Get funded: Pitch from good to great!

On August 8, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo guest host Faith Salaver was joined by The Final Pitch creator and host John Aguilar and finalist Eunice Anne San Miguel to discuss everything there is to know about the show.

The Final Pitch is a business reality show where small entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors. The first of its kind in the Philippines, the show provides start-ups with the access to financial assistance from funders.

For its second season, the show will be composed of 21 entrepreneurs who will undergo challenges and present their business ideas to the investors. Mikee Romero, PhD of Globalport, William Tiu Lim of Mega Global Corporation, Dino Araneta of QuadX, and Jet Yu of PRIME Philippines will make up the panel of investors.

Creator and host of the reality show John Aguilar shared that through the show, he provides the small entrepreneurs with better access to money. He also said that the show is guided by the 3Ms — money, market, mentorship model of entrepreneurship. He cited Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion’s advocacy in bringing mentorship to the contestants of the show.

The Final Pitch finalist and Marketing Manager for EGcellent Life Solutions Eunice San Miguel recounted that she found out about the show through an advertorial in Facebook. Eunice shared that EGcellent Life Solutions offers vacuum sealer products that are used to preserve food. She told the panel that she had not seen such products in the Philippines that is why she decided to start the said business.

From the reality show, Eunice learned how to come out of her comfort zone as she had gone through business challenges. Aguilar said that the contestants’ characters were tested to discover how committed they were to their endeavors.

Both guests were in agreement that one must have not only the skills to execute their business plans but also must have the heart and drive so their enterprises will be sustainably managed.

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Lumalagong negosyo sa tulong ng Mentor Me Program

On August 1, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo host Senator Bam Aquino was joined by guest hosts Faith Salaver and Afficionado President & CEO Joel Cruz as well as Higantes Food Products Founder Merycel Morales, Shoe Room Founder Isabelle Medina, and Anduchili Food Enterprise Founder Maria Olivia Reyes to discuss how the Kapatid Mentor Me (KMME) program helps micro and small businesses.

Kapatid Mentor Micro Enterprise Program is a joint initiative of Go Negosyo and the Department of Trade and Industry wherein existing micro and small entrepreneurs undergo a 10-week module and mentoring program from business owners and practitioners in order to scale up.

Since its launch, around 35,000 aspiring entrepreneurs have attended the program. KMME has also produced more than 3,600 graduates nationwide.

Merycel Morales, a graduate of KMME Rizal, considered graduating from Mentor Me as similar to getting a master’s degree on business management. She also shared that she was challenged by the modules on finance and accounting. Joel Cruz suggested that those who are still starting must not focus on the profit. “Prioritize on the product instead. Yung money, to follow na lang ‘yan,” he suggested.

Merycel shared that with KMME, she was able to come up with new flavors for her rellenong bangus. Higantes Food Products has also improved its packaging which, in turn, increased its sales. Cruz added that the packaging label must also be catchy and readable to increase the products’ value and attract potential customers.

Isabelle “Abby” Medina attended KMME so she could gain new knowledge about managing her shoe business which has been running for more than six years. “When you do business, learning should be continuous. When you stop learning, you cannot have any room for improvement and you cannot be globally competitive,” she highlighted.

Maria Olivia “Liv” Reyes recounted how she and her husband were able to come up with the perfect chili sauce that “tastes like home” and would satisfy his taste buds. Their friends asked her to package the chili sauce so they could take it home. Liv shared that KMME greatly contributed in changing her entrepreneurial mindset, improving her marketing strategy, and developing her products.

Joel Cruz advised that the entrepreneurs must give themselves a portion of their earnings as their salary. He also recommended that when expanding a business, one must strategically plan on what the target market is as well as the consumers’ buying behavior.

