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August 28th, 2017

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On August 23, Go Negosyo Radio hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by Malvin Lim of Gtoy’s Marketing, Jerome Mccuin of Back Office Boss and Eric Queppet of DHL Express Philippines for an episode tackling the e-commerce industry and its benefits and challenges.

Gtoy’s Marketing

With a mission to bring “great toys at great prices” to the Philippines’ collector market, Malvin Lim founded Greattoys in 2001 as an online store. It specialized in hard-to-find and unique collectible items. As of 2017, the company has 3 retail stores situated in Alabang, Pasay City and Greenhills—still providing the greatest toys at the greatest prices.

Malvin shares that many customers, even from abroad, choose to buy from Greattoys because of the quality and assurance of authenticity his company provides. Although physical stores have proven to be more profitable as collectors like to inspect the toys before purchasing, the online presence of Greattoys effectively connects the company with the vast and international market of avid toy collectors.

Malvin shares that with the digital boom came a big threat to his toy business—the proliferation of fake collectibles. However, Malvin remains unfazed and continues to dream big for his company. “In the future, I would one day want to be able to manufacture our own toys.”

A passionate toy collector himself, Malvin owns an astonishing collection of 200 super robots. With geekdom culture becoming bigger and and more hip than ever, Malvin is preparing for a boost in business.

Back Office Boss (BOB)

Back Office Boss specializes in door-to-door delivery of shipments from the Philippines to abroad within three days at competitive prices. Customers trust BOB to supply their online stores, move their personal belongings, and ship gifts to their loved ones. They also offer a Shop & Ship service, which lets overseas customers avail of Philippines-made goods and have these delivered to them abroad.

Jerome, the President and CEO of BOB, has assembled a local team to handle export logistics and facilitate e-commerce transactions for clients worldwide. He is also responsible for developing, evaluating and executing strategic growth and operational initiatives to foster sustainable foreign revenue for micro-enterprise in the Philippines.

“The client shoulders the shipping cost and not the local businesses. We want to help the local businesses here, hoping they don’t spend and actually gain by expanding their market through these transactions,” Jerome posits.

The company prides itself for being able to ship almost anything within three days. They handle various paperwork and permits for their clients as they have established a network with every institution that shipping goes through.

In the future BOB is looking to expand their business, offering a variety of other services such alisbayan box, which allows families to send the equivalent of a balikbayan box to their loved one who are OFWs.

DHL Express

Eric has been with DHL Express for eight years and currently serves as the Channel Head for Relationship Sales Channel. His channel is responsible for teaching out to the the SME market across the country. This year, one of the major initiatives of his team is to tap and grow the B2C market by providing thought leadership seminars for B2Cs through partnership with different companies and stakeholders related to the e-commerce sector.

“All our facilities have CCTV so we can trace where the damage was done and to cover the safe delivery of the product,” Eric says about the security practices DHL has in place.

“We allow current businesses to open an account with us—but for MSMEs who cannot open yet, we can do a cash on delivery/pick up service through sme card,” Eris shares about DHL Express’ current available options for businesses who want to avail of their services.