How A Habal-Habal Driver Achieved Success Through Angkas

Mahihirapan pero hindi susuko.

For many Filipinos, this has always been the deafening mantra.  In the shadow of city skyscrapers and people who are continuously battling through life, there are poor urban families who strive hard to have a comfortable life, at least.

There have been many success stories from different fields, which, in some way sparks inspiration for others to persevere more in life. In today’s era of digitalization, people are compelled to cope up and maximize the potential and advantages of digital space so that they can benefit from it. Digitalization creates a great impact on the lives of many Filipinos as it provides ease of access to mentorship, money and market reach, thus turning more and more Filipinos into self-earning entrepreneurs.

This is the story of Emmanuel France who was evicted from his house together with his pregnant wife and two daughters. He was forced to live in the streets and decided to be a habal-habal driver. Eventually, he learned and joined Angkas, one of the leading digital platform services, and an on-demand app-based motorcycle taxi service, which provides commuters with better fast transport options. Angkas then helped him buy a new phone and provided him a down payment for a new motorcycle. On a day, he could earn over ₱2,000, sufficient for his family’s needs. From an illegal habal-habal driver, Emmanuel now is a legit Angkas driver!

For him, being an Angkas driver is one and the same with having a better life.

It is important for our micro, small, and medium enterprises to adapt from these digital technologies and developments. Following several discussions and meetings with different stakeholders of the digital ecosystem, Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion organizes an alliance of digital platforms, a private-sector  group who will work closely with the government in influencing and educating more Filipinos about the impact and opportunities of digitalization especially to micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs.

PA Joey Concepcion led the Angat Lahat sa Digital Alliance Meeting last May 21, 2019 at the Manila Polo Club. Digital players and other stakeholders of the digital startup ecosystem also attended the meeting that discussed how to influence and educate more Filipinos about digitalization as a way to achieve inclusive growth with MSMEs.

“Digitalization is pro-poor where people from low-income communities can benefit and achieve prosperity. It creates a great impact on the lives of many Filipinos today. The digital transformation that we are experiencing helps achieve the goal of the government on inclusive growth and development. These breakthroughs are actually turning Filipinos into self-earning entrepreneurs by providing marketplaces for services and products,” Concepcion said.

Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion

This initiative was also created after the meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte last April 3, 2019, where the three pillars of inclusive growth (tourism, agriculture, and digitalization) were presented. During its media launch last May 20, 2019, Go Negosyo gathered more than 30 digital platform brands for the Angat Lahat sa Digital Alliance meeting. The launch was then followed by a series of meetings involving top-notch digital platforms, telecommunications companies and members of private and public sectors.

You might have the same story as Emmanuel! Join us this September 23, 2019, at the World Trade Center, Pasay City for the biggest mobile app summit and expo in the Philippines, the SIGN-UP SUMMIT 2019. The event aims to gather mobile app platforms who are helping Filipinos become self-earning entrepreneurs in the digital economy. SIGN-UP! also highlights the impact of platforms in achieving inclusive growth and prosperity for all.


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