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Riding the Digital Wave

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

The heat is on and the summer is in full blast as we head on to the month of May! And the better way to enjoy the season is to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea! It’s definitely a great time too to bond with the family and friends.

But aside from that, summer can also be a time to still acquire knowledge and learn new skills. Kids enroll in summer programs and summer camps and learn and develop new skills such as baking, cooking and others.  But not only kids can learn, also practitioners too!

We too in the business community had a great experience as we learned emerging trends together with solid business values amidst a beautiful setting. PLDT made digital waves as they launched their Tech Island 2.0 recently in Subic. From the success of the first wave of Tech Island last November, PLDT, which is one of our valued partners in empowering SMEs, made sure that the second wave is bigger and better for digital surfers!

More than 300 entrepreneurs and business leaders and about two thousand techies and geeks joined the two day-conference opened by PLDT’s First Vice President and Head of SME Business Kat Luna-Abelarde.

In photo [L-R] Robert Garcia, Chair of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority; Polly Nazareno, President and CEO of PLDT Group; Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle; Eric Alberto, Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International and Carrier Business of PLDT Group; and Kat Luna-Abelarde, First Vice President and Head of SME Business of PLDT Group.

In photo [L-R] Robert Garcia, Chair of Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority; Polly Nazareno, President and CEO of PLDT Group; Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle; Eric Alberto, Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International and Carrier Business of PLDT Group; and Kat Luna-Abelarde, First Vice President and Head of SME Business of PLDT Group.

As we all know, going digital is the new craze. We see and experience things going digital. But despite having the digital age for quite some time now, there are still a lot of ‘digital migrants’, those who are still acquiring skills in the digital age, who need to learn more about the borderless world of digital. For Polly Nazareno, PLDT Group president and CEO, we have to understand the Generation “D”, or the disruptive millenials in order to have a mind shift and adapt to the quick-changing and fast-paced developing digital landscape. Businesses must include digital technology in their business models, for their advancement in efficiencies, and market reach.

For Eric Alberto, PLDT Executive Vice President and ePLDT President and CEO, the possibilities of technology is beyond measurable. It provides an avenue for innovation on digital measures and it connects people and machines in real time. With this, businesses who will go digital can communicate to the 40 million Filipino users online. From the 40-million users, 24 million users use the internet to research for products they need to buy and 21 million actually purchase the product. We can see how active e-commerce is in the country. Many micro entrepreneurs maximize their digital presence by marketing and doing transactions online. This also provides them a channel to converse and communicate with the customers, knowing their feedbacks and their opinions in the products.

And with the power of PLDT, the leading digital dependable partner of many SMEs, businesses can definitely level up as they can also provide them with premier cloud storage and M2M solutions. Eric reminded us that when we think of digital, we should think of PLDT.

One of the key speakers on day 1 was the innovator of social media and journalism, Maria Ressa. She shared that with the advent of digital technology, the consumers of news and public affairs can also become producers as they can easily share news and information through the help of the internet. The internet provides a community of engaged people who are willing to be part of the bigger digital community thus resulting to crowd sourcing.   She shared the personal journey of Rappler and how they surpassed the barriers and limits of traditional media presentation.

His Eminence Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle also graced the conference to provide his wisdom on what makes a Transformational Leader.  He reminded the participants the good qualities of a leader in order to lead their respective companies effectively in the digital transformation. Leaders in the digital world must possess vision, understanding, clarity and agility to survive the many complexity and uncertainty in the progress. He also mentioned the qualities of a good leader from Bob Johansen’s book which include physical and mental discipline, active attention, and ability to adapt to surprises, urgent patience, good story tellers, humble strength and agility. He also reminded us that despite the technological advancement, we must also include the poor and underprivileged in all our steps forward.

