1st Quezon City Filipino Investors Expo and Trade Fair

November 11th, 2010

Throughout history, the Filipinos have drawn on their resourcefulness to survive even the direst of circumstances. Their ingenuity has also come to the fore to provide creative solutions to persistent problems. This inventiveness is world renown- with creations that have been showcased all around the world, and even further- with the Philippine invented buggy used on the first moon landing.

In recognition of this spirit, Quezon City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy G. Belmonte will spearhead the 1st QC Filipino Inventors Expo and Trade Fair, which will run from 15-21 November 2010, at the Quezon City Hall grounds. This initiative intends to extend support to the country’s diverse pool of inventors, as well as the small and medium enterprises that they have established.

The exhibit is co-sponsored by the Filipino Inventor’s Society (FIS), an organization of Filipino inventors established in 1943. The event is in line with their celebration of Philippine national inventor’s week.

The week long exhibit will showcase more than 80 inventions, in categories ranging from infrastructure and construction, alternative energy sources, food and nutrition and health and wellness products. The exhibit will likewise double as a trade fair, where these inventions will be marketed to potential investors and the general public.