5Cs to Bring Out the Best Entrepreneur in You

December 29th, 2017

Taking a page from Go Negosyo book entitled 8 simple secrets to raising entrepreneurs, the 5Cs of an entrepreneurial mind is an interesting look at what composes an entrepreneurial mindset. Oftentimes, many of Go Negosyo’s mentors and angelpreneurs talk about mindset as an integral aspect of becoming a successful entrepreneur. But what is the right mindset?

The 5Cs aims to help develop essential entrepreneurial traits in anybody. They are Curiosity, Creativity, Competence, Commitment, and Compassion.


“Curiosity is at the core of the entrepreneurial mind.”

Curiosity leads people to develop their own vision. For entrepreneurs, having a vision and maintaining an inquisitive disposition is important. Any entrepreneur will encounter challenges as they grow and develop their businesses. Having a curious mind helps entrepreneurs learn and adapt quicker to these challenges. Also, people who often ask questions are the ones who discover new solutions to a problem. These ideas are what creates a personal vision for the entrepreneur.

Asking questions, seeking answers, doing your research, and experimenting can lead many entrepreneurs to achieving their vision.


“A creative mind gives birth to innovation”

Creativity is the pathway for innovation. Entrepreneurs who develop a creative mind find new solutions, new methodologies and new businesses to establish. Creativity can set apart an entrepreneur’s business from being another run-of-the-mill establishment or product. There are countless entrepreneurs all over the Philippines. The more original your business is, the more chances of it outlasting the competition.

The book shares that the way anyone can develop their creativity is by intentionally seeking to develop new ideas or improve processes. Even if your business may have similarities with other businesses, you must look at how you can standout, perhaps through your marketing or operations. Additionally, creativity challenges entrepreneurs to become more resourceful. Simple things like developing a new system for accounting can save your business much valued money and time.


“Competence will determine whether one’s vision or innovation will become a viable entrepreneurial endeavor”

While vision and innovation are important for an entrepreneur, the capacity to translate them into a business matters just as much. After all, great ideas are never meant to stay as ideas. Investing in educational endeavors to help you become more equipped as an entrepreneur is one way of increasing your competence. Self-awareness is also key to making sure you’re making the most of your abilities.

The book shares that entrepreneurs must ask the question “what am I good at?” because more often than not, the answer to that question is where a thriving business idea lies. For example, many successful food ventures were born out of many home-cook’s passion and knack for cooking. Do not be afraid to explore your strengths and to invest in yourself.


“Many people try to be entrepreneurs, but they ultimately fail because they lack the determination and perseverance…”

Going into business is never a smooth and easy ordeal. Even if you have the vision, the passion and your idea worked out, without commitment, your business will fail. Practicing self-discipline and maintaining a committed mindset is oftentimes the most pressing challenge an entrepreneur faces. There will be times when nothing will seem to go in your favor, but having the resolve to power through because you want to succeed — that takes commitment.

Entrepreneurs are never afraid of failures. They only see it as a lesson they must take to heart so that their businesses can get better. When one has the determination and perseverance to see their vision come to life, there is nothing that can get in their way.


“… while the entrepreneurial mind enables a person to start and grow a business venture, it is compassion that will sustain it.”

Developing your compassion can create long-lasting motivation for an entrepreneur. The high one gets from making great profit can wear off fast. But the drive you get when you know your work is changing lives, that will never wear off. Compassion, as mentioned in the book, is the heart of business. Developing a compassionate mindset determines how you grow your relationships — with customers or employees — and the decisions that set the direction of your venture.

Entrepreneurs can develop their compassion by consciously looking at how their business can improve other people’s lives. As an entrepreneur you must ask how your impact is value-adding to your community, your people and even your country.