra styling and image consulting, so I’m merging the two – consultancy and fashion,” she said.

For Yoling, it lies in the price quality ratio. “It has to be the right price and the quality must be visibly better than others,” she said. While it is vital to step up your craft’s quality, it is also important to be matched with the right customers and be able to differentiate between serious buyers and those who just wants to imitate designs,” she said.

In the case of Donna, being in the jewelry business makes it harder to imitate her products. She shared that customers are willing to pay. “They don’t mind buying and paying for the right price, because they know the quality,” she said.

Given the rather high-end products they offer, Sen. Bam Aquino asked the guests if there are still enough discerning customers for their products in the country.

“Marami. Kasi we’re Asians we love real things, we want to wear gold and diamonds and other precious stones, they want to wear that,” answered Donna.

Delby agreed emphasizing the importance of knowing your audience “There is a target market
that still want quality and are willing to pay the price.”


To wrap up the episode, Sen. Bam asked the guests a question from the studio audience: “Ano ang hubog ng inyong inspiration?”

For Yoling, her inspiration is her people. “Doon sa pag huhubog ng pagkatao ng bawat manggagawa. We use the word hanap buhay, at magkabalikat kaming lahat sa paghahanap buhay. Yung paghahanap buhay sa amin ay hindi sa sweldo, kundi yung paghahanap sa life in it’s fullness,” said Yoling.

She further emphasized the importance of shared values ang integral human development, these for her are more important among other things because they should be treated not as mere employees but as partners in life.

In Delby’s case, her inspiration lies in her passion. “Celebrate your individuality, go for your purpose, what drives you, your passion, and that will lead you to prosperity.”

This year’s set of Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs will be awarded on March 6, 2018 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. For more info., please call (02) 631-5001 or email


Mga Inspiring Pinay, Panalo sa Negosyong Bubusog sa inyo!

Mga Inspiring Pinay, Panalo sa Negosyong Bubusog sa inyo!

GNSR Web Header Feb 21
On February 21, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla and Sen. Bam Aquino were joined by Evelyn Daytao of Daytao Native Cakes, Lydia Lomibao of House of Pili, and Josie See of Peanut World in a discussion with some of the inspiring Filipinas who have made it in the food industry.

It is no secret that Filipinos love food, whether its a large buffet meal or a simple pica-pica. This makes the food industry a very attractive area to venture in. As DJ Cheska said, one could never go wrong in the food business. To which Sen. Bam agreed because indeed the snacking culture is ingrained in many Filipinos.

In this episode, three inspiring women entrepreneurs shared their experiences in managing their own food business born out of the combination of perseverance and passion.

Lydia Lomibao is a staunch advocate of pili nuts – regarded as ‘King of Nuts’  by foreigners for its distinctive softness and buttery taste. She established J.Emmanuel Pastries ‘The House of Pili’ together with her husband with the meager amount of P500 from their last remaining wedding money. They started making pili tarts with this and delivered them to downtown stores in Naga City.  Today, through their perseverance and aide from local government agencies, the business has now grown to become a multi-awarded and Bicol’s leading pili nut processor and exporter of pili. In 2017, Lydia was awarded as one of the Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs in the micro-small entrepreneur category.

Daytao’s Native Cakes owned by former OFW Evelyn Daytao started when she decided to join one of her town’s annual activities ‘Tarlac Kakanin Festival,’ which she won twice. Eventually the judges from Tarlac’s LGU encouraged her to start her own business. With the support of the local government she established Daytao’s Native Cakes, using locally sourced raw materials as ingredients for her delicacies. Evelyn was also one of the 2017 Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs Awardees in the micro-small entrepreneur category.

Josie See, is the woman behind Peanut World – home of delicious nuts currently with over 80 branches nationwide. Josie started as a practicing optometrist for two years. Even back then, she already loved eating peanuts, being a regular in one of the nearby peanut stalls in her office. After a while she noticed the limited choices of peanut flavors. This gave her the idea of conceptualizing her own business which led to the establishment of the very first Peanut World Cart, located in Ever Gotesco Grand Central. With the success of the first store, she began to expand her business by applying in various SM Supermalls. Josie was one of the Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs of 2015.


When asked if juggling between being both a woman and an entrepreneur is difficult, Lydia said it is not. Between men and women, she stated that women are more flexible. “Ito talaga ang what is best in me, napakaflexible ko. I can always balance everything,” she said.