The knowledge-filled sessions also included a forum with MVP Bossing and Golden ABC’s President and CEO Bernie Liu, Digital5 and TV5 Head of Sports coach Chot Reyes, and PLDT Communications and Energy Ventures, Inc. President and CEO and SMART Communication’s Chief Wireless Adviser Doy Vea, which was moderated by Atty. Mike Toledo, head of MVP Group Media Bureau. They have shared their insights on how Filipino SMEs can conquer the world with their high-quality products and services through the help of digital strategies.  They all agreed that there is no template for a successful business but there is always a way to level up, to continue innovations and to make a difference in this world.

The second day provided several sessions that empowered a lot of business owners and IT practitioners on how they can master the digital wave and lead breakthrough programs.

Digital age has definitely breached the traditional and common forms of doing business. Even the way we live, the digital technologies and gadgets we use can make life easier and more productive. The internet provides and borderless and limitless area for entrepreneurs to transact, market and listen to our stakeholders and consumers. Digital will be the new platform for innovation and creativity. We must all ride the digital wave and surf through the wonders of digital era!


Go Negosyo Goes to Iloilo

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

In partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry Region VI, Go Negosyo held a special Negosem Basics at the Audio- Visual Room of their Negosyo Center last April 24, 2015.


The event gathered 60 participants, combination of aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. There were even fresh graduates who joined the seminar.

The program started with the Pilipinas Now is Our Time Forum joined by four (4) inspiring Iloilo entrepreneurs: Mr. Jessie Genoveza of Sabor Ilonggo, Ms. Glenda Dagdag of Creatif Arts and Crafts, Ms. Joela Hermo of Nitz Riversdie Bakery and Ms. Imelda Aclan of Nuat Thai Foot and Body Massage.

It was then followed by the presentation of the Go Negosyo’s primer by the Programs Development Officer, Ms. Gianina Napo.

The series of talks began after lunch. For this Negosem, three (3) active Go Negosyo Angelpreneurs were invited.

The first speaker was Mr. Jorge Wieneke who talked about Discovering the Entrepreneurial Character and shared tips on How to Spot Business Opportunities. He shared that FEAR is what stops someone to become an entrepreneur. He also shared what characteristics should someone acquire to become successful and showed the rewards reaped by people who do business. Right before his talk ended, he gave the participants a self-assessment test to determine how much of an entrepreneur they are.



The second speaker, Mr. Victor “Vix” Madlangbayan discussed about the Basics of Product Development and Strategic Marketing. He discussed about the essentials like three (3) elements of a product idea, shared some unique product concepts and what makes a successful entrepreneur and enterprise which are two of the frequently asked questions usually asked by every individual who wants to venture into business.

The last speaker, Mr. Armando “Butz” Bartolome, Philippines’ Franchise Guru talked about the Basics of Franchising. Some of the important points he discussed are: The Elements of Franchising, its Benefits for the owners and for those who want to get a franchise business and Signs of a Good Franchising Business.


Learn Your Marketing

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Many entrepreneurs would agree with me when I say that marketing is essential in the success of a business. It is one of the main growth drivers of business and in fact where it all starts: knowing what the market needs, having a compelling product to serve that market gap and clear differentiating proposition to convince your target why they should buy your product/brand. For some, it may even be considered as the heart of business because through marketing, products are developed, differentiated and presented to the consumers in the most effective way to lead into the actual purchase of the product. The target market should be attracted to your product.

Marketers and business people know that with a clear unique proposition, one can already work on the 4Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In order to communicate the products and services effectively, entrepreneurs should focus on these Ps for their marketing strategy.

My advice to micro-small enterprises is to learn your marketing. This will help you compete and level up in the game of business.

One of our angelpreneurs and the marketing guru Josiah Go, who happens to celebrate his birthday yesterday, guested in our Go Negosyo sa Radyo radio program in DZRH hosted by our Executive Director Ramon Lopez and Cheska San Diego  to discuss the importance of marketing and how it can help entrepreneurs in their ventures.

