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The Philippine Dream Team

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

After listening to PNoy’s SONA, where he gave the Filipino people credit for helping him with the reforms he has done, I noticed that the newspaper headlines last Tuesday were basically positive—that the things that we thought as impossible can be done. He thanked his cabinet members for their sacrifice, as many of them can earn much more in the private sector. On one occasion, I asked Greg Domingo, who was the CEO of SM Investment prior to joining the government, how long does he plan to stay, as he is sacrificing a lot of opportunities. While he indeed said he was missing out on a lot of chances, I sensed that his desire to be a part of the dream team is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to serve the country. I am sure that the other cabinet members feel the same way, as a part of the team that will bring change and see the once “Sick Man of Asia” rise. Being a part of the dream team that will take this country to greater economic heights and achieve investment grade status will definitely be history for all of us. It’s like the Philippines achieving a gold medal in basketball in the Olympics, but this time, the coach is PNoy. (more…)