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Go Negosyo Cebu!

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Despite the heavy traffic due to the unexpected rain pour, more than 300 Cebuano entrepreneurs, institution representatives, government officials and Go Negosyo partners joined us in our gathering last August 28, in Laguna Garden Cafe, Cebu. This gathering welcomes the Cebuano entreps to the big network of Go Negosyo entrepreneurs.

We also awarded 10 Inspiring Young Cebuano Entrepreneurs who served as role models for the generations to follow. These young entrepreneurs maximized their creativity and properly incorporated innovation in their respective business.

Aside from the awarding ceremony, we also had a productive dinner forum with Cebuano entrepreneurs Justin Uy, Jay Aldeguer, Kenneth Cobonpue, Manny Osmena. Joey Concepcion, Sen. Bam Aquino, Yati Abdullah and Josiah Go also joined the discussion about having creativity and innovation in their businesses.

Go Negosyo founder, Joey Concepcion, welcomes the guests to the dinner forum.

Go Negosyo founder, Joey Concepcion, welcomes the guests to the dinner forum.

One of the ten Inspiring Young Cebuano Entrepreneur Awardee, Lorenz Florendo of Tatang's Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon, receives his award from Joey Concepcion, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, and DHL's country manager, Yati Abdullah.

One of the ten Inspiring Young Cebuano Entrepreneur Awardee, Lorenz Florendo of Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon, receives his award from Joey Concepcion, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, and DHL’s country manager, Yati Abdullah.


(L-R) Gabby Cui of PLDT SME Nation, James Bernas of Smart Communications, Jay Aldeguer of The Islands Group, Justin Uy of Profoods International Corporation, Yati Abdullah of DHL, Mayor Michael Rama of Cebu City, Koh Onozawa and Franz Ignacio of Loudbasstard and Joey Concepcion.


The 10 Inspiring Young Cebuano Entrepreneurs and the award presentors. Front row (L-R): Nico Ybanez and Carlo De Asis of Aframe Surf Company, Christian Paro-an of RC Goldline Salesshop, Mark Ynoc of Ynoc International Trading, Nico Nimor of Nick Automatic, Gabino Abejo Jr. of Abejo Waters Corporation, Erica Neal of Zoet Cakes and Pastries, Koh Onozawa and Franz Ignacio of Loudbasstard, Lorenz Florendo of Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon, Pearl Sarcauga of Dollface Cosmetics, Stephen Ferolino and Cham Lopez (in behalf of Anya Lim) of Anthill Fabric Gallery. Top row (L-R): Gabby Cui, PLDT SME Nation Community Consultancy Head, RJ Ledesma, Mercato Centrale’ Co-Owner and event emcee,  James Bernas, Head – Wireless Community Solutions, Smart Communications, Inc., Jay Aldeguer, Island Souvenirs, President and Chairman, Justin Uy, Profood Inc., Founder/Owner, Yati Abdullah, DHL Express (Philippines) Corporation, Country Manager, Michael Rama, Cebu City Mayor, Joey Concepcion, Go Negosyo Founding Trustee, and Ramon Lopez, Go Negosyo Executive Director and Board of Trustee


Cebu city Mayor, Michael Rama welcomes guests to Cebu city.


Ms. Yati Abdullah shares DHL helps micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in their logistics.


Award winning furniture designer and manufacturer, Kenneth Cobonpue, shares how creativity and innovation helped him to make a mark in the world market.


One of the most successful Cebuano entrepreneurs, Mr. Justin Uy, imparts the characteristics of Cebuanos which help them in their successes.


Mr. Manny Osmena, provided Manny O. wines for the guests and joined the discussion of the panel. Beside him are Justin Uy and Joey Concepcion.


Marketing guru, Josiah Go, talked about how entrepreneurs can develop through creative marketing. Beside him are Manny Osmena and Justin Uy.


Sen. Bam Aquino (center) flew over from Manila to join his Go Negosyo family in this dinner forum.


The panelists include (L-R) Josiah Go, Manny Osmena, Justin Uy, Joey Concepcion, Sen. Bam Aquino, Kenneth Cobonpue, Yati Abdullah, Jay Aldeguer along with the night’s host, RJ Ledesma.


An entrepreneur himself, RJ Ledesma, asked questions as to how creative ideas can help aspiring entrepreneurs start their businesses.


