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A Day for Womenpreneurs

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Tomorrow is the 4th Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo of Go Negosyo happening at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. We are looking forward to seeing another successful event, and hope that thousands will join us for another year of inspiring women and entrepreneurs.

We pooled in some of the country’s most respected and successful women, including esteemed GMA7 news anchor Mel Tiangco, noted cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vicki Belo, former Las Pinas representative Cynthia Villar, former regional president of Starbucks Asia-Pacific Maria Mercedes Corrales, and former Isabela governor Grace Padaca to speak, lecture, mentor and inspire in the summit so that they may help Filipinos develop an enterprising mindset as a way to move upward in life. The whole day will feature womenpreneurs, government and civic leaders, social entrepreneurs as well as notable celebrity-entrepreneurs. (more…)

The Winning Formula

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

The women of today have indeed become very driven and ambitious, striving hard for success, whether as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. And you can see this even just with the lineup of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who will be mentoring and speaking at the 4th Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo on March 2 at the World Trade Center.

As we approach March, which is also International Women’s Month, we’ve asked for the insight of different women who are entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (or people working for the family business or leading a corporate organization.) The traditional thinking is that the woman should be at home taking care of the children and making sure the home is running well; while the man goes out and works. Many women today are micro and small entrepreneurs because they try to perform both functions as mother and negosyante, having no fixed schedule so that she is able to fulfill her multiple duties. (more…)

Empowering Women

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Valentine’s Day is always a special day for women. I guess women are more enthusiastic about all this romantic stuff. For couples who’ve been married for a long time, just as my wife and I have been married for 28 years, sometimes we tend to take Valentine’s Day for granted, our excuse being Valentine’s Day is everyday with our spouse.

Women play a great role in our life; they are mothers to our children which is important as we men can’t give birth. They bear the pains and difficulty of child birth, and traditionally, the mother stays at home especially in the early years of the child to make sure that love and affection are given. (more…)


Thursday, February 9th, 2012

After my father and uncle’s celebration comes another one; this time Concepcion Industries, Inc. (CII) celebrates its 50th year. CII was started by my grandfather Jose Concepcion, Sr., and also happens to be the baby of my Uncle Raul, the twin of my father. My cousins have taken over the day-to-day management while we sit on the board to provide guidance and work towards the vision our grandfather and my Uncle Raul have set. This vision has also been upheld by the management team: Renna, Jojo, Raffy and Ton, who are my cousins.

Turning 50 is such a milestone, especially for family-run companies managed by third through fourth generations. Many family businesses don’t survive because of family fights, or just because the old business model has somehow lost its edge or has been beaten down by tough and rising competition. Concepcion Industries continues to be dominant in the airconditioner and refrigeration business. (more…)

Honoring our Fathers

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Last Friday, my father Joe and Uncle Raul shared their life stories with their family and friends. Being twins, they both turned 80 years old, with my father being older by ten minutes. Both are still with the same women they married more than 50 years ago; dad having produced eight children and 28 grandchildren, while my uncle has five kids and 17 grandchildren.

My grandparents from both sides were entrepreneurs. My Lola Herminia Concepcion sold liquor, as our home then at the corner of EDSA and Taft was frequented by the Japanese. This is how they survived, income-wise. My grandfather, who worked for Edward J. Nell Company, was able to get the license to manufacture Carrier in the Philippines. He and my uncle built Concepcion Industries, Inc. (CII) to what it is today. Meanwhile, my father worked with his father-in-law, Don Salvador Araneta. I would say that while my dad had the entrepreneurial spirit, his conviction was towards social reform and this is where he got along with his father-in-law. Both of them ran in the 1972 Constitutional Convention, and both of them won. Because of their shared passion, they both suffered during the Marcos Regime. He was jailed during the dictatorship, while my lolo took exile in Vancouver. (more…)

Giving hope to the Out-of-School Youth

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Last year, we introduced Go Negosyo’s newest program, Negosyo Mo, Bukas Ko (NMBK), a corporate social innovation thrust that benefits the out-of-school youth (OSY). Caroline Burns, head advisor of NMBK as well as trainer of OSYs enrolled in the program, enlightens us about the situation of OSYs today. A native of Scotland, Caro Burns has been in development work for almost 23 years and is an advocate of social entrepreneurship. She currently teaches social development and project management at the Entrepreneurs School of Asia, and is also currently the Executive Director at the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship Education.

