Welcome 2012: A new year of greater hope

January 5th, 2012

While I’ve been quite bearish with America since 2008, this time, I’m sensing that, even though things are still not going to be the same as when credit was just being given out left and right, the situation now is not as bad. I was personally amazed to see how the Americans shopped during the Christmas season, and I will not be surprised to see the economic numbers fare out much better than originally predicted.

However, Europe is experiencing huge problems and this may have some impact on the rest of the world, especially if they allow a big bank to end up the same way as the Lehman Brothers. But this should be unlikely, as most leaders know that the way the Lehman Brothers case was handled was a huge mistake.

Even as stock market volatility will continue, I’m convinced that America will not go into a recession in 2012. As for the rest of Asia, especially the Philippines, our economic team knows that it’s time to allow spending. The culture “ituwid ang daan” has been set. So we can assume that the government will start to spend and this will help our GNP improve from last year. Interest rates will continue to remain low. I feel that the peso may not hit the predicted low rates of 41 as the dollar should grow stronger in 2012.

I’m still bullish about the market in seeing our own companies RFM and Selecta recover quite well during the last two months of the year. It will be another good year for entrepreneurs as we see more and more of them flourish in a better market in 2012. It will also thus be another good year for Go Negosyo as more of these successful entrepreneurs join our cause.

It seems that I’m not alone in being optimistic about the year 2012. In gathering the New Year’s wishes of some entrepreneurs, we saw that many are also looking forward to a brighter new year…

My new year’s wish for myself is that I can continue to innovate and help many people as an end result; for my family, that we stay healthy and happy together; and for others, that we all find success here in the country and be able to help other Filipinos as a result of that success. – RJ David, Founder of Sulit.com.ph, 2012 MVP Bossing,

I can only wish for unity and peace for our country. With peace, comes confidence in our markets. With the markets improving, the economy is also on the upswing. Therefore, we would be more confident to expand our restaurants and services and do more for the casual dining industry. Since we’re doing more, Filipino diners can expect a higher level of culinary creativity from our restaurant brands. – Martin Lorenzo, Chairman and CEO of Pancake House Inc., 2012 MVP Bossing

Above all, I’d like to express my gratitude to the people who made the past years wonderful for me. May He continuously bless my family with good health, peace of mind and lots of happiness and love this 2012. For our country, may the truth continue to prevail in our current government. I hope that the fortitude that’s in them right now in seeking for the truth will never cease in the year ahead. – Willy Tee Ten, President of the Autohub Group of Companies, 2012 MVP Bossing

As an entrepreneur, I’m not merely making a wish but dedicating time and effort to sustain the growth of our business so that we can create more jobs and contribute in our humble way to our beloved country’s economic development.  I wish that we’d have continued political stability, that poverty will be eradicated, that our peace and order situation will improve.  – Dr Rosalinda “Sansan” Ang-Hortaleza, President of HBC, 2012 MVP Bossing

I wish for an honest-to-goodness entrepreneur’s innovation ecosystem. -  Josiah Go, bestselling author of ‘The WE Entrepreneurs’ and Chairman of Day 8 Business Academy for SME

My New Year’s wish is that more Filipinos will realize the power of entrepreneurship, not just to enrich themselves but to effect meaningful social change. I’m one with Go Negosyo in advocating for social entrepreneurship. – Reuel Virtucio, Managing Director of Manok Mabuhay, Inc.

For our country, I hope that every Filipino will choose to be a nation-builder by taking pride in our country, doing small acts to preserve our environment and to share to the poor, so that the Philippines can be a country we can all be proud of! – Joy Abaquin, Founding Directress of Multiple Intelligence International School

Three wishes of Healthy, Wealthy, Worthy: wish for yourself to be healthy. If you are healthy you can both be successful and significant; wish for you and your family to be wealthy. Wealth is not necessarily more money but rather financial freedom to live your lifestyle. I always believe it’s wanting what you currently have and enjoying it with loved ones; and wish for you to be worthy of a life beyond this earth whatever faith you believe in.– Pax Lapid, former dean of Entrepreneurs School of Asia

May there be a million new entrepreneurs in 2012. May a million current entrepreneurs become social entrepreneurs. And may current social entrepreneurs become role models for every Filipino. This way our country will develop faster while having social equity. – Andy Ferreria, Entrepreneurship Guru

As we enter the Year of the Dragon, entrepreneurs should have a positive attitude, full of inner strength and energy; to focus on product innovation and customer satisfaction.  – Mylene Abiva, President and CEO of FELTA Multi-Media Inc.

I wish that Filipinos finally learn to take accountability for our country. Let’s support the government, pay our taxes and not tolerate corruption. Let’s stop compromising and make a difference economically, socially and environmentally. – Rommel Juan, CEO of Binalot

Here’s to another year of uplifting the lives of Filipinos everywhere! A blessed 2012 to all.