Usapang Marketing: How to Sell your Brand

July 21st, 2017

Radio Synthesis 13 Usapang Marketing
On July 19, 2017, Go Negosyo sa Radyo (GNSR) hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by Carlo Calimon of Startup Village and Junie del Mundo, Chief Executive of EON Group. For this episode, they shared some insights, experiences, and tips on communicating about brands and products.

Carlo Calimon

Carlo Calimon

Carlo Calimon of Startup Village is also a Go Negosyo Angelpreneur and the Director of Let’s Go Foundation (Leading Entrepreneurs Towards Seizing Global Opportunities). Startup Village is an idea stage incubator who assists starting entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. Most of those in the Village are into mobile apps.

In a technically and digitally advanced generation, are there still a lot of ventures who create buzz without the use of Digital Communication and Online Marketing? Mr. Calimon believes that promotions could be effective online, offline, or through a combination of both; but this will highly depend on the customers or the market. When delivering a message, it’s important to know whom you are speaking to and where they are.

Junie del Mundo

Junie del Mundo

Junie Del Mundo of EON Group also shared his expertise in public relations (PR), marketing, advertising, and more under the umbrella of communications. In the radio show, he acknowledged that the digital space, specifically Social Media, is the cheapest medium to promote a brand; but the message being delivered is still the most important element. Different mediums should be used for different messages aimed at different target markets. Aside from creating buzz, Mr. Del Mundo also acknowledged the importance of Community Management as a way of following up and building relationship with the market. In all of these, he highlighted that consistency is the key in establishing a brand. Because Filipinos are personal and relational, delivering messages in the form of stories is also effective.

During their discussion, Sen. Bam Aquino asked the guests, “What are the three common mistakes of startups?”

For Carlo Calimon, these are:

  1. “My idea is the only one and is the best in the world.” Some entrepreneurs are too in love and attached to their ideas and forget that it’s important to open those ideas to others for it to be improved and executed excellently.
  2. “The journey is easy.” In reality, it’s going to be a tough drive.
  3. I can’t start because I don’t have money.” On the issue of finances, Mr. Camilon voiced that money would be available if you can convince investors that your venture is worth it.

For Junie del Mundo, the idea of “One size fits all” is a common PR Mistake. Most people think that the only subjects for communication are the customers, but they don’t realize the need to effectively communicate with employees, financers, and other stake holders as well. Another blunder is thinking that “PR and Advertising are the same”, when it actually is not. Not all PR challenges could be solved by an advertisement. PR is a long form, while ads are more compact. More advertising agencies are now going digital, and with a multi-channel communication like this, there is more space for “noise” or intervening variables but also more room for brand establishment and promotion opportunities.