For Evelyn, a single mother with one child, it was not so easy. Her early days in the business, include going from building to building to sell her delicacies to whoever would be interested to buy. She shared that her previous job as an OFW became a stepping stone for her business. There she learned the ability to accomplish many things at once, which has proven to be very helpful in doing her business today.

Josie on the other hand emphasized that a woman’s mother instinct and heart is one of the advantages of being a woman entrepreneur. “Ako ang nalalapitan ng mga empleyado kapag may problema,” she shared.


One of the main prejudices against women in the business industry is the tendency of their emotions to get in the way. Our guests were asked how they handle them in terms of doing business.

For Josie, it’s a continuous learning process with emotions. Even though at time it may get to you, what’s important is how you address it. “Pag may mistake ako pinag-iisipan ko kung pano nangyari ito, maybe kasi naging ganito ang attitude ko,” she shared.

Emotions were never a problem for Lydia. “Sa business kasi lagi ko nang sineset aside na ‘hold on to your emotions’ ibig sabihin kung magiging emotional ka lang naman baka wala kayong ma achieve,” she said. Lydia further emphasized how crying over spilled milk will get you nowhere, what matters ultimately is focusing on your end goal and never looking back.

For Evelyn on the other hand, it has been an emotional journey with her business especially with her solely managing the business. She revealed that she has her share of days filled with pressure and stress having to deal with her people and customers as well. Despite this, she imparts how it’s all worth it in the end. “Nakakatuwa din kasi yung tao, sila din yung magpapalakas sa iyo. Pag nakikita mo yung loyalty nila, yun yung mag eencourage sa iyo to go on,” Evelyn said.


To end the lively discussion, Sen. Bam Aquino asked each guest what they would be if they were their own products.

Lydia answered that she would be the ‘Au Naturel’ pili peanuts or the classic plain pili peanuts. “Ready kasing kung anong ilagay mo. Ready to face challenges. I am an action person, I do not wait,” said Lydia.

For Evelyn, she is their best-selling delicacy – suman. “Malagkit ito, hindi madaling gumive-up, kahit maraming flavor na pinagdaanan mananatili siyang masarap,” she said.

Josie on the other hand, is mixed nuts.  She shared that the feeling you get from the anticipation of getting different kinds of flavors and type of nuts is similar to her attitude in doing business.  “Excited kasi ako parati, because nakita naman natin na tatlo na yung concept namin, pag nagcoconceptualize kami energetic ako pag ganon,” Josie said.

These three successful women have different experiences and approaches while pursuing their business ventures. But one thing remains the same, that Filipina women entrepreneurs have the passion and the drive to realize their dreams.

Get to know this year’s set of Inspiring of Filipina Entrepreneurs on March 6 at the 10th Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit, happening at the World Trade Center. For more info., please call (02) 631-5001 or email


“Nagmahal, Nagnegosyo, Umasenso!”

“Nagmahal, Nagnegosyo, Umasenso!”

GNSR Web Header Feb 14
On Feruary 14, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo Host DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla and guest co-host Jorge Wieneke III were joined by two couple entrepreneurs, Ofrace and Era Ocampo of Sitsirya Sari-sari and Glen and Majella Villaroman of AccelSPROUT for an episode on successful businesses built on the foundation of love and passion.

Ofrace and Era Ocampo is the couple behind Sitsirya Sari-Sari, a one stop shop that brings the sweetness of Filipino delicacies especially made for the panlasang pinoy. With over 35 years of career in the business industry, and 37 years of marriage, the two shared their journey as a couple who endured through the thick and thin of life.

The business started even before they shared their life as a married couple. It was after 7 months of being unemployed due to the economic meltdown in the country, when Ofrace came to decide that he was going to work abroad. Era went against this decision with the welfare of their 3-year old daughter in mind. It was then that they ventured into entrepreneurship and return to what they know best – food.

Ofrace shared that the challenging years they faced before, only led them to achieve their success today. There will always be a solution no matter how big the problem is, the solution will be bigger. “You only need all the failures plus one to succeed,” Ofrace added.

Glen and Majela Villaroman the couple behind AccelSPROUT, an agricultural business accelerator and consultancy, shared how their love for food led to their passion for agriculture.

Initially, the couple did not have a background in agriculture. They were more well-versed in the food industry, managing a restaurant business in the states. Five years ago, when the couple went back to the Philippines, they noticed the huge difference between the sizes of the produce.