Cruz highlighted that aspiring entrepreneurs should be original, artistic, and passionate. They should also register their businesses so that everything is bound by law. He proudly shared that Afficionado has reached more than 25 countries because he was ambitious and confident in himself as well as his products. “If the passion is there, you enjoy and love what you do so you don’t feel like you are working at all — that’s very important in any profession,” he concluded.


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Isang yapak sa tagumpay: Footwear negosyo!

On July 25, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Senator Bam Aquino and DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla welcomed Sewn Sandals founder Mariel Veluz and Marquina Shoemaker PH co-founders Juancho del Rosario and Kayne Litonjua to discuss their local footwear enterprises.

Mariel shared how the abaca slippers she bought in Liliw, Laguna piqued her interest in starting Sewn Sandals. The business originally started out as a clothing line in 2007, but she then ventured into crafting sandals for ladies a year later. Mariel’s business offers styless that are trendy but classic, and which offer ultra comfort to the sandal-loving Filipina. Sewn Sandals now hasalso has several stores across Metro Manila.

On the other hand, college orgmates Juancho del Rosario Marquina and Kayne Litonjua who both have a background in business and marketing thought of selling handcrafted and made-to-order shoes through Marquina Shoemakers PH. They launched the online store in 2016 and eventually established a brick-and-mortar “shoeroom” earlier this year.

Both enterprises operate primarily in the e-commerce industry and target young professionals. When asked about the risks of online businesses, Juancho suggested that entrepreneurs focus on their marketing strategy. “You’re persuading them to buy sandals that they can’t try on, so you have to be extra creative in how you market that,” he said. Mariel shared that tapping bloggers to advertise their products has also helped their business.

The three young entrepreneurs source their materials from local designers as well as startups, which help not only their personal businesses, but also the startup manufacturers. They were also in agreement that providing excellent customer service encourages customers to return and buy from them again.


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One block – one goal! Sustainable building materials

On July 18, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Senator Bam Aquino and DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by Green Antz Builders Inc. Business Development Executive Emmanuel Alivio and Agriblock Builders Founder Mariel Obregon to talk about sustainable building materials.

Emmanuel shed light on the increasing rate of waste materials here in the Philippines, which led to his efforts in repurposing the waste materials into a sustainable ecobrick. Green Antz Builders’ ecobrick is made from shredded plastic sachets and cement, with ach brick containing aroundt 50-100 plastic sachets.

According to Emmanuel, wanting to produce a product that is innovative and environment-friendly was not an easy journey. At first, people were hesitant to buy the product ,because they are used to utilizing traditional hollow blocks. However, with continuous advertising and through education of the benefits of using ecobricks, people eventually welcome ecobricks as alternatives for traditional building blocks.

Meanwhile, Mariel shared how she came up with Agriblock Builders after typhoon Yolanda hit her hometown. Visayas is one of the biggest rice producers in the country, and the rice hulls – which are usually simply thrown away or incinerated – make up almost 45% of the agri-waste in her hometown. By converting the rice hulls into more durable housing materials at a cheaper price, Mariel has been able to offer a more sustainable alternative.

Agriblock Builders produces affordable hollow blocks and reduces agri-waste and cement use. However, it has not been easy for a business management graduate like Mariel as she needed to explore the field of engineering. Aside from this, she also had to register her business, which required a lot of time and effort for the processing of documents. These, however, did not stop her from achieving her goal of helping people, as well as the environment.

Through their respective companies, both entrepreneurs have shown how they can promote sustainable real estate by promoting eco-friendly products that are innovative and affordable.


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Franchising 101: Expand your market

On July 11, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Sen. Bam Aquino and DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by Plato Wraps Founder Kamela Seen, Lot’s a Pizza President Tess Ngan-Tian and Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI) Chairman Eric Caeg to share their entrepreneurial knowledge on how to expand your market in franchising.

AFFI has been the frontrunner in helping the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo in promoting business through franchising. They also offer trainings that will help both the franchisor and franchisee in their business goal. “We [AFFI] are the home of Filipino branch which belongs to small and medium enterprises,” AFFI Chairman Eric Caeg said.

