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Business People’s wishes for 2018

Monday, January 15th, 2018
Josephine Gotianun Yap (Filinvest), Alice Eduardo (Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation), and Winston Uy (Universal Leaf Philippines)

Josephine Gotianun Yap (Filinvest), Alice Eduardo (Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation), and Winston Uy (Universal Leaf Philippines)

“We wish for a year of peace, prosperity and progress for the Philippines and our countrymen.” – Josephine Gotianun Yap, Filinvest

For 2018, these are my wishes: more selflessness and peace in the world, more hopes realized, more efforts rewarded, more Filipinos with a better quality of life. For my children, nieces and nephews, I hope for them to find and keep purpose and to live lives that will contribute to the greater good.” – Alice Eduardo, Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation

“I wish for good weather and no calamities. Bountiful harvest for the farmers and no wasted resources of the government to alleviate calamities.” – Winston Uy, Universal Leaf Philippines

Cecilio Pedro (Lamoiyan Corporation), Marife Zamora (Convergys Philippines), and Manny Ayala (Endeavor Philippines)

Cecilio Pedro (Lamoiyan Corporation), Marife Zamora (Convergys Philippines), and Manny Ayala (Endeavor Philippines)

“My wish is for our country to continue the path towards prosperity. Hoping more small and medium companies will benefit from the entrepreneurship programs of Go Negosyo. Praying the anti red tape bill will take off so more businesses could get permits instantly and generate jobs for our countrymen. Lastly, may our Lord continue to be gracious to all of us and let there be peace in our country.” – Cecilio Pedro, Lamoiyan Corporation

“In the hope that 2018 represents at least the start of a turning point, I offer these wishes. (1) Everyone in the world stand up for the rule of law; (2) the well-being of humanity keeps getting better.  People live well and freely.  We devote 2% or more of our philanthropic dollars to climate change; (3) democracy thrives.  Creeping authoritarianism remains a major threat; (4) everyone finds an escape.  I hope all of us find ways to escape our exhausting political times as well as our all-consuming digital technologies and enjoy ourselves. Take advantage of cheap, delicious and healthy food.  Test drive a semi-autonomous car to get a feel of the future.  And when in doubt, spend time with family and friends; and lastly, (5) the Philippines is a wonderful country in which the values of our Constitution are lived actively.  A country that is strong and economically successful, in which people have work or thriving business more than ever.” – Marife Zamora, Convergys Philippines

“My wish for 2018: To find at least 6 more High Impact Entrepreneurs in the Philippines that Endeavor can support by giving them access to mentoring, markets, capital and talent.” – Manny Ayala, Endeavor Philippines

Rey Lapid (R.Lapid’s Chicharon and Barbecue), Patty Chilip (Standard Insurance), Annabella Wisniewski (Raintree Group)

Rey Lapid (R.Lapid’s Chicharon and Barbecue), Patty Chilip (Standard Insurance), Annabella Wisniewski (Raintree Group)

“My hopes to continue the rebuilding of our country. Decrease unemployment by creating more job opportunities and build potential entrepreneurs through various MSME mentorship and assistance programs. Nationwide innovations to produce world-class products and services.” – Rey Lapid, R.Lapid’s Chicharon and Barbecue

“For 2018, I am hopeful that we can work together as a country to uplift the lives of the marginalized. What is heartening is that everyone is helping another – whether relative, scholar, a neighbor or friend. We are a generous and loving people and I pray that we are able to progress further as a nation through education, business, and hard work.” – Patty Chilip, Standard Insurance

“My sincerest wish for 2018 is for our country to FINALLY get its act together.  For our people, especially those in power, to put the country’s welfare before selfish personal interests to think long term versus short term, & to actively initiate & participate in programs to improve the lives of those still left behind. On a personal basis, I pray for continued good health for truly, health is wealth.” – Annabella Wisniewski, Raintree Group

Myrna Yao (Richprime Global), Steve Benitez (Bo’s Coffee), and Arsenio Barcelona (Harbest Corporation)

Myrna Yao (Richprime Global), Steve Benitez (Bo’s Coffee), and Arsenio Barcelona (Harbest Corporation)

“My wishes this 2018 are to have peace in the world, continuous economic growth for our country and may God protect our country from any disaster.” – Myrna Yao, Richprime Global

“For my industry, may the establishment of the Philippine Coffee Council bring all stakeholders together to realize the goals of the Philippine Coffee Road Map. For the country, may peace prevail and our economy grow even stronger and its impact felt all the way down to the grassroots level.” – Steve Benitez, Bo’s Coffee

“2018 will open doors to young entrepreneurs as big brothers and big sisters will share their life’s experiences of success and failures in business. It will be an eye and heart opener for both young and old. It will be a year of sharing and empowerment.” – Arsenio Barcelona, Harbest Corporation