It was through this venture that made them think of developing a more productive agricultural industry in the Philippines through natural farming techniques based on maintaining overall soil health. Through AccelSPROUT, the couple continues to advocate for urban farming, the establishment of more post-harvest facilities and raising awareness to the youth on the profitability and benefits of agriculture.


When asked if there exists a division of labor between tasks in the business, “Sa amin, syempre ang marriage ay partnership yan, dapat based on mutual trust and respect. So may mga panahon na yung isa ang masusunod, may panahon na yung iba,” said Glen.

He emphasized that what matters is that both of you are working towards achieving the same goal, and that is to do the right thing not only for the business but also for each other.

For the Ocampos on other hand, Era explained that there is a division of tasks in their business. Ofrace handles the operations part of the business while she works on the financial aspect. But there secret lies in communication. “Through the years, open ang communication and we support each other,” she shared.

“She’s the wind beneath my wings. She provided direction, motivation, and inspiration,” Ofrace added.


Being in a business with your partner in life can inevitably be challenging with the merging of the two aspects of life. “Yan kasing business namin ay personal. We fell in love with each other, we fell in love with what we do, mahirap po talagang ihiwalay ang dalawa,” said Majella.

Despite the inseparable spheres of business and personal life, Glen shares that it in time it eventually becomes a natural thing. “I guess dahil mahal mo yung ginagawa mo, hindi na nagiging burden…pareho kaming naniniwala at mahal namin yung ginagawa namin.”

This goes the same for the Ocampos, Ofrace believes that a couple’s compatibility is important for a relationship to work both for personal and business. “We support and complement each other and we don’t really find conflicts, as long as you have one mission, vision and values. Compatible lahat yan. Full speed ahead,” said Ofrace.

Visit their websites at:
Sitsirya Sari-Sari:


For Pet Lovers, by Pet Lovers!: Pet Related Business

For Pet Lovers, by Pet Lovers!: Pet Related Business

GNSR Web Header Feb 7

On February 7, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo host DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla and Sen. Bam Aquino were joined by Go Negosyo Mentor Jenny Wieneke, Giannina Gonzales of Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli and Bark-ery Inc. and Christian John Dela Cruz of BarkPark Ph for a lively discussion on emerging businesses fit for the pet lovers out there.

It’s common knowledge that owning a pet goes beyond the joy and company they bring in one’s life. This entails a whole new wave of responsibilities, coupled with the need to spend extra cash for their overall well-being. For some people, a pet is considered a family, and as one would treat family, pet owners would want only the best for their pets.

In today’s episode, our guests shared how their passion for their pets transformed into ventures that have benefitted other people’s pet as well.

BarkPark Mobile Dog Salon is the brainchild of Christian John Dela Cruz and John Christian Tria’s college thesis as BS Entrepreneurship undergraduates. It is Metro Manila’s first roaming dog salon that provides pets with full grooming services at the comfort of their own homes. Their grooming services range from a minimum of P500 to P850, depending on the size of the dog. This is inclusive of the home service charge and basic grooming services.

Whole Pet Kitchen was born out of Giannina Gonzales’ desire to provide nourishing and delicious treats that pets can enjoy. The business started as a home-base bakery that eventually grew into a little dog café and retail store. They use only the freshest ingredients such as virgin coconut oil, fresh meats, vegetables and supplements to ensure that your pets will get the most out of every bite.

Christian shared how they market their unusual business, given their very specific target market. “Since nag boom yung social media platform, nag invest kami through Facebook promotions,” said Christian.

Facebook’s advertising algorithm that targets specific audience through their liked pages, ensures that the money Christian spends on ads is fully utilized to his target audience.

Currently, Giannina also uses the same marketing strategy to reach her audience. But back in the days when technology was not so prevalent as it is today, she shared that they had to resort to personally reach out to the veterinarians they knew in town.

“Pupunta kami sa mga dog professionals or dog schools, and let them try it,” Giannina shared.

But although digital marketing works well for them, Giannina still prefers marketing through the word of mouth.

According to Go Negosyo Mentor Jenny Weineke, the reason why there is a sudden rise of pet-related business in the city is the increasing demand of services from pet owners who desire convenience amid their fast pace lifestyles.

Just like in any other business, her advice to pet-related businesses is to really get to know and understand your business.

“Dapat alam nila ang gusto ng kanilang consumer. Dapat laging relevant ang mga produkto niyo at services niyo,” Jenny said.