Jay Aldeguer of The Islands Group discussed how Cebuanos take great pride of their own products.


(L-R) Joey Concepcion, Sen. Bam Aquino and Kenneth Cobonpue


The awardees and distinguished guests gather on stage for a photo opportunity.


Franz Ignacio and Koh Onozawa posed for a picture with Johnlu Koa (center) of French Baker.

10 Inspiring Young Cebuano Entrepreneurs

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

   The 2014 Inspiring Young Cebuano Entrepreneur Awardees.

For the past few weeks, the Go Negosyo team has been researching and evaluating several nominations to select the young breed of inspiring and innovative Cebuano entrepreneurs.  This is being done to create the new role models for the youth and they will be recognized when we mount the Creativity and Innovation Summit tomorrow at the J Center Convention Halls in Cebu.


This particular batch of young entrepreneurs was selected as they have shown passion, integrated exceptional innovation and applied creativity with their products and services. Aside from that, they have made an impact to the development of their communities. They will be awarded in a private dinner tonight in Cebu when we do a dinner forum which will be attended by almost 300 Cebuano entrepreneurs. They will also be recognized and honored in the summit tomorrow and most of them will also join the panel in the different forums.


Let me share their stories:


First is Gabino Abejo Jr. who is the president and CEO of Abejo Waters Corporation (AWC).  At a very young age, he directed the AWC to be one of the biggest bulk water suppliers in Metropolitan Cebu. His efforts were also recognized as he was awarded as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 by Ernst & Young Philippines. Abejo Waters has also given multiple areas of Cebu a water distribution system.


At 29, Lorenz Florendo introduced a new variety to the popular lechon Cebu. He opened Tatang’s Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon in 2012 aiming to provide the Cebuanos a great taste and great value boneless lechon. He wanted to change the idea that lechon is for special occasions only. He makes his customers enjoy the special lechon experience every time they dine at Tatang’s.


Joy Anya Lim, 30, leads her colony of soldier ants, as they call themselves, in crafting world-class hand-loomed fabrics and contemporary products such as scarves, bowties, and neckties. She is the co-founder, managing director and the princess ant of Anthill Fabric Gallery. Anthill or Alternative Nest and Trading/Training Hub for Indigenous/Ingenious Little Livelihood seekers has provided employment to three communities of cultural groups.


Erica Neal found the ‘zoet’ or sweet tooth of every Cebuano through her cakes and pastries. Coming from a family with fashion accessories for a business, Erica is naturally creative. She was first enrolled in a business course but shifted to her calling which is culinary. Zoet Cakes and Pastries started in 2009 and from then on, her store has become the home of the best cheesecakes and cakes in town. Her creativity is evident in the personalized design of cakes and cupcakes she bakes.


Koh Onozawa and Franz Ignacio made one interesting product – the Loudbasstard Bamboo Sound Amplifier. Addressing their love for music, they were able to design and create a unique and earth-friendly product which aims to change lives through music. The duo’s ingenuity merged the Cebuano’s craftsmanship with modern design. This proudly Philippine-made product has reached international market specifically in USA and United Kingdom.


A young entrepreneur started his business when he was in college.Today, RC Goldline Salesshop Corporation, headed by Christian Paro-an, is now on its 17th year with nine stores scattered in different establishments in Cebu. RC Goldline is a one-stop shop for tech-savvy for they provide telecommunication products and gadgets.


Mark Ynoc, 29, is the CEO of Ynoc International Trading which is a dealer of a variety of products: from different dried seaweeds to multi-cabs, to transformers and LED lights.  He also opened San Remigio Beach Club which caters to many tourists. Aside from his corporate work in Ynoc International Trading, Mark is doing several charity works for their community.


Promoting their advocacy for tourism and surfing, Carlo De Asis and Nico Ybanez established Aframe Surf Company which caters to all surfers. These young Cebuano entrepreneurs, who are also surfers, have a vision to have affordable and durable apparel and accessories for boardriders. Their surfboards and apparel are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials which are designed with bold colors and prints.


At 26, Pearl Sarcuaga mastered the art of make-up. She founded Dollface Cosmetics which provides the market with quality and affordable make-up. She is the Chief Make-up Artist and Operating officer of the brand. She saw the need for make-up palettes for aspiring make-up artists and enthusiast. Now, they are distributing to malls not only in Cebu but also in Metro Manila.