Caeg looked back on his experience of being a franchisee 20 years ago and how the franchising industry has improved through the years. According to him, suppliers extremely offer their support to the franchisor not just to stick in using their brand but also to attract as much franchisees as possible. “They don’t look at the franchisors as customers, they look at them as a partners.”

As a key player in the industry of franchising, Lots’ a Pizza President Tess Ngan-Tian observed how the franchising industry shifted from food to non-food business like nail salon, pawn shops, internet cafe, and pharmacies. Ngan-Tian reported that there is a big demand for non-food businesses and  service in the industry because they are more manageable and profitable. The food industry requires more time and effort from the preparation of the product to the selling point. “Maganda ngayon ang expansion ng franchising. For me, there is no limit as long as there is an idea and it becomes marketable, profitable, and sustainable; it can be franchised.”

Meanwhile, Plato Wraps Founder Kamela Seen shared how inflation affected her business as a franchisor. Seen shared that a franchisor cannot immediately change the price of the product as the rate of raw materials increase because she had franchisees, and it should be mutually decided. So sometimes, she shoulders the increase in raw materials herself to help the startup franchisee. Franchisees are provided with techniques that Seen applied as a startup entrepreneur and are trained on how to use them properly.

Although success is not guaranteed, franchisors collaborate with the franchisees not just to strengthen their relationship but at the same time, to help each other increase the sales of the product and find solutions to the problems of the business. Franchisors provide all the necessary help that the franchisees need. “Relationship [in franchising] is more important than the money itself,” Ngan-Tian shared.

Although franchising is profitable for the franchisors, not all who apply for a franchise are recognized. Franchising a business is an agreement; there are rules and provisions that need to be followed and they engage only to those who are willing to obey. “It is mine [franchise business] but you have a partner,” as Caeg noted.

Sen. Aquino pointed out how franchising can help the startup entrepreneurs. “Ang franchise, para kayong nakatungtong sa balikat ng mga higante. Kung successful ‘yong franchise at kayo ay makikisama sa kanilang organisasyon, lahat ng nakuha nila over the years, parang nakuha mo na rin.”

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Look Good Negosyo: Men’s Clothing and Grooming

On July 4, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Senator Bam Aquino and DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by The Maverick Pomade PH founder and head brewer Brian Gabriel Corella and Masanting Sastreria owners Mark and Carin Aguas to talk about the trends in men’s clothing and grooming.

Brian shared that The Maverick Pomade PH started when he had an interest in pomades in 2014. He wanted to find a healthier alternative to groom his hair but during that year, pomades were really hard to find. “I decided why not research and baka kaya namang gumawa,” he said. Brian underwent   numerous trial and errors until he came up with a pomade that satisfied his standards. He started making two variants which are fresh bamboo and watermelon.

Meanwhile, Carin said Masanting Sastreria is a bespoke tailoring in which “everything is made for you.” It started as a hobby of Carin and her husband Mark when they were still in a long distance relationship. The couple made it work by using video calls — Mark will do the fitting in New York while Carin will make the suits in the Philippines.

“Actually, trendy ang millennials — mahilig sa luma, kasabay po dun yung pagbalik ng mga hair products,” Brian stated. “Although mas mahal, you’ll get more out of it,” he added. Pomade is a healthier alternative because it uses natural ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, virgin coconut oil, and castor oil.

“What we did is to make our brand different. We work with Filipino artists and then they create artworks that celebrate Filipino culture, so iba-iba ‘yan. We have carabaos, anahaw, and other animal and plant species. That’s what we present to our clients,” Carin shared.

Both entrepreneurs wanted to bring the best in men in a way that it is healthier, trendy, and unique. Using natural ingredients and separating themselves from the usual kind of business in the men’s grooming industry led The Maverick Pomade PH and Masanting Sastreria to be known in other parts of the world.

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