Cong. Arthur Yap (House of Representatives), Corazon Dayro-Ong (CDO Foodsphere), and Atty. Gianna Montinola, Far Eastern University

Cong. Arthur Yap (House of Representatives), Corazon Dayro-Ong (CDO Foodsphere), and Atty. Gianna Montinola, Far Eastern University

“Less politics, more business. Less talk, more work. Less finger-pointing, more hand-holding.  Less sickness, more health. Less greed, more gratitude. Less war, more peace. Problems will come and we will always be tested, but I pray that we will be given the strength and grace to survive our trials. I wish all prosperity and success in 2018.” – Cong. Arthur Yap, House of Representatives

“I continuously pray for good health, strength and wisdom for our family. For CDO Foodsphere, I wish nothing else but a solid foundation of growth and continued success not only for the upliftment of the lives of our stakeholders but co-workers as well. And for the country, my wish is for the Philippines to be able to move forward with leaders who are genuinely committed to serve our countrymen.” – Corazon Dayro-Ong, CDO Foodsphere

“As we look ahead to a new year, I wish we could all work together to bridge our differences and volunteer to find meaningful ways to create lasting impact in our poor communities and in our country.” – Atty. Gianna Montinola, Far Eastern University

Yati Abdullah (DHL Express Philippines), Samie Lim (Blims Furniture), Tony Meloto (Gawad Kalinga)

Yati Abdullah (DHL Express Philippines), Samie Lim (Blims Furniture), Tony Meloto (Gawad Kalinga)

“May 2018 be a year of remarkable prosperity for businesses across diverse industries and homegrown enterprises nationwide, especially the SMEs that are ready to claim their stake on the immense growth potential in e-commerce. We live in such an exciting time when disruptors are welcomed and seen as opportunity for even the most established brands to think on their feet and cope to improve and thrive.” – Yati Abdullah, DHL Express Philippines

“I look forward to the coming of the ‘ Golden era for the MSME’s.’ When the government through DTI, then the private sector lead by PCCI and Go Negosyo converge and finally put their act together to built a sustainable strong middle class, that will bring us eventually to a ‘first world status.” – Samie Lim, Blims Furniture

“My wish for 2018: To achieve sustainable prosperity and peace in the Philippines by creating inclusive wealth through social entrepreneurship, promoting a patriotic market for top quality Philippine made products, developing our supply chain in self-reliant and self-sufficient rural farming communities, raising the new middle-class from the aspiring and hardworking Filipinos from the BOP (Bottom of the Pyramid). May we be one heart and one mind in building a prosperous nation through caring and sharing that truly honors God who gave us the privilege of being Filipino.” – Tony Meloto, Gawad Kalinga

Alegria Limjoco (Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Richard Sanz (Philippine Franchise Association), and Kat Luna-Abelarde (PLDT Global Corporation)

Alegria Limjoco (Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Richard Sanz (Philippine Franchise Association), and Kat Luna-Abelarde (PLDT Global Corporation)

“As our economy grows from good to great, may PCCI be an instrument in uplifting the plight of Filipino businesses in order to serve as big brothers to our small brothers. the MSMEs.  Hence, create a stronger middle class.” – Alegria Limjoco, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“For 2018, I foresee that 2018 will be the year that Philippine MSME’s will finally start to bloom, expand, and level up to provide the much-needed inclusive growth. Picture this, if the MSME’s grow, millions of jobs and trade opportunities will open up, and fellow Filipinos won’t need to go abroad because the opportunities are right here in our own land! Families won’t be separated, the next generation will be well-guided by both their parents, and so on. And we Filipinos will gain the reputation, dignity, and pride we deserve, not a nation of servers, but a nation of builders! 2018 will definitely bring us closer to our common dream of bringing prosperity to all Filipinos especially with the support of President Duterte through the efforts of PA Joey and Sec. Mon Lopez. That’s why the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) is strengthening its role to the country by developing dynamic programs to assist MSME’s in the restaurant, retail, and service sectors level up and grow thru franchising. Mabuhay and wishing a prosperous new year to all Filipino entrepreneurs!” – Richard Sanz, Philippine Franchise Association

“What a wonderful journey we find ourselves in, and it can only get better! May our Leaders be gifted with the mental tenacity and physical resilience to shepherd our people towards sustainable progress. May our children – our future –  be raised with a deeper sense of “malasakit” — Global Awareness, Love for Country, and Empathy towards others. May we all find our life-purpose and have the courage to live it. And that in all things, God May Be Glorified.” – Kat Luna-Abelarde, PLDT Global Corporation

Mylene Abiva (FELTA), Rommel Juan (Binalot), and Former Trade Secretary Greg Domingo