Last but not the least is Nicolo Nimor who started the brand Nick Automatic. Since 2009, he leads the company in manufacturing unique and brazen lifestyle shirts. Nicolo is the brand’s lead designer and is named as one of the 20 Best Young Designers of BluPrint Magazine. By incorporating music and style in his shirts, he was able to work with different brands and personalities. Local and international bands were able to represent the brand in music festivals and concerts.


These young entrepreneurs are a source of inspiration to the younger generation as they continue to pursue their passion for their crafts and services equipped with fresh ideas and exceptional innovation and creativity. They are leading examples to the future breed of more innovative young Filipino Entrepreneurs.



Creativity and Innovation

Thursday, August 21st, 2014






CIS Cebu 2014 Logo


It was only a few weeks ago when we last had a successful Agri Negosyo summit, and now we are gearing up for another exciting negosyo summit dedicated to the young aspiring entrepreneurs that will focus on creativity and innovation.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy track and that is what we have been saying in the last nine years of our advocacy. Not all can be entrepreneurs but everyone can be enterprising. The reality is that not everyone has the opportunity to start on their own but the key to success is a mindset that is enterprising; finds ways, spots opportunities, market-driven and creative. In other words, an attitude that continuously innovates and improves the status quo.

Of the total number of enterprises, we have over 99.6% micro and small enterprises. Imagine, only 0.4% are large enterprises and yet the micro SME only accounts for around 32% of our economy. The 68% of the economy is accounted for by the very few large companies. In other developed countries, the contribution of the micro SMEs can go up to around 50-55%.

Why is this so? It is no secret that most of the enterprises we have are the micro: sari-sari stores, peddlers, street vendors and others who we see in all places. We see low value-adding in many of these businesses. Don’t get me wrong. That is not at all bad. Our kababayans are making a livelihood out of a very meager resource. They are survival micro entrepreneurs. We admire their passion to live independently and earn from decent means.

But what can make their current livelihood succeed more is to explore new ways of doing things, new products that are not offered by the vendors, or value-adding. It can simply be adding beads or accessories to a simple shirt or pants, new designs for their crafts, or unique and useful ingredients for their products.

The kind of entrepreneurship we have been promoting is one that is value-adding, idea-based, unique and differentiated. It must not be the usual products that others are offering. One can tweak and improve the products with newer and more relevant benefits. One can also improve on the processes of how things are done. Yes, innovation must be continuous.

This is a process that must continue in any business, whether you are a start-up, a micro or SME, and more so if you are a large corporation. Creativity and Innovation never stops. There is always the excitement to be the first mover. It is always exciting to be the game changer.

To further promote an idea-based and value-adding negosyos, we are doing another Creativity and Innovation Summit, a summit we did last year with our programme partner Josiah Go, the country’s innovation and marketing guru. Josiah, who is a Go Negosyo advocate and volunteer, shares the vision with us to push innovation and creative mindset to all aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

Our trustee, Justin Uy, has an excellent story of innovation. He transformed mangoes to a high-value product and is now the biggest dried and processed mango exporter. His Philippine Brand of dried mango is the only brand from the Philippines that you can find in mainstream supermarkets in other continents.

Aside from the summit, we are also hosting a private dinner for 300 top entrepreneurs of Cebu. It will be a productive dinner as there will be a mini forum led by French Baker’s John Lu Koa, Profood’s Justin Uy and DHL’s Yati Abdulah.

We are fortunate once again to have Sen. Bam Aquino in the dinner and summit to inspire the young audience. He will be updating the entrepreneurship community on the landmark laws that benefit entrepreneurs, particularly the newly passed Go Negosyo Bill. He is sharing other ideas in store to help SMEs. We will be joined as well by renowned and creative Cebuano entrepreneurs Kenneth Cobonpue and Jay Aldeguer. Another excellent youth role model is Maria Ressa, who is leading the social media and broadcasting through Rappler.

We will also be awarding young and inspiring entrepreneurs who have exemplary stories of how they have integrated exceptional innovation and applied exception creativity to their crafts and passions. We will be releasing the final list of awardees on our next issue of this column.

This summit targets the youth to spark the inspiration and unleash their potentials to become entrepreneur. Today, the youth is a constant source of brilliant ideas. Their minds are exposed to a variety of resources. With the technology, they are open to more possibilities and opportunities. They stay away from the usual. They are unconventional.

