Wishes for 2013

January 10th, 2013

The festivities have come to a close, and our relatives whom we hosted for the holidays are starting to return to where they are based. A friend of mine, Haresh Hiranan, who turned 50 years old last week, also hosted his wife’s family for a couple of weeks. When his guests asked him to say a few words during his party, he told them that he is looking forward to January 5. They asked him what would happen on that day, and his guests laughed when he replied, “That is the date when all of you would depart.”

Kidding aside, it is really important to spend time with friends and family. Holidays give us the opportunity to get together, and it is sad to see good times come to an end and bid farewell to relatives and friends. In the past weeks I am sure that many families had also experienced the same feeling, especially those who have spouses or members of the family who are working abroad. Speaking of separation, I am glad divorce is not a priority with PNoy. This is the one thing that our country should not even do, as the risk of separation is much higher when a spouse lives abroad to work. Allowing divorce will make it easier for people to just call it quits when the couple can still make their marriage work. Allowing divorce will destroy the very fiber that holds the Filipino family together.

On another note, the Philippines is off to a great start. We are beginning to feel that the prediction of a super year is correct, and the slogan Pilipinas: Now is Our Time! is resonating as stock market breaks new records and property prices continue to rise. My views for 2013 and 2014 are clear: the Philippines will do extremely well as we get close to the next presidential elections. The only risk that we are facing is if we do not see a successor that will have the same credibility as PNoy and continue the reforms that he had implemented. But in the meantime, I am bullish and so is all the Go Negosyo advocates and bossings. Let me share with you their views.

2012 was a meaningful year, and a year of learning. I am looking forward for 2013 as another year to learn more and apply the things that I have learned to create positive impact to the lives of other people. I strongly believe that at the end of the day, what will matter most are the things we did in our private ways that eventually improved the lives of our less fortunate fellowmen. – MANG INASAL FOUNDER INJAP SIA

The year 2012 is a challenging yet rewarding year for the entire Mekeni family. Through the concerted efforts of our people, we have achieved another industry milestone for being the first hotdog processing plant in the Philippines certified as compliant to Food Safety System Certification, the latest international standard on food safety and quality. This would allow us to expand our markets both local and international and hopefully we could continue to inspire other players in the food industry to also embark on food safety and quality program that would elevate the “quality” status of PHILIPPINE FOOD PRODUCTS for the benefit of the consuming public. Consistent with our vision and mission statement, our business is aimed to contribute to the improvement of quality of lives of people living within and beyond our community. This is either through provision of stable jobs or through the business opportunities to our dealers and business partners. We shall be fair and honest in conducting the daily affairs of our business and we shall always treat our people and suppliers with respect and integrity. – MEKENI PRESIDENT PRUDENCIO GARCIA

2012 is the best year for me. Being chosen as one of the top five MVP Bossings is a recognition I proudly treasure. Pilipinas, now is our time! 2013 will bring more investments to the country. For tourism, it’s more Fun in the Philippines; but in stock market, it’s more Funds in the Philippines. The Wee Group continues to invite investors to our booming economy, and hopefully to generate more jobs. Wee (we) will continue to give our confidence to our present administration and government. – MARINE RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION FOUNDER ROSALIND WEE

2012 was one of the most challenging years that the retailing sector has ever faced due to the intense competition that we experienced. However, this gave us the opportunity to “sharpen our saw”, compelling us to be more innovative in our products and services. And this is why 2013 is an exciting year for us because of the new things we have prepared for our customers. As our business continues to grow, the more people we are able to employ and more families we are able to help. Our company GOLDEN ABC also continues to help society Get Up through its various programs that advocate for education, the environment, community building and arts & culture. Our direct selling subsidiary Red Logo also gives the opportunity for Filipinos to be entrepreneurial. Currently it has 20,000 dealers and is steadily growing. –GOLDEN ABC PRESIDENT AND CEO BERNIE LIU

French Baker did well in 2012 in terms of volume and new stores opening. With an 8% growth last year and several new stores in the pipeline, we project 2013 to be even better. We plan to be more aggressive in provincial locations and tourist destinations. New product offerings will set us further apart from competition. For CHATIME, we expect to double our stores to 50 through franchising by 2013 and bring in new products from Taiwan. By generating continuous employment and passing on unique skills training to our employees, we hope to do our share in achieving the desired trickle down effect and inclusive economic growth for the economy. By franchising, we hope to help instill an entrepreneurial mindset and encouragement through profitable operations. – THE FRENCH BAKER AND CHATIME PHILIPPINES CEO JOHNLU KOA

2012 was a year of life-changing decisions for me – getting married and deciding to throw my hat in the political arena. It was a year of deciding to take on larger challenges and getting out of comfort zones built up by past successes. 2013 is the year that these challenges are met head-on not with a heavy heart but with a hopeful one. Hopefully our work with poor communities will find a larger platform by my joining politics. The year ahead will be exciting, challenging and mission-affirming as well. 2013 — bring it on! – HAPINOY CO-FOUNDER BAM AQUINO