What can you say about the state of the out-of-school youth in Philippines?

Out of 100 school age kids: 90 enroll in Grade 1; 40 graduate high school; 21 go to college; 12 graduate college; and only 1 is employed. (more…)

A better and brighter new year

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Though at first I was pessimistic about 2012 because of what’s happening in Europe, I’m beginning to change my view and don’t think things will be as bad. America seems to be recovering, which is important, and I can see that Asia will still do fine. The Philippines will definitely do very well and we should see this upward momentum continue. What’s important is we not only see big businesses grow, but also see the micro and small enterprises move up to become medium and large. We want to encourage more Filipinos to start a negosyo, and this is why Go Negosyo will be more aggressive this year.

To be able to inspire and change more lives, we are modifying some of our existing programs while also introducing new ones. As a start, we are holding the most number of summits this year, primarily because we are bringing the summit to different provinces in the country. Just like our provincial caravans, where we bring our Negosyo Seminars (Negosems) to the countryside, we are organizing this year’s youth summit in four areas around the country, i.e., North and South Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. And of course, you can also expect once more our annual Women Entrepreneurship Summit, happening this March 2 at the World Trade Center as we recognize the active role of women in the world of entrepreneurship. With the success of last year’s joint project with the Villar Foundation, we are also planning to do a second run of the OFW and Family Summit towards the fourth quarter of the year. (more…)

Go Negosyo in 2011

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Go Negosyo has wrapped up probably one of its busiest years ever. What an achievement the year 2011 was. We have never seen our calendar so packed with events – from provincial caravans, to collaborative seminars, to summits and other events, large and small, because of our affiliations with numerous organizations.

We started and ended 2011 providing Negosems year-round, collaborating with our Go Negosyo entrepreneurs and various institutions. To truly be able to educate as many aspiring entrepreneurs as we can, we have made these Negosems a staple throughout the year by hosting one every other month in Metro Manila, some of them held here at our headquarters at RFM, some in other venues around the metro.  Go Negosyo has also partnered with countless organizations, offering our Negosems in their events. To name some, we have collaborated with the DTI CITEM, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Cebu Business Month, DTI-BSMED for MSME Week, DILG, AFFI for its 10th Filipino Franchise Show, Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Mandaue Business Month, PFA’s Franchise Asia 2011, International Youth Day,, Orchard Property Marketing Corporation (OPMC), and many more.

Let’s have fun in 2012

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

All good things come to an end as we return to our regular lives from our Christmas vacation. Fil-Ams who come home do so to spend time with their family. Filipinos are really family-oriented, very community-oriented. I guess that is what makes us unique. This is what makes it fun to be in the Philippines, as the new slogan of the Department of Tourism would say. This slogan adopted by the government speaks of what embodies the Filipino spirit.

Our own family bonding in San Francisco comes to an end and this season gave us special memories with my father who has just turned 80. It is indeed a memorable event: 50 people housed under one roof, the others having to use sleeping bags; and a stomach virus hitting half of the family, wherein poor Doctor Celdran, our family doctor for ages, had to be bothered with all the calls as we consulted with him what medicine to take. But it all ended well. (more…)

Welcome 2012: A new year of greater hope

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

While I’ve been quite bearish with America since 2008, this time, I’m sensing that, even though things are still not going to be the same as when credit was just being given out left and right, the situation now is not as bad. I was personally amazed to see how the Americans shopped during the Christmas season, and I will not be surprised to see the economic numbers fare out much better than originally predicted.

However, Europe is experiencing huge problems and this may have some impact on the rest of the world, especially if they allow a big bank to end up the same way as the Lehman Brothers. But this should be unlikely, as most leaders know that the way the Lehman Brothers case was handled was a huge mistake. (more…)