Mylene Abiva (FELTA), Rommel Juan (Binalot), and Former Trade Secretary Greg Domingo

“I wish the Filipino youth will be globally competitive in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) relevant workforce. All Philippine schools adopt robotics integrated education in the grass roots level. And, I continue to spread the importance of the 5 P’s (Positive, Proactive, Physically fit, Passionate, and Prayerful) to the success in personal and business challenges.” – Mylene Abiva, FELTA

“I wish for more branches to open for BINALOT in country and abroad. I wish that the the country continuous to enjoy the economic progress that we are currently experiencing. And that more foreign investments come with the help of our Super Secretary Mon Lopez , PA Joey and the Go Negosyo community.” – Rommel Juan, Binalot

“Wishing for good health and lots of love all around!” – Former Trade Secretary Greg Domingo

Josiah Go (Mansmith and Fielders), Joy Abaquin (Multiple Intelligence School International), and Federico Moreno (Xcess Salon)

Josiah Go (Mansmith and Fielders), Joy Abaquin (Multiple Intelligence School International), and Federico Moreno (Xcess Salon)

“I wish companies will allow their employees to teach in school or do community service during office time.” – Josiah Go, Mansmith and Fielders

“For 2018 my wish is true PEACE and PROGRESS for every family, for our communities and for our country. I pray that as Filipinos, we will put our love for country in action, by building inclusive businesses, promoting equitable practices, and showing genuine love for neighbor. As an educator, I hope that more youth entrepreneurs will make a difference for our country!” – Joy Abaquin, Multiple Intelligence School International

“I wish for our country’s continued phenomenal economic growth and for the alleviation of the lives of our less fortunate Filipino brothers and sisters. My wish for my children is for them to continue to appreciate the love of God and that they would be strengthened by it and for them to pass on this love to the people they encounter everyday through their kindness and humility.” – Federico Moreno, Xcess Salon

Romy Bernardo (Lazaro Bernardo Tiu / RL Bernardo Associates), Glenn Yu (Seaoil Philippines), and Rommel Sytin (Foton Motor Philippines)

Romy Bernardo (Lazaro Bernardo Tiu / RL Bernardo Associates), Glenn Yu (Seaoil Philippines), and Rommel Sytin (Foton Motor Philippines)

“My wishes include: much more activity under Build Build Build (BBB), government’s massive P8.1 trillion medium-term infrastructure program that has been likened to a battleship that will be hard to stop once it has gathered momentum; passage of Package 2 of the Duterte Administration’s Comprehensive Tax Reform Program. Package 2 seeks to lower the corporate income tax rate (CIT), currently at 30% and higher than the statutory tax rates in most ASEAN economies; and moderate inflation pressures that will give the BSP more freedom to manage domestic and external risks, including tightening global financial conditions expected to accompany a wider current account deficit. – Romy Bernardo, Lazaro Bernardo Tiu / RL Bernardo Associates

“I for one would like for 2018 to pass more slowly, so that I can truly appreciate and think about, learn and understand each experience, each encounter, each moment – this to me is about making LIFE more intentional and meaningful. A friend shared with me this quote from John Maxwell, “Learning to write is learning to think. You don’t know anything clearly unless you can state it in writing.” So I’m committed to going back to journaling this year.  Something that I used to do, but admittedly have not been able to over the past year.” – Glenn Yu, Seaoil Philippines

“My wish is that the country will continue to prosper and improve the lives of people living in the poverty line. Peace in the universe and our nation. Our President continue to be guided by the good Lord to help our country move leaps and bounds.” – Rommel Sytin, Foton Motor Philippines

Mga Patok na Negosyo this 2018!

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Radio Synthesis 17 Patok na Negosyo 2018
For the third year in a row, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosted by Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by Motivational Speaker and Go Negosyo Angelpreneur Mr. Paolo “EntrepChamp” Tibig for one of the most anticipated episodes yearly. As best-selling author of Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur, Mr. Tibig knows a thing or two (more like ten) about the business industry and what type of industries are on the rise.

So here’s the definitive list of the 10 BUSINESS IDEAS for 2018 for those aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their first venture, or for veterans who are seeking to expand their businesses further (lifted directly with some edits from

'Entrep Champ' and Go Negosyo angelpreneur Paulo Tibig joins Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska for an insightful discussion about "Patok na Negosyo for 2018".

‘Entrep Champ’ and Go Negosyo angelpreneur Paulo Tibig joins Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska for an insightful discussion about “Patok na Negosyo for 2018”.

This is very consistent and relevant to “Convenience Concept” where you bring goods/services right in your doorstep. This business will continue to grow year in, year out.