It is a dream for many entrepreneurs to produce a product that will break new grounds in the market. A game-changing product that caters to the current unserved or underserved demand in the market or one that would serve a latent demand that can start a trend. Josiah agrees on this as he shared that entrepreneurs must look for the unmet needs of the market and utilize market driving strategies. In order to have a long-lasting business success, entrepreneurs must recognize the demand of the public in a long-term period. They must look for opportunities, pushing beyond the current demand of the market. Entrepreneurs who are market driving, drives the market into new and innovative products with unique value.  This is the total opposite of market-driven entrepreneurs who seek to fulfil only the current needs and play in the current competition.

Josiah shared, “Malaki ang kita sa nakikita mo pero hindi nakikita ng iba.” You can make it big in business opportunities that are not seen by others. Entrepreneurs must always look and think innovatively in order to be first market-movers. But Josiah also reminded that first movers are also first risk-takers.

For those who have business ideas now that needs to be assured if it will be successful in the market, Josiah leaves two questions to validate the business idea: First, Is there a compelling reason for the product? And second, what is the compelling reason to stay in the business? These must be asked by the entrepreneurs in order to evaluate and validate if their ideas can conquer markets.

One listener asked us on how she can sustain the business she started. She started selling lumpia, polvoron and other merienda but her business all ended. Josiah answered by sharing the 5-point test he uses in the mentoring sessions:  1. Demand of the product. 2. Price affordability. 3. Low cost of manufacturing. 4. Stable cash flow. 5. Execution of business plan.

For the demand of the product, micro entrepreneurs must check if their products are needed. For example, if you are near a construction site and there are no nearby stores, there is a demand for food. Perhaps, one entrepreneur can supply lunch and snacks to those who are working in the area. But she must also consider the price. Her products must be affordable enough in order to be patronized by the public.

If you are selling at a low affordable pricing, you must ensure that you have a low cost structure to have a sustainable margin. This can ensure a stream of good positive cash flow. Relatively, by cash flow, we also mean that sales are collected and real cash is generated to sustain operations.

Lastly, the execution of business. Consider all factors that will make your business attractive to the market because “you are as good as your last product.” So in order to continuously enjoy the market of your business, you must constantly reinvent and innovate on your products and your business model.

Entrepreneurs must continue to listen to the market, to search for opportunities and blaze the trail for its next winning product. These are the things we wish to share with all entrepreneurs through the different programs we organize. We invite everyone to follow us in our summits and seminars, Facebook and Twitter, TV and DZRH radio program (Friday at 3PM) to learn from the free mentoring sessions we provide.


From the Negosyo Seminar (Negosem) last week where our participants learned from inspiring experts and Angelpreneurs Ardy Roberto and Mylene Abiva, and our AFFI Partners Executive Director Raffy Canare, Mark Anthony Liu and Ferdie Laureta, we also had yesterday our Magandang Business Advice on Franchising with AFFI Chair and guru Butz Bartolome and his team of franchisors: Ferdie Laureta (Farmacia ni Dok), Mark Liu (Affinitea), Jean Uvero (Nail It!), Anne Celeste (Crystal Clear), Roselin Pagunsan (Big Apple Express Spa),  Ricardo Cuna (Fiorgelato) and Anne Guallar (Seaoil). Thanks for joining us!


Recently, Go Negosyo won a Gold Anvil Award in the recently concluded 50th Anvil Awards held last April 17, 2015 at the Marriott Grand Ballroom. We would like to thank the organizers for recognizing the efforts of Go Negosyo in promoting its advocacy to the whole nation. We share the recognition with all our partners and advocates. This inspires us more to push further the entrepreneurship advocacy.

Go Negosyo Wins Gold Anvil Award

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015



The Philippine Center for Entrerpeneurship – Go Negosyo won a Gold Anvil Award for Excellence in Public Relations Program on a Sustained Basis: Entrepreneurship at the 50th Anvil Awards last April 17, 2015 held at the Marriot Grand Ballroom.