Let me invite everyone not only in Cebu but also those who are in the nearby provinces to join us and be empowered in our Creativity and Innovation Summit.

For more information, you may contact us at 637-9229 or visit

Negosyo Talks and Future Talks

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Time flies fast when one is immersed into so many activities. And that is what we in Go Negosyo have been doing for the past nine years. We are so focused in our mission to empower every Filipino to be more entrepreneurial in life towards his or her success. We invited the entrepreneur community and the Agri Negosyo panelists/speakers and awardees to celebrate with us the nine years of Go Negosyo with a thanksgiving dinner last August 1.

New Zealand Amb. Reuben Levermore partnered with us as we plan this dinner with our network of entrepreneurs and our distinguished guests and advocacy partners. This dinner became a productive one as we also had a very enlightening mini-forum discussing the potential of a strong Philippine agriculture. We had Sen. Cynthia Villar, Manny V. Pangilinan, Henry Lim Bon Liong and Tennyson Chen who were so smart in presenting the bright spots of business opportunities in agriculture and how one can develop more profitable operations in agriculture. Go Negosyo’s advocate Sen. Bam Aquino also graced our dinner as he shared with us as well the good news that the Go Negosyo Bill was signed by President Aquino. This is by far the fastest bill ever signed in the history. Sen. Sonny Angara and Sec. Greg Domingo likewise found time to have some discussions with the entrepreneurs. Thank you to all those who share in the advocacy of sharing our successes and knowhow in order to build a country of prosperous and enterprising Filipinos.

I was also invited to be one of the panelists in PLDT SME Nation’s Future Talks where we talked about how the Philippines should be ready for the ASEAN Integration in 2015. PLDT’s Manny V. Pangilinan and Penshoppe’s Bernie Liu are among the panellists as well. During the forum, I shared the power of branding. Companies should strengthen their brands to get a closer affinity with the consumer market which will be the source of competitive edge against imported ASEAN brands.


Young Heroes and their Advocacies

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
TOSP 2014 Winners

The exemplary students with passion for nation building have been named as the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines 2014. Together with them are their proud parents and the award presenters. (Front row L-R) Billie Dumaliang from Ateneo de Manila University, Angela Sebastian from University of the Philippines-Diliman, Leo Mante from University of Eastern Philippines, Jerry Leonida from University of the Philippines-Visayas, John Masigan from St. Paul University Philippines, Frietz Perales from University of the Philippines-Visayas, Lemuel Silvestre from Far Eastern University, Lancelot Yupingkun from University of the Philippines-Diliman, Alexandra Soledad from University of St. La Salle, and Justin Sucgang from De La Salle University. (Top row, L-R) Alice Eduardo of Sta. Elena Construction, Commissioner Patricia Licuanan of CHED, Cabinet Secretary Jose Almendras, Joey Concepcion of RFM Corporation and Go Negosyo, Marie Concepcion-Young of RFM Foundation and Pamela Asis-Layugan of TOSP Alumni Community.

Throughout the past decades, RFM Foundation, headed by my father and now assisted by my sister, Marie Young, continues its search for the ten exemplary students with the drive to become instruments of change. Beyond academic excellence, their leadership qualities and strong passion to pursue their respective advocacies had benefited communities and changed lives.

And on its 53rd year, TOSP has once again chosen the top 10 of the 30 student finalists from different regions to be the young heroes and role models of our youth today. I can say that they are role models also to me and my generation, as they re-ignite in each one of us the passion to serve and make a difference in the lives of fellow Filipinos.

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of joining the ceremony to recognize the 2014 batch of TOSP. I have heard their stories and was in awe to find these young people so passionate and committed to their advocacies. My father always joins this ceremony as he loves being with young passionate leaders of the TOSP community. Unfortunately, he missed this year’s awarding due to a bad fall that broke his wrist and shoulder. He is now recovering from operation but that didn’t dampen his spirit to greet the TOSP finalists and awardees after the ceremonies.

We thank Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras for leading the awarding ceremonies at the historic Kalayaan Hall of Malacanang and for providing an inspirational message prior to delivering the keynote message from President Aquino. Sec. Almendras considered the 30 finalists as the next heroes who are actually living for others, through their advocacies.