M-Commerces is the buying and selling of products and services thru wireless handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It’s the next generation E-Commerce that enables the user to access the internet without needing to find a place to plug-in. In other words, sooner, we will see businesses more on our mobile phones, in our fingerprints and pockets.

Disruption Eruption – Industries that have been disrupted already (Transport, Consumer, Logistics etc.) and so we will see each other industries that will be disrupted too.

The perennial problem in mass transport have given “ride-sharing system” rise in recent years. More than 100,000 units of Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) and thousands more new vehicles are on the road. Car care business may be for you.

Examples: Repairs & Maintenance, Vehicle Parts/Accessories, Car Care/Detailing, Car Wash

3) PETmanlung maluPET
Based on studies, pets play a role in maintaining good psychological and emotional well-being in us. This is reason enough why we have seen many Filipinos have their own pets.

Examples: Pet grooming/care, accessories, pet foods, pet wellness

Kung dati ayaw sa agri, ngayon we now agree that its cool to be in business of agriculture.  I love agripreneurship and I call this as an “Infinity Business” kasi walang katapusan.

Examples: Free-range farming, organic produce, high-valued crops cacao, contract growing hog-raising, goat-raising, duck-raising.

More than ever, it’s MSME’s turn to hit big! Thanks to the present administration’s thrust of helping and promoting micro entrepreneurs with DTI at the helm, DOST, DA and so many agencies are also helping out. Negosyo centers provide mentoring from product development branding, marketing to business matching.

Examples: Food products, fashion accessories, house decors, furniture and fixtures

Horizontal and vertical projects are literally mushrooming not just in GMA but, all over the country.  This particular business, while traditional is always in demand specially when the country’s Build, build build infrastructure program takes off.

Examples: Hardware, construction trading, construction related services

Access to traveling is now more convenient as airlines lower their fares with more destinations and routes. New means such as RORO (roll-on, roll-off) and new road infrastructures landing to more tourist spots.

Local government units (LGUs) also pursue campaigns to promote their local tourism & products. So do not discount local tourists from the equation!

With more than 70M domestic trips and 6M foreign tourist arrivals last year, tourism is expected to increase this 2018.

Examples:  Lodging (Capsule Concept, Hostel, Transient Houses) Restaurants, Transport Travel and Tours, Souvenir Items.

Lately, we see condominiums and residential townhouses all over making TLC businesses integral in any new communities. Even coin-operated laundry services are now available for busy people like you!

Filipinos now are more cautious in the food they eat and conscious on their well-being. 6 out 10 Filipinos are willing to pay for quality food since they were “very particular about what they put in their bodies” paving the way for huge income potential.

Examples: Health supplements/products, Wellness/Fitness Program and Nutritional healthy meals

Most companies realized the benefits of outsourcing their business operations. Outsourcing provides greater productivity and lesser operational expenses. Aside from manpower, many business services are now being outsourced.

Examples: Retail, toll-processing, finance/accounting, customer services

Entreps and Enablers Wish for Better 2018

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Last week, I have shared with you my wish for this year and that is for the continuous partnership of the private sector and the government in pushing for prosperity for all. I know that it has been the mission of mine for the past year and I am continuing the pursuit of this goal.

Here are some more wishes from our business chamber allies and entrepreneurs:

I wish for the early signing into law of the other packages of the Duterte’s tax reform program for the reduction and simplification of corporate income tax, rationalization of incentives and deepening of the capital markets to promote economic growth. – Benedicta Baladad, FINEX

I wish for peace and order throughout the country so the march to prosperity for all can continue its momentum. – Ebb Hinchcliffe, AMCHAM

We wish that the great work towards inclusive growth and poverty alleviation that we started in 2017 is sustained in full gear with the alliance that has been formed by the different private sector groups and the government. We wish that 2018 becomes a banner year for all Filipinos to come together and help lift all those suffering from the chains of poverty to break free all together as one nation and one people. – Rex Daryanani, FICCI

My wish is for all sectors of society to set aside self interest and collectively work to grow our economy and reduce poverty. – Edgar Chua, MBC

Peace, prosperity and optimism for all of us and for our country. – Nestor Tan, BAP

I pray for a stronger electronics industry to support our governments continued inclusive growth through developing SMEs for the electronics supply chain, and working with government to gain investor confidence and increase FDIs. – Dan Lachica, SEIPI

I wish for the business community to continue unite for inclusive business and other initiatives that can significantly address our nagging problems of poverty, inequality and corruption. – Peter Perfecto, MBC

For so many years I have been very disappointed with the superficial way the government has been addressing the development of MSMEs. However, there are indications that the incumbent government is finally going to walk the talk. I wish this will continue and can be sustained. – Serge Ortiz Luis, PCCI