In its 10th year, Go Negosyo continues its efforts to inspire and empower people to venture into entrepreneurship. Go Negosyo promises to extend its programs to different sectors in the country through its quad-media efforts in order to fulfill its mission to transform this country into an entrepreneurial nation.

Considered as the most prestigious award in public relations campaigns in the country, the Anvil Awards is organized yearly by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines.
See photos HERE>>



Go Negosyo and British Embassy Continue to Empower Entrepreneurs!

Monday, April 20th, 2015

For the past two years, Go Negosyo partners with the British Embassy led by Amb. Asif Ahmad as we share our advocacy to a bigger audience. The British Embassy supports Go Negosyo in its mission to elevate lives of people through entrepreneurship, teaching them the right mindset and knowhow. We have launched several summits and programs, in which we have them as our institutional partner including the Creativity and Innovation Summit 2013, the Global Entrepreneurship Week celebration of 2013 and 2014 and they have also joined us in the launch of our recent program, the Building Enterprising Students of Tomorrow (BEST) Program for outstanding students of the country.

Let me also share with you an unforgettable experience when I was invited by Amb. Ahmad to personally meet the Great Britain’s HRH, Princess Royal or Princess Anne last few weeks ago in a very intimate and small gathering of Filipino entrepreneurs. Despite having a busy schedule for different engagements, she was able to meet social entrepreneurs in the country. In our brief round-table discussion, I have shared with her the efforts of Go Negosyo as an advocacy and the programs we are planning to roll out this year. And in these programs, British Embassy is one of the valued partners.

This year, we will be celebrating again the Global Entrepreneurship Week and with the help of Amb. Ahmad, more programs will be launched for entrepreneurs. In our 3rd year collaboration with British Embassy, we are looking forward to a stronger partnership with them.

The first summit we did with British Embassy is the first Creativity and Innovation Summit which was attended by more than 5,000 participants. In photo: (L-R) Mitch Padua, Lourd Ramos, Mon Lopez, Yati Abdullah, Trevor Lewis, Amb. Asif Ahmad, Sec. Mon Jimenez Jr., and Joey Concepcion.

The first summit we did with British Embassy is the first Creativity and Innovation Summit which was attended by more than 5,000 participants. In photo: (L-R) Mitch Padua, Lourd Ramos, Mon Lopez, Yati Abdullah, Trevor Lewis, Amb. Asif Ahmad, Sec. Mon Jimenez Jr., and Joey Concepcion.

To start the Global Entrepreneurship Week of 2013, Amb. Ahmad hosted a lovely dinner for entrepreneurs. In photo (L-R) Trevor Lewis, Bing Limjoco, Anb. Asif Ahmad, Joey Concepcion, Butz Bartolome and Mon Lopez.

To start the Global Entrepreneurship Week of 2013, Amb. Ahmad hosted a lovely dinner for entrepreneurs. In photo (L-R) Trevor Lewis, Bing Limjoco, Anb. Asif Ahmad, Joey Concepcion, Butz Bartolome and Mon Lopez.

Go Negosyo launched the Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow during the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week. 500 outstanding students from different universities and colleges attended the launch.

Go Negosyo launched the Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow during the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week. 500 outstanding students from different universities and colleges attended the launch.

Amb. Ahmad gave an inspiring welcome message for students in Tagalog during the BEST Program Launch.

Amb. Ahmad gave an inspiring welcome message for students in Tagalog during the BEST Program Launch.

British Embassy invited entrepreneurs in a small meeting with the Princess Royal, Princess Anne.

British Embassy invited entrepreneurs in a small meeting with the Princess Royal, Princess Anne.

Joey Concepcion and Great Britain's HRH, Princess Anne.

Joey Concepcion and Great Britain’s HRH, Princess Anne.

