Mga Inspiring Pinay, Panalo sa Negosyong Bubusog sa inyo!

February 23rd, 2018

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On February 21, 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla and Sen. Bam Aquino were joined by Evelyn Daytao of Daytao Native Cakes, Lydia Lomibao of House of Pili, and Josie See of Peanut World in a discussion with some of the inspiring Filipinas who have made it in the food industry.

It is no secret that Filipinos love food, whether its a large buffet meal or a simple pica-pica. This makes the food industry a very attractive area to venture in. As DJ Cheska said, one could never go wrong in the food business. To which Sen. Bam agreed because indeed the snacking culture is ingrained in many Filipinos.

In this episode, three inspiring women entrepreneurs shared their experiences in managing their own food business born out of the combination of perseverance and passion.

Lydia Lomibao is a staunch advocate of pili nuts – regarded as ‘King of Nuts’  by foreigners for its distinctive softness and buttery taste. She established J.Emmanuel Pastries ‘The House of Pili’ together with her husband with the meager amount of P500 from their last remaining wedding money. They started making pili tarts with this and delivered them to downtown stores in Naga City.  Today, through their perseverance and aide from local government agencies, the business has now grown to become a multi-awarded and Bicol’s leading pili nut processor and exporter of pili. In 2017, Lydia was awarded as one of the Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs in the micro-small entrepreneur category.

Daytao’s Native Cakes owned by former OFW Evelyn Daytao started when she decided to join one of her town’s annual activities ‘Tarlac Kakanin Festival,’ which she won twice. Eventually the judges from Tarlac’s LGU encouraged her to start her own business. With the support of the local government she established Daytao’s Native Cakes, using locally sourced raw materials as ingredients for her delicacies. Evelyn was also one of the 2017 Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs Awardees in the micro-small entrepreneur category.

Josie See, is the woman behind Peanut World – home of delicious nuts currently with over 80 branches nationwide. Josie started as a practicing optometrist for two years. Even back then, she already loved eating peanuts, being a regular in one of the nearby peanut stalls in her office. After a while she noticed the limited choices of peanut flavors. This gave her the idea of conceptualizing her own business which led to the establishment of the very first Peanut World Cart, located in Ever Gotesco Grand Central. With the success of the first store, she began to expand her business by applying in various SM Supermalls. Josie was one of the Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs of 2015.


When asked if juggling between being both a woman and an entrepreneur is difficult, Lydia said it is not. Between men and women, she stated that women are more flexible. “Ito talaga ang what is best in me, napakaflexible ko. I can always balance everything,” she said.

For Evelyn, a single mother with one child, it was not so easy. Her early days in the business, include going from building to building to sell her delicacies to whoever would be interested to buy. She shared that her previous job as an OFW became a stepping stone for her business. There she learned the ability to accomplish many things at once, which has proven to be very helpful in doing her business today.

Josie on the other hand emphasized that a woman’s mother instinct and heart is one of the advantages of being a woman entrepreneur. “Ako ang nalalapitan ng mga empleyado kapag may problema,” she shared.


One of the main prejudices against women in the business industry is the tendency of their emotions to get in the way. Our guests were asked how they handle them in terms of doing business.

For Josie, it’s a continuous learning process with emotions. Even though at time it may get to you, what’s important is how you address it. “Pag may mistake ako pinag-iisipan ko kung pano nangyari ito, maybe kasi naging ganito ang attitude ko,” she shared.

Emotions were never a problem for Lydia. “Sa business kasi lagi ko nang sineset aside na ‘hold on to your emotions’ ibig sabihin kung magiging emotional ka lang naman baka wala kayong ma achieve,” she said. Lydia further emphasized how crying over spilled milk will get you nowhere, what matters ultimately is focusing on your end goal and never looking back.

For Evelyn on the other hand, it has been an emotional journey with her business especially with her solely managing the business. She revealed that she has her share of days filled with pressure and stress having to deal with her people and customers as well. Despite this, she imparts how it’s all worth it in the end. “Nakakatuwa din kasi yung tao, sila din yung magpapalakas sa iyo. Pag nakikita mo yung loyalty nila, yun yung mag eencourage sa iyo to go on,” Evelyn said.


To end the lively discussion, Sen. Bam Aquino asked each guest what they would be if they were their own products.

Lydia answered that she would be the ‘Au Naturel’ pili peanuts or the classic plain pili peanuts. “Ready kasing kung anong ilagay mo. Ready to face challenges. I am an action person, I do not wait,” said Lydia.

For Evelyn, she is their best-selling delicacy – suman. “Malagkit ito, hindi madaling gumive-up, kahit maraming flavor na pinagdaanan mananatili siyang masarap,” she said.

Josie on the other hand, is mixed nuts.  She shared that the feeling you get from the anticipation of getting different kinds of flavors and type of nuts is similar to her attitude in doing business.  “Excited kasi ako parati, because nakita naman natin na tatlo na yung concept namin, pag nagcoconceptualize kami energetic ako pag ganon,” Josie said.

These three successful women have different experiences and approaches while pursuing their business ventures. But one thing remains the same, that Filipina women entrepreneurs have the passion and the drive to realize their dreams.

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