I wish that more of our countrymen will have more access to capital so that they can pursue their dream to improve their businesses. – Tony Pasia, RBAP

May opportunities be abundant for businesses to flourish such that an improved economy will help create more jobs and redound to better lives for our people. – Melanie Ng, Cebu Chamber of Commerce

My goal for 2018 is to help make the Philippines more globally competitive, to improve our ease of doing business, to aggressively introduce more government online processes, and to make the government permits and licensing process more customer-friendly! – Bill Luz, National Competitiveness Council

I wish that our country will continue to have a good & strong economy. also wishing to have peace & political stability! – Paul Rodriguez, Asian Marine Transport Corporation

I wish many more people will make an effort to buy sustainably. Buy local as much as you can. Drink and eat local to save on carbon footprint. And try to grow your own food or support small producers. – Pacita Juan, ECHOstore

May it be the year when a greater orbit will be reached in demonstrating that the Philippine Human Capital, when feted against the world’s best, can succeed in establishing the foundation for a truly inclusive, just, prosperous, well governed and disciplined society. – Ramon Segismundo, People Management Association of the Philippines

For the country I pray for violence to stop and peace to reign. – Joel Santos, Entrepreneurs School of Asia

Smooth and peaceful year 2018.  – Chris Chilip, TyreMart

I pray that 2018 will be filled with endless possibilities, opportunities and trailblazing chances to give, share and love! May the KMME program of PCE & DTI continue to enhance the capabilities of our MSMEs and attain our battle cry of “Prosperity for All!” – Mary Ann Montemayor, Villa Margarita

2018 – the year the Pinoys stop saying I WISH to saying I WILL! Empower the Pinoy! – Benjamin Castillo, BAP

My wish for 2018 is for DA or BAI to make public all Poultry and Swine growers so that those with State-of-the-art Technology can reach out and pitch their relevance to ensure safe meats for consuming public. – Wilfred Gui, GUIFTS

For the country- more jobs and successful entrepinoys. – Christine Bersola-Babao

I wish for the following: (1) Infrastructure projects under Build, Build, Build Program are delivered according to specifications, within budget, and on schedule; (2) Go Negosyo receives continued support so Joey can achieve his vision for the SME sector to create more employment and reduce poverty; (3) That the government will be able to better anticipate the disruptions caused by digital revolution and devote more budget to human resource development; and (4) Lower Corporate income tax – Renato de Guzman

I wish and pray that in 2018, the Philippines will finally live up to its potential and become the tiger economy that it was always meant to be and may all this come to fruition because of the great and awesome entrepreneurial spirit that we all have. – Eric Yu, Cloudfone

Real Peace. Growth of Small Business. Good Governance. Mass Transit. – James Bernas

First, more MSME-friendly and inclusive business policies and regulations and the development support for innovative businesses and industries promoting science- and technology-driven enterprises for ASEAN and global MSMEs competitiveness. – Glenn Baticados, UP Los Baños Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

I wish to be able to see OPM flood the radio and TV stations the way Japan. China, Korea and Indonesia have done to propagate their music industry. – Angeli Valenciano, Manila Genesis Entertainment and Management Inc.


To celebrate the success of women entrepreneurs, Go Negosyo will once again identify Filipina entrepreneurs who have embodied a passionate, positive and inspiring character in leading their respective enterprises to its growth and prosperity. The Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs Awards will take place on the 10th Go Negosyo Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit 2018!

I invite you to nominate Filipina entrepreneurs who you think should be recognized as one of Go Negosyo’s Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneur!

You may download the forms from the Go Negosyo website ( and kindly submit it to

IFE 2018 Nominations

The search is on for the next Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneur 2018! For more info, visit the Go Negosyo website,

The 2018 Search for the Most Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs is On!

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

FES10 Eblast Main Photo
The Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs Awards is an annual event recognizing Filipina Entrepreneurs who have led their respective enterprises to unprecedented growth and prosperity. The search also recognizes women entrepreneurs who have initiated creativity and innovation in their business, provided an avenue for livelihood for her community and have become an inspiration to others.

Industry icons such as Socorro Ramos (National Bookstore), Esther Vibal (Vibal Publishing), Rosalind Wee (W Group), Dra. Vicky Belo (Belo Medical Group) and the late Helena Benitez (Philippine Women’s University) are amongst the many notable Filipina awardees from across the years. Now on its tenth year, Go Negosyo hopes to bring even more women entrepreneurs and their stories to the forefront in order to continue to inspire a new generation of empowered, entrepreneurial and game-changing Filipinas.

Download the nomination/application form through this link:
Application deadline is on February 9, 2018.*


  1. May or may not have come from humble beginnings;
  2. A Filipina entrepreneur who embodies the following: PASSIONATE, POSITIVE and INSPIRING;
  3. Must have an innovative business model (products/processes);
  4. Must show the ability to genuinely care for the community and stakeholders and must have the potential to share time and talent to help spread the entrepreneurship advocacy;
  5. Must be well-respected by their peers.

