ASEANpreneurs Alpha Challenge (AAC)

January 26th, 2009

What is the challenge?

ASEANpreneurs Alpha Challenge
is a scenario-based competition whereby participants are expected to harness the power of media to spread the stories of successful entrepreneurs in ASEAN amongst the region. We believe that these stories, in turn, will inspire the participants and the audience to emulate the success of these ASEANpreneurs.

Basically the competition will consist of two parts either to answer,

A. Is there an Entrepreneur in ASEAN whose story has inspired you?
(prize 1000 singapore dollars)

B. Imagine yourself as the CEO of a start-up in ASEAN that has been established for more than 5 years. Where will you take the company 5 years from now? In this case, they must choose from the start-up companies given in the website.
(prize 2000 singapore dollars)

Teams must consist of four (4) members.

Format would be in digital media like a video (not more than 6 mins) or digital images or comics.

Every team needs to submit their story in digital media form via the online portal (by uploading it in the website) from 1st February to 8th March 2009.

About the Organizers
The ASEANpreneurs Youth Leaders Network (AYLN) is a student organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship in the ASEAN region. It serves as a platform for budding student entrepreneurs from ASEAN countries to network, share ideas and knowledge, and to collaborate and learn from each other. Some of the network’s activities include organizing the flagship Leaders Exchange and the upcoming Conference, dissemination of entrepreneurship information, news and initiatives in the form of quarterly newsletters.

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