Sec. Almendras was joined by CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan, and other supporters and members of the Judging and Screening Committees. Vicky Garchitorena was also present for she is also a TOSP Alumna. Sta. Elena Construction CEO, Alice Eduardo was also moved and almost in tears seeing the reaction of the finalists as they were recognized most especially the top ten along with their proud parents and school heads.

Only ten were chosen, but just like how I said in my message, “Being part of the 30 national finalists is already a blessing.” The future is laid out for these young Bayanis. They are going to be the tools for transformation in this country as they continue to set on with their civic duties and causes.

The 2014 TOSP went under a rigorous process; from the regional selection, to the 30 national finalists, who were evaluated and interviewed by the national board of judges. I am sure the national judges had a hard time to finally trim down the 30 finalists to only ten.

The Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines has now been named and they are: Billie Dumaliang from ADMU, Magna Cum Laude in Management Honors; Angela Sebastian from UP -Diliman, Magna Cum Laude in Communication Research; Leo Mante from University of Eastern Philippines, Cum Laude in Nursing; Jerry Leonida from UP-Visayas, Magna Cum Laude in Fisheries; John Masigan from St. Paul University, Magna Cum Laude in Secondary Education; Frietz Perales from UP-Visayas, Cum Laude in Business Administration; Lancelot Yupingkun from UP-Diliman, Cum Laude in Industrial Engineering; Justin Sucgang from DLSU, Salutatorian in Juris Doctor; Alexandra Soledad from University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, Magna Cum Laude in Political Sciences; and Lemuel Silvestre from Far Eastern University, Summa Cum Laude in Mass Communication.

I believe that these ten students will be an endless source of inspiration to the younger generation; that even in their simplest ways, they can contribute to the change we want to see in the world. One of the ten, Lemuel Silvestre is an advocate of theater and the arts in the country. He shared how he thought that theater is far from nation building and leadership but with his journey with the TOSP community, it made him realize that he, who is from theater, can be a medium to promote not only his advocacy but also the advocacy of his fellow TOSPian.

I heard how challenged and pressured they are to be one of the outstanding students of this country but let me encourage them with the reality that they now have a bigger voice in the society. Their examples will move others to make a difference and follow the paths that they are building. May they not strive for their own personal gains but instead strive to be selfless and pursue the goal of being an agent of change.

The key is to always share. Share what you know and be a blessing to others. The good and remarkable acts will leave a lasting legacy just like how Dr. Jose Rizal’s efforts are enjoyed up to this day as we embrace our democracy. The parents, teachers and mentors of these young leaders may have done the right thing to instil the right values and principles in them because now they have grown up knowing that they should be living not only for themselves but for others as well. They may have not realized it by now but their recognition is not just for the present but also for the future. It will take years to see a concrete change but with their potentials to be change-leaders, there will be a change.

My father always say Yes, the Filipino Youth Can. But one TOSPian said that Filipinos should not only say that they Can, instead we can say, YES, THE FILIPINO WILL !


Thursday, August 7th, 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III has signed into law Republic Act (RA) No. 10644 or the Go Negosyo Act, which seeks to strengthen micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to create more job opportunities in the country. The Go Negosyo Act was signed into law by the President on July 15, 2014. President Aquino’s cousin, Sen. Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino, was the author of the Go Negosyo Act. 

“MSMEs increase income for poor households and build both business equity and personal assets over a period of time. To this end, the State shall develop plans and initiate means to ease the constraints on the establishment of MSMEs in order to rationalize the existing bureaucratic regulations, providing greater incentives and benefits to MSMEs, and strengthening the MSME Development Council (MSMED),”
the law stated.

MSMEs are likewise entitled to avail of assistance such as technology transfer, production and managem ent training programs and marketing. Under the Go Negosyo Act, Negosyo Centers shall be established in all provinces, cities and municipalities. The Negosyo Centers shall be under the supervision of the MSMED Council, which shall be headed by the Secretary of Trade and Industry.
(Source: CITEM News, Manila Bulletin)

9 Years of Go Negosyo!

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Attachment-1 (1)

In my last column, I have shared the very good turnout in our first Agri-Negosyo Summit with over 7,000 young, aspiring agripreneur participants together with successful agripreneurs and enablers. In appreciation of all those who shared their stories and knowledge to the aspiring agripreneurs, we held a thanksgiving dinner last Friday together with our partners and community of Go Negosyo entrepreneurs. The gathering was also in celebration of the 9 years of Go Negosyo entrepreneurship advocacy.