*Please send all nominations by January 31, 2018 to provide nominees time to accomplish the application process by the deadline. Self-nomination/application is also highly encouraged.

Go Negosyo 10th Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit

Monday, January 8th, 2018

FES Thumbnail
(UPDATED, 11 January 2018) The annual Filipina Summit is centered on reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino people, particularly the Filipina and recognizing their capacity to be agents of change and progress. It also aims to provide inspiration and support to the significance of women’s economic power by covering different entrepreneurship and empowerment topics to be highlighted by plenary talks and forums featuring prominent female personalities.

On its decade, FES10 promises to be the biggest women event of the year organized by Go Negosyo in partnership with the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Philippines.

As more and more Filipino women are now taking the path of entrepreneurship, the summit will present different business models where opportunity to develop your business acumen will be available. Top notch women speakers and prominent female personalities and successful women entrepreneurs will be invited to tackle on the different feature topics on women entrepreneurship.

While many stories have been told there are still many others to tell. The summit is a platform for stories of hope and inspirationto be shared. People can learn from, real-life stories of people who have experienced real-life challenges but succeeded.

We will also continue the annual tradition of awarding inspiring women entrepreneurs from the MSME (micro, small and medium enterprises) sector and large enterprises to highlight inspiring stories of success that can serve as role models where more people especially the women can learn from and emulate. In line with the celebration of the National Women’s Month and International Women’s Day, this is an opportune time to recognize again a new batch of Filipina entrepreneurs and celebrate their contribution and brilliance.

Designed to be the biggest mentoring event, the summit will also be an avenue for the audience members to communicate with the distinguished guests through an open forum. Attendees can also seek practical business tips and advice from about 50 Go Negosyo mentors who will join the mentoring activity to be held simultaneous with the summit.


Registration fee is Eight Hundred Pesos (P800.00)
that will cover one (1) Go Negosyo Book, entrance to the event, access to exhibits and mentoring booths, lunch and snack, seat and Certificate of Attendance. PWDs and Senior Citizens are entitled for a discounted amount of P500.00

  1. REGISTER: Interested registrants may preregister online through this link: An email will be sent by the Secretariat to confirm that the registration has been received.

Account Name: Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc
Account Number: 4850-088-492
Bank: BDO Pioneer Highlands, Mandaluyong City

As a proof of payment, a photo or scanned copy of the slip to must be sent to

*An acknowledgement email will be sent by the Secretariat to confirm slot reservation.

Interested students and teachers may get in touch with the FES10 Secretariat through 637-9229, 6315001 or 6315094. Schools were sent official invitation letters addressed to the College or University President. Request for the FES10 Official Invitation Packet for SUCs may also be communicated through the Secretariat. Registration is FREE for students and teachers.

To complete registration and slot reservation, the official school confirmation slip must be sent to the FES10 School Secretariat through this email:


*An acknowledgement email will be sent by the Secretariat to confirm slot reservation.

Registration fee is Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00)
that will cover entrance to the event, access to exhibits and mentoring booths, lunch and snack, seat and Certificate of Attendance.

  1. REGISTER: Interested registrants may preregister online through this link: An email will be sent by the Secretariat to confirm that the registration has been received.

Account Name: Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc
Account Number: 4850-088-492
Bank: BDO Pioneer Highlands, Mandaluyong City

As a proof of payment, send the following

-photo or scanned copy of the slip
-KMME/ KAMMP Certificate

*An acknowledgement email will be sent by the Secretariat to confirm slot reservation.

Interested participants are encouraged to confirm immediately or reserve slots by calling the FES10 Secretariat at the following numbers: 637-9229, 631-5001 or 631-5094. An email will also be sent by the Secretariat to confirm any registration has been received. Registration and payment must be made until January 31, 2018.


Five Financial Resolutions for 2018

Friday, January 5th, 2018

Radio Synthesis 16 Financial Resolution
Kicking of 2018, Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla were joined by regular guest and Go Negosyo Angelpreneur Mr. Armand Bengco for an episode tackling a most relevant topic during cusp of a brand new year — resolutions!

At the beginning of each year, many people all over the world are filled with the optimism and drive to change and grow in order to better themselves. Oftentimes, new year resolutions fall under the physical (I will lose weight this year!), professional (I will get a promotion!), social (I will make an effort to meet new people!), spiritual (I will pray more!) health (I will stop smoking!), and relationships (I will not be single!). But Mr. Bengco insists that financial resolutions are equally, if not, more important as they immediately affect us and our well-being. Other resolutions take a long time while financial resolutions have immediate results or consequences that compound throughout the year.