Magandang Business Advice (MBA) Program: Marketing and Innopreneurship

Thursday, April 16th, 2015


This is a four-hour training on marketing and innopreneurship intended for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Participants are expected to gain insights and practical strategies on marketing and the importance of innovation in any entrepreneurial endeavor.

DATE: May 25, 2015
TIME: 1:30 – 5:00PM
VENUE: RFM 8F Rooms 1&2, RFM Corporate Center, Pioneer cor. Sheridan Sts., Mandaluyong City

Josiah Go


– Go Negosyo Angelpreneur
– Successful Entrepreneur and Chairman/Vice Chair/Director of 12 corporations
– Bestselling Author of 13 bestselling marketing, sales and entrepreneurship books
– The most awarded business educator in the Philippines (Agora ’94, TOYM ’01, TOYP World ’02 , AME Lifetime Achievement ’07, World Brand Leadership ’09)
– Took advanced marketing and innovation programs at the MIT Sloan, Kellogg, Wharton and London Business School


Learning fee is One Thousand and Five Hundred Pesos Only (P1500.00)
Inclusions: One (1) GoNegosyo book (8 Simple Secrets of Raising Entrepreneurs or 21 Steps to Start Your Own Business) and Certificate of Completion.
Those who will pay on or before April 27 will only pay One Thousand and Two Hundred Pesos (P1200.00). Students and teachers (with valid ID) are also entitled to a discounted rate of One Thousand and Two Hundred Pesos (P1200.00).

There are two ways to register:

1. For Organizations & Institutions: Fill up the Confirmation Slip then fax (02 6388489 or email ( together with the deposit slip.
2. For regular individual participants: Sign up online:


BANK: BDO – Pionner Highland Branch
ACCOUNT NAME: Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc.
SAVINGS: 485-0088492


In case of refunds, cancellation, and substitution:
– Refunds will be honored if we received a written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to the event and must be emailed at
– Cancellation received less than 30 days prior to the event will be charged 20% of the total learning investment fee while those received one (1) week prior will be charged 50%.
– Refund is unacceptable made for cancellations after the stated deadline.
– Substitution is possible but only upon the advice of the original attendee. The original participant can email the details of the representative.

Reminder: As proof of payment kindly email a copy of the deposit slip to with the SUBJECT: MBA MARKETING/MAY25 (Last Name First Name). Please bring your deposit slip at the registration booth on the day of the event.

For questions and clarifications, you may contact Go Negosyo at 02 6379229 or 02 6318101 loc 7106 and look for Gianina Napo, or you may email

Address: 9/F RFM Corporate Center, Pioneer cor. Sheridan Sts., Mandaluyong City

How to get there: From north bound EDSA, turn right to Pioneer. You will find a 7-Eleven and Joey Pepperoni on the ground floor.
Parking: There is parking area behind the RFM building. There is a gate located beside 7-Eleven or you can turn right on Sheridan St. and you’ll find the parking entrance on the left side.


Hope for Mindanao

Thursday, April 16th, 2015
Go Negosyo shares its advocacy to the 28 delegates of the Basilan Young Leaders Program.

Go Negosyo shares its advocacy to the 28 delegates of the Basilan Young Leaders Program.

Whenever outsiders hear of Mindanao, the reactions would be mixed as they are reminded of either a rich vast land of abundant agricultural harvests and natural wonders and tourism spots or it could be one of conflict and violence. From the militant group Abu Sayyaf to the long battle of justice for the Maguindanao Massacre to the recent Mamasapano clash, these incidents affect the image and integrity of Mindanao and its people. Sadly, while not all areas in Mindanao are involved in these heinous incidents, they are generalized and collectively called as one, putting the region in the negative light. The fight for peace has been an issue for many decades now and the national government continues to do its efforts to resolve and amend all political, cultural and even religious concerns. After all, we are all for peace and development.

