New book: “Overview of Franchising”

September 22nd, 2008

Written by GMB Franchise Developers president and franchise guru Armando O. Bartolome, OVERVIEW OF FRANCHISING" is a must-read for those involved in franchising and those who want to learn how franchising works.

The much awaited book is finally available. The book entitled "OVERVIEW OF FRANCHISING" is a MUST and VITAL to everyone involved in franchising and to those wanting to learn on how franchising works. The format of the book is reader friendly that uses layman’s terms and with a section on explanation of terminologies used in the franchising world.

Since franchising is a unique business relationship, the book objectively discusses areas of franchising that all parties in the relationship should consider. Discussion takes the macro perspective rather than the subjective perspective of the franchisor or the franchisee.  Contents of the book are based on internationally accepted principles of franchising and its author Armando O. Bartolome president of GMB Franchise Developers Inc.
and the acknowledged Philippines’ "Franchise Guru’s" 31 years experience in the field of franchising.

The book is an attempt to further the author’s goal of advocating responsible franchising.  This is with the realization that understanding and pursuing the proper route of franchising is the only way to its sustainability and growth.  With this book, the author hopes that more and more people will derive immeasurable benefits that franchising offers.  These advantages are realities worldwide and they are there for the taking if only the proper route is taken. The book is highly recommended for entrepreneurs, students, professors and people wanting to invest in a franchise business.

Every purchase of the book comes a /free dvd/ entitled "Franchise Listings" which is a compilation of franchise businesses available in the country.  The book will soon be available in major bookstores nationwide.  For Particulars call GMB Franchise Developers office (02) 535-0106 and look for Arnel Alberca or Josel Besada or e-mail