Thus, Mr. Bengco asks us: what will you stop, start, and continue (SSC) in terms of managing your finances?

To guide many of us financially confused citizens of the Philippines, Mr. Bengco gave us his five personal financial resolutions that can get us on the road to a most prosperous 2018:

1. Follow your money
Mr. Bengco says that tracking your money is essential to knowing how to save, spend and invest! An important step during the new year is to PLAN and write down your goals. According to Mr. Bengco, if you don’t write them down, they are simply dreams and not plans.

For the first 100 days of the year, continue your regular spending and saving habits BUT get into the more important habit of RECORDING YOUR ACTIVITIES. After which, you may label your expenses weekly and see which ones fall under the following categories: must have, better to have, like to have.

In the first few months, recording and labelling your expenses will give you a clearer picture on what you are prioritizing this gives way for the second financial resolution. (If you hate writing, there are many apps available today that make tracking your expenses easier!)

2. Reduce or eliminate expenses
Once you begin recording how you are spending your money, you may also start seeing how you are overspending. An example Mr. Bengco gave is on coffee. Many Filipinos are spending regularly on expensive coffee joints such as Starbucks. And one can argue that they NEED coffee to properly function. However, do they really NEED to spend in expensive places such as Startbucks or Coffee Bean to get their coffee fix?

One such way to reduce your expenses given this example is to put a limit on how much you spend for something. In Mr. Bengco’s case, his family decided to lessen their consumption of Starbucks coffee from 5,000- 8,000 pesos a month to only 2,000 pesos a month. Furthermore, they found alternatives to expensive coffee such as seeking out local and equally good coffee joints and investing on devices that allows them to make their own great coffee at home.

This example shows us that we do not have to completely sacrifice our “like to have” in order to reduce our expenses and save money.

Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla with Go Negosyo angelpreneur Armand Bengco.

Go Negosyo sa Radyo hosts Sen. Bam Aquino & DJ Cheska San Diego-Bobadilla with Go Negosyo angelpreneur Armand Bengco.

3. Be active in the financial world
Being active in the financial world opens up a lot of financial opportunities for Filipinos. In Mr. Bengco’s words we must get into the “winning experiences.” For example, setting up your OWN bank account wherein you may put in your savings, allows your money to earn interest versus allowing it sit in a payroll account where no interest is earned. A better winning experience is learning where and how to invest your money. Although saving your money in banks allows it to earn interest, the growth is rather small and and slow. By learning how to invest, money you set aside to SAVE can compound and grow exponentially over the time. However, one must be involved in their investments so as to manage risks well.

4. Set PTT (Purpose, Target, Timeline)
Aligned with the third resolution, Mr. Bengco posits that Filipinos must also learn how to set their Purpose, Target and Timeline. In the case of investing, Filipinos should first set their purpose, create a target, and establish a timeline. For example, if you are investing 1,000 monthly in a mutual fund so you can earn 400,000 in 10 years, track whether the fund is actually getting you to reach that goal. If not, adjust and find where else to put your money in.

In the case of paying off debts, Mr. Bengco also proposes the same formula. Filipinos often have multiple streams of loans they have to pay-off, thus Mr. Bengco says planning is also essential. For example, if you have six debts, pay-off first the one you can finish faster irregardless of the interest. In this way, you lessen the number of debts you had, and the institution that gave you the loan you were able to pay-off may be able to give you another loan that can help you pay-off your other debts!

5. Get into the wonders of sharing
This final resolution may have to do less with technical formulas of how to save, invest and spend and more on returns that truly matter in the long run. Mr. Bengco borrowed words which said “no one is too rich not to care, no one is too rich not to share,” meaning even if we are cash strapped, there is always an opportunity to help our community. There are three ways one may share and that is through time, talent and treasure. And what Mr. Bengco has found is that when you serve your community well, your community will reward you naturally with profit. In other words, sharing is a form of giving that will only makes us richer in a multitude of ways.

Wishing for Prosperity this 2018

Thursday, January 4th, 2018
Dennis Uy, Robina Gokongwei-Pe, Bernie Liu and William Belo.

Dennis Uy, Robina Gokongwei-Pe, Bernie Liu and William Belo.

Happy new year to all the Go Negosyo advocates, mentors, sponsors and supporters who are also part of the ecosystem of mentorship, money and market.  For sure, we all have our wishes or New Year’s resolutions which we repeatedly prepare year after year. Some wish for their health, for their business, and for luck in general. But for me, my only wish for 2018 is to continue to pushing the entire ecosystem of enablers of both the government and the private sector in creating prosperity for all.