She further emphasized the importance of passion when doing this kind of business. “Hindi mo mafafake yan. Dapat talaga yung passion mo yan yung business mo,” she stressed.

But while indeed passion plays an important role in doing business, it is also important to accept the fact that you can also be tired even while doing something you love.

For Christian, who would sometimes join his team in providing services around the metro, it can really be draining at times too.

But he shared that it’s the sight of dogs coming from different breeds waiting to experience their services that brings him joy. “May excitement factor po talaga every day,” he said.

Giannina shared that she also has those bad days. It’s not every day that she would wake up excited to do work, some days, like any other entrepreneur, she would wake up tired.

But at the end of the day, it’s seeing dogs and their owners who are happy with their creations that make her realize it’s all worth it, Giannina shared.

“When I go to the café, and I see someone with their dog happy, it just makes my day.”

For more information on Giannina and Christian’s pet-related businesses, visit their pages at:

BarkPark Mobile Dog Salon:

Whole Pet Kitchen: Pet Deli & Bark-ery:

“Kapatid Agri-Mentor Me Program”

“Kapatid Agri-Mentor Me Program”

GNSR Web Header Jan 31

Ending the first month of 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo host DJ Faith Salaver was joined by Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar (Go Negosyo, Adviser for Agri-Development), Arsenio Bacelona (Founder, Harbest Agricultural Corp.) and Elizabeth Canson (President, Kauswagan Farmers Association Inc.) in a discussion about the Kapatid Agri Mentor Me Program.

An offshoot of the Kapatid Mentor Me (KMME) Program, the Kapatid Agri Mentor Me Program (KAMMP) aims to help scale up agri-workers from farmer cooperatives across regions through intensive modules for business and entrepreneurship with the aid of expert agri-business practitioners.

Through the partnership of Go Negosyo and the Department of Agriculture, the program was launched last July 2017 and ran until December 2017. “For 2018, we are targeting about 1,500 cooperatives to undergo the Kapatid Agri-Mentor Me Program,” said Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar. KAMMP, in partnership with the Department of Agrarian Reform, was also launched this January which targets Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (ARBO) as their beneficiaries.

In this week’s episode, Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar shared that one of the biggest challenges for smallholder farmers is the lack of knowledge in the subjects of obligations and contracts, new farming technologies and financial management. This in turn can be overcome through the program’s intensive modules for business and entrepreneurship.

She also highlighted that one of the benefits of joining KAMMP is being mentored by Agripreneurs themselves. The knowledge from the experiences of these agripreneurs are easily understood as they are relatable to the farmers. “Agriculture is a great community builder, when you’re able to help the smaller cooperatives to expand and grow they in turn will be able to help small farmers in their area,” Ginggay said.

For KAMMP Mentor Arsenio Barcelona, KAMMP extends beyond being just a mentoring program. He shared how what started as a conversation between Go Negosyo founder Joey Concepcion and friends led to a family of mentors with a passion to help aspiring agripreneurs.

“When you are a mentor in the Go Negosyo-DA, or the Go Negosyo-DTI program, you are actually also part of a whole family with a strong passion for helping out and teaching and in a way giving back,” Ginggay echoed.

One of the people who have greatly benefited from KAMMP is Elizabeth Canson from Matagob, Leyte. Canson was one of those affected by supertyphoon Yolanda which rendered her farm useless. But what inspired her to seek mentoring are the farmers who were left with nothing. “Naisip ko tulungan yung mga farmers doon, kasi hindi nila alam kung paano sila aangat sa buhay, sinisikap ko na makilala yung mga taong pwede makatulong sa amin,”
she said.

She also shared how KAMMP’s lesson on Business Improvement Plan really helped her in running her farm. “Meron na kaming plans sa farm pero hindi namin ma-implement yun kasi hindi klaro yung mga plans namin. Sa KAMMP gumagawa kami ng business improvement plan, natutunan ko yung business model canvas at talagang sinusunod ko iyon,” Canson said.

Moving forward, Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar shared the goals of the program this 2018. Modules for the KAMMP program with DA will continue until December while deployment for DA and ATI will be launched on February. Aside from the 1,500 target mentees for the program this year, it will also engage the mentees with money and market partners from Go Negosyo. Hontiveros-Malvar emphasized that aside from mentoring, you must also help them with the linkages between money and market to ensure success.

To know more about the Kapatid Agri Mentor Me Program and how to be a mentee, visit Go Negosyo’s facebook page at