But looking beyond the violent conflicts caused by multi-faceted factors, Mindanao remains to be a great place to start a business. Mindanao with its vast natural resources has its potential to be a leading region of business and enterprises.  Entrepreneurs transform these raw materials into high-quality products. Go Negosyo has known many entrepreneurs who have been successful in their business ventures in Mindanao and are now attracting markets with their products.  From the Gaisano’s and Lim’s, notable Mindanao entreps in the Go negosyo community, just to name a few, would be Senen Bacani of La Frutera, Ferdie Maranon of Sagrex Corporation, Charita Puentespina of Puentespina Orchids, Salvacion Leuenberger of SUL Orchids, Ben Lao of Lao Trading, Henry Canoy of Mindanao Network, the late Rene Stuart del Rosario of Suka Pinakurat and also our very own trustee, Rosalind Wee of Marine Resources Development

Despite the challenging environment in some areas, particularly the impression we have in the area of Basilan, we know that there are bright spots of opportunities in the area.  Moreso, we were glad to know that there is a big move towards creating hope and change in the area. We recently conducted a special Go negosyo session for the twenty eight delegates of the Basilan Young Leaders Program. The Program is an initiative of the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG-ARMM), Ayala Foundation and Eisenhower Fellows Association of the Philippines that aims to “engage, expose, equip, empower, immerse, inspire and involve the next generation leaders of Basilan.” These BYLP fellows embarked on their 28-day journey which consists of plenary discussions, workshops, teambuilding and educational and institutional tours and Go Negosyo is glad and honored to have been part of their journey.

In the short dinner program we prepared, we have invited five young entrepreneurs who have shared their journey to where they were today. These entrepreneurs were Zarah Juan of Green EcoBags, Brian Belen of Ato Belen’s Farm, Kadee Aguila of Gayuma ni Maria, Enzo Pinga of Bahay Kubo Organics and Benedict Carandang of Tuldok Animations. Aside from sharing their humble beginnings, they have imparted valuable learnings for the delegates.

No matter where we are, challenges, trials and problems are constant parts of our lives. And since these are constant, we are encouraged to face it head on. Brian Belen shared that in these challenges we learn valuable things. As we face difficult times in our lives, we imbibe life learnings and characters which will serve as stepping stones for our next conquest. Zarah Juan agreed on this as well as she too has faced challenges. For her, challenges are inspirations which should not stop us. We can transform these into energies and remind of what we have conquered. We just have to turn the negatives into positives.

For entrepreneurs, relationships are important. This is true since in business since we constantly deal with people, partners and competitors. These relationships we build over time will also be a helping factor for us. Kadee Aguila revealed that in his experience working with Gawad Kalinga, he interacted with different kinds of people in which he learned things that are not taught in schools. Same goes for Brian who interacted with mothers and farmers from Calauan resettlement who they taught to be enterprising. Brian shared, “Every person is a lesson waiting to be learned.” I too believe in that since in our advocacy, we have heard countless stories from different sectors and we have learned a lot from them. Every story they share are sources of learnings and lessons. From our summits, to radio and tv programs, inspiring stories are shared and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two.

Enzo believes that entrepreneurs fill a need in the society. When there is demand, there is a market in which entrepreneurs fill. That is why entrepreneurs must always find the demand of the people so that they can innovate and create new trends. And in our progress, we continue to include the tradition and culture of our country which is what Benedict and his team is doing in their animation projects.

In conclusion, I can see that these Basilan young leaders will lead their respective communities with a renewed hope and a clear vision of progress. With their active participation during the brief gathering, we felt their determination, depth and desire to make a difference in their localities. Go Negosyo will keep its doors open and will continue to host summits and seminars to benefit Mindanao especially its entrepreneurs and its young people.

In the end, we are one with the 28 Basilan Young Leaders in their journey toward growth and prosperity!