Let me share with you the wishes of our entrepreneurs and enablers:

“I just wish for our country to be peaceful, progressive, and free of calamities.” – Dennis Uy, Udenna Corporation

“My wish is that each and every one of us strives for true unity as a nation. I believe that it is only when we are truly united that we can have the peace needed to fully harness our collective efforts to further uplift our country, its economy, and, in so doing, the life of every Filipino.” – Santi Araneta, LBC Corporation

“My wish for 2018 is for the Philippines to continue its growth momentum and for our country to continue to be the rising star of economic success not only in Asia but the World. I also hope 2018 will see more Government and private sector partnership to achieve our common goals of improving the lives of Filipinos, both here and abroad.” – Kevin Tan, Megaworld Corporation

“Since I spend 4 hours a day going to work and back, I hope the traffic problem will have lasting solutions.” – Rene Almendras, Ayala Corporation

“There is a correlation between the business success and that of the country’s. So therefore I wish our government success in all their undertakings particularly on infrastructure so that our business can grow and our country grows better. However, I wish the opposite on my personal matter. I wish my growing husband will reduce, go to the gym and see his doctor!” – Robina Gokongwei-Pe, Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc.

“My wish this year is for every Filipino to be financially literate and empowered so that everyone can live a better life. Education is a key tool to achieve that so I hope that those in power can focus on it. I also hope that this year, the Philippines will enjoy continued growth, especially in the tourism and tech industries where there are plenty of opportunities. Lastly, as a staunch supporter of sports, I wish to get our sports association in order – particularly, get the issues in the Philippine Tennis settled – and achieve more sports honors for the country.” – Jean Henri Lhuillier, PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies

“I have lots of wishes but if I were to say one, it would be more partnerships between the government and the private sector to maximize each other’s strengths and give the public what they truly deserve. We have a government that is serious in delivering to the public a better life so let the private sector do their part.” – Sabin Aboitiz, Aboitiz Equity Group

“My wish for 2018 is for the private citizens should be more involved in helping the less fortunate to minimize the poverty level of the country. Provide more opportunities for better education for the youth. The future of the country needs better prepared and educated young people.” – William Belo, Wilcon Depot

“Looking to 2018 with hope that MSMEs will be greatly assisted in the ease of doing business and provided financial resources and mentoring in management & skills training. All of the above are key advocacies of PRRD government. Let’s look forward to the start of major infrastructure projects and that these will be implemented judiciously and in a timely manner. Many countries are interested in investing here. It’s important that both executive & legislative branches of the government work in tandem to make our nation more attractive to FDI to provide jobs opportunity. I hope that partnership among the business community, government & labor sectors will promote mutual trust & support to bring about inclusive economic developments across a broad spectrum: agri/aqua, manufacturing, tourism & services. And lastly, let’s pray for less natural calamities and for peace and order to prevail in the country.” – George Barcelon, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“May the new year usher us a fresh sense of unity and cooperation among our people, together we can make our country the envy of other nations, be it in agriculture, tourism, education and happiness index.  Thanks to the resiliency of our people, we believe we can do it.” – Henry Lim Bon Liong, SL Agritech Corporation

May 2018 be a year of better opportunities for micro entrepreneurs brought about by a concerted effort by the private and public sectors to effect inclusive growth.” – Dr. Jaime Alip, CARD-MRI

I pray for lasting peace in our country and the revitalization of our nation especially in devastated areas.  I also wish for enduring prosperity for all.” – Bernie Liu, Golden ABC Corporation

To have every Filipino realize one’s dreams to be more and to get more out of life with Hyundai as the brand of choice– kasama mo sa biyahe ng buhay.” – Fe Agudo, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.

I wish our country could one day have a large, educated and empowered middle class; where high quality healthcare, education, decent transportation, shelter, and basic security are accessible to all Filipino citizens; where women feel safe and are equal to men; where artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, and farmers can all thrive economically; a society with good governance that respects and embraces differences. I hope that 2018 will be a year of meaningful and robust progress towards attaining these basic goals.” – Donnie Tantoco, Rustan’s Supercenters Inc.

I wish for a more peaceful year for our nation especially in Mindanao and that the country unites in rebuilding Marawi and other calamity-stricken provinces. I wish for a better life for everyone especially for the marginalized. I hope we continue to see more developments in infrastructure and mass transport systems to lessen our traffic problems and to provide convenience to our commuters. In our business, we wish to serve our customers better. We wish to put in more resources for our people and facilities to provide the best customer experience.” – Felix Ang, CATS Motors Inc.

2017 was a good year for our family. We can’t ask for more for 2018. My only wish is for God to bless our country and our leaders. Spare us from natural disasters and calamities.” – Rosalind Wee, W Group

These are just some of the many wishes of our entrepreneurs. I will be sharing more in my other columns.