Go Negosyo Newsletter: Subscribe for FREE

Thursday, April 9th, 2015


Go Negosyo publishes articles at the Philippine Star every Mondays (TAGUMPAY) and Thursdays (PILIPINAS NOW IS OUR TIME.) To read the current and previous articles, SUBSCRIBE for FREE to gain access to all the inspiring stories, development of a positive change in mindset as well as relevant entrepreneurship tools and concepts as the key to success.

Bringing Youth Empowerment to the Next Level

Thursday, April 9th, 2015
The delegates of the recently concluded Forum on Public and Private Partnerships on Youth Opportunities and Entrepreneurship. ​(Photo by: Jecel Asoro)

The delegates of the recently concluded Forum on Public and Private Partnerships on Youth Opportunities and Entrepreneurship. ​(Photo by: Jecel Asoro)

Recently, Go Negosyo has been invited to speak in Forum on Public and Private Partnerships on Youth Opportunities and Entrepreneurship. They had delegates from different countries such as Germany, Poland, Spain, Japan, Vietnam and Philippines. This is a program of the Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly and the Asian Development Bank and a part of the Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Laboratory.

We are happy to have been part of this program. As we shared with them our efforts in promoting and developing youth entrepreneurship in this country, we hoped that they too could share our advocacy to the young and aspiring entrepreneurs in their countries.

Jap Uminga, our programs and development manager represented Go Negosyo. Upon hearing the stories of the delegates, he considers that youth entrepreneurship development is also a challenge in developed nations such as Germany, Spain and Poland. We learned that bureaucracy and business registration processes have not been very encouraging in these countries. We were also quite surprised to find out that they seem to have a culture that expects people to work as employees and not start a business. In developing countries like ours and Vietnam, we believe that we also have to walk the extra mile to encourage entrepreneurship and bring more meaningful programs for our youth.

One example is our Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow, or the BEST Program which we started last year to encourage students to be creative, innovative and enterprising. These characteristics will help them harness their strengths and competencies and will surely help them as they take another path towards their future.  We have presented many inspiring role models and business models which can start the fire in their bellies and motivate them to aspire for higher goals. Aside from that we wish to build on their competencies, capacities and knowhow on how to become successful in all their endeavours.

Second, in developing youth entrepreneurship, it is highly advisable to have a multi-sectoral approach, tapping on many different agencies that can help in the program. For Go Negosyo, we have partners from the government, civic organizations and private institutions and many entrepreneurs from our network who are all in support of our mission.

Lastly, Go Negosyo as an active institution does not compete with other agencies rather, we are here to complement and fill in the gap and contribute to the progress that we wish to see in the future. For the past 10 years of Go Negosyo, we have seen many institutions and companies who are also into promoting entrepreneurship and in recognizing inspiring entrepreneurs. We are happy that the advocacy we have started from a simple mission affected many groups thus resulting to many programs for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. We are seeing signs of having a more entrepreneurial culture because we noticed that people are now proud to be businessmen and entrepreneurs. Few years back, there was a connotation that one is into business because he or she cannot find a job. But today, many are idea-based entrepreneurs who started their businesses because of passion and having fresh and innovative ideas or concepts.

I have shared with you many times that the youth is one of our key stakeholders in transforming this country into an enterprising nation. From the many summits in the past, I have seen many youth in our summits who have that eagerness and courage in their eyes to learn about entrepreneurship. We can sense that they consider entrepreneurship as a career move in their future. When asked, many of them dream of having their own coffee shops, restaurants and other businesses. But still, they know that having a business is risky that is why they are maximizing opportunities like attending Go Negosyo summits in order to gain the knowledge and attitude in the right business ventures and to increase the probability of succeeding in business.

I believe in the next generation. They are the next change-makers, leaders and influencers of this country. As we plan for the future, we must take into serious consideration that the empowered youth of today will be the movers of tomorrow.


We are having our first MBA for 2015 this coming April 22, 2015 at the RFM Corporate Center. The topic for this MBA is Franchising 101 with Mr. Armando ‘Butz’ Bartolome, one of Go Negosyo’s Angelpreneurs and the “Franchise Guru of the Philippines. We then would like to invite you to participate in this event. For more information, kindly visit or call us at 6379229/6379347.


Be a Blessing to Others

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
Alice Eduardo of  Sta. Elena Corporation guided and mentored Marivic Quiero in her new business.

Alice Eduardo of Sta. Elena Corporation guided and mentored Marivic Quiero in her new business.

Coming from the recent weeks that we have been busy preparing for the March Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit and dinner-forum, we didn’t realize that we are already welcoming the month of April.  It feels like it was only a few weeks ago when we were looking forward to the year of 2015 and now we are on the 4th month mark.

We start this month right at the height of the Holy week. Today is Maundy Thursday, and we all reflect on what the Holy Week means for all Catholics. Coming from a Catholic family where my mother will always remind us of our spiritual duties, I am deeply aware of the value of this season for us. Every year, we make sure to do the Stations of the Cross and attend recollections as we try our best to internalize the Grace given to us and how our Christ had to suffer and die so that we may live and have eternal life after. This tradition is in way is a regular part of our Holy Week which we wish to teach our children, and to the next generation.

From all the day-to-day pressures in our business and work-life, it is always a challenge to develop our spiritual life but that is a challenge we just have to overcome.  Reflections must actually be done at all possible time, at the least a few minutes a day. A daily dose of teachings, with the Holy Bible and other readings for reflections serve as our daily guide.

Looking back in the month of January, we are blessed to start the year with the visit of Pope Francis who has shared the values of ‘mercy and compassion’ which he wishes to teach all of us. His 4-day apostolic visit reminded us of many Christian values that we must continue to practice until this modern day. One of the traits of the Pope Francis, who Filipinos also call Lolo Kiko, is the compassion to help and serve others. We are reminded that despite the different status the society dictates, we are one in the eyes of the Lord. And that is clearly seen during Lolo Kiko’s visit. All devotees; men, women, young and old, privileged and underprivileged held hands and joined in prayer. I have personally seen the Pope during his visit and I have witnessed how he is with kids, sickly, poor and elderly. This is the same example of Lord Jesus during his earthly stay which we must all learn and practice.

As we continue our family traditions such as going to confession, I am reminded of all the things that I have done in the past. I would often tell my wife that I have already forgotten the sins I committed but she would insist that my confession is a must. And we must all understand the importance of confession. Through our confession, we recognize that we as humans are sinners. We understand that we are not perfect and that we need His guidance for us to make the right decisions. Also, through confession, our bad habits are corrected and our conscience is cleared and purified. We undergo the cleansing and with renewed spiritual health moving forward.

Since the modern Holy Week now entails three R’s: Reflection, Relaxation and Recreation, we must prioritize the most important R: the reflection. So before we head to the beach spots in the country or travel abroad and spend time with our family and friends, let us all have a peaceful time for personal reflection and repentance. We must value the sacrifice God has done for us in order for us to have a meaningful life.

Part of having a meaningful life is being able to share our blessings to others. For us entrepreneurs, part of our success is our ability to extend our hands to those who dreams to be like us. It is the same as being a Good Samaritan to those aspiring entrepreneurs. As an example, Alice Eduardo, one of the staunch advocates of Go Negosyo, shared her blessings to many including an aspiring entrepreneur from Leyte who is Marivic Quiero. Through our summit, Alice met Marivic and extended her help. She has guided her on how to start anew after her business was destroyed by the typhoon Yolanda. She mentored her and taught her about business. Today, Marivic is one happy entrepreneur who is blessed to have Alice as a mentor.

Entrepreneurs must acknowledge the source of our success. We may have not reached our successes today if not for Him who has supported us and guided us throughout our journey. Let us strengthen our faith and live a God-centered life and do our share in being a blessing to others.

And for the 10 years of Go Negosyo, I continue to pray that we will be able to inspire and empower more lives in the decades ahead.