Sharing our vision to give agri negosyo a push, the New Zealand Ambassador Reuben Levermore joined us in organizing the dinner which we converted into a productive dinner-forum on agribusiness. By the way, Amb Reuben unfortunately will be moving soon to another post so we were kidding him that that night was also a despedida for him. But kidding aside, he was very passionate in sharing how the New Zealand government is helping the Philippine agri sector, particularly in the dairy industry. Aside from sending of technical teams, they also invited young agri entreps and leaders to have a study trip to New Zealand as part of their ASEAN Program on youth leadership and entrepreneurship.


We had a great session last Friday with Sen. Bam Aquino sharing with the entrepreneurs the passing of Go Negosyo Bill into a law, signed recently by President Aquino. Go Negosyo Act will be a big help to the small entrepreneurs in the country as this will facilitate business registration processes, providing training and mentorships, access to funds and linkage to market. The ease in setting up businesses can fast track the creation of jobs and income opportunities in the countryside since the Go Negosyo centers will be set-up in all cities and municipalities. The group of Sen. Bam has identified the first 6 areas where Go Negosyo Centers will be put up.

Go Negosyo entrepreneurs saw the bill as a big boost to supporting micro SMEs in the country and at the least, create an enterprising culture where all can have a better chance to succeed through inspiration, information, knowhow and mentoring. We thank Sen. Bam and his colleagues like Sen Cynthia Villar, Sen. Sonny Angara in the Senate and Cong. Mark Villar and Cong. Neil Montejo and their Committees for their unanimous support to this landmark entrepreneurship development law. It was great to have also DTI Sec. Greg Domingo in the session as DTI will be the key implementer of the Go Negosyo Act.

We also had a very insightful forum with Sen. Cynthia Villar, who gave the keynote address in our summit. I have known her for years but I am amazed on how she answered the questions in detail. She has really mastered the agricultural sector. She was joined by ‘MVP’ Manny Pangilinan who is becoming a big player in the agribusiness sector, as well as Henry Lim Bon Liong, who is at the forefront of high-yielding variety for hybrid rice. Bounty Fresh Tennyson Chen also joined the very engaging discussion. The forum centered on profitable business models in the agri sector, to show that there’s money in agriculture, the need to inject corporate farming models, operational efficiencies, use of technology say on seed varieties, farming mechanization, inter-cropping, value-adding and use of technology and better packaging. Sen. Villar, MVP, Henry and Tennyson were all so smart and practical as they gave their advise and answers to the Q&A forum.

MVP shared that agri operations need to be ran efficiently, with specific metrics and the innovation factor must continue to ensure competitiveness. Equipment and processes must be upgraded to be able to compete especially with the lowering of tariff protection in ASEAN, especially on sugar. MVP is a big supporter of Go Negosyo and always has time to attend Go Negosyo programs to inspire and mentor other entrepreneurs.

The forum, which we are calling Negosyo Talks, was viewed by most of the 200 entrepreneurs as very useful and informative. We are therefore scheduling soon another Negosyo Talks in Cebu on August 28, the night before our upcoming Creativity and Innovation Summit set on August 29. Go Negosyo is fortunate to have built a strong partnership and association with key entrepreneurs and corporations in the country and progressive government leaders who are one in pushing for entrepreneurship and being enterprising as the key to solving poverty. It is actually the only way for Filipinos to move up in life. Life is a choice. Success is only for those who want it most. We can only provide the inspiration, know-how and tools.

Let’s go, Go Negosyo!


We would like to thank the Annual Sponsors of the 1st AgriNegosyo Summit: PLDT SME Nation, Smart Communications, Meralco, RFM Corporation, Calata Corporation, Sta. Elena Development & Construction, Profood International Corp., Double Dragon Properties, WILCON Depot. DHL, BPI Family Ka-Negosyo, LBC, Kettle Korn and Condura.

[Partner Announcement] Kettle Korn is looking for cart sites!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

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#negosyotalks: Open to Sustainable Development – AC Social Enterprise

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Mr. Joey Concepcion was at theAssumption College, San Lorenzo Makati. Speaking to almost 200 Fourth Year Highschool Students and shared what Go Negosyo’s Social Enterprise platform was about — the NMBK (Negosyo Mo Bukas Ko or Your Business, My Future).  Employ to Educate to Empower (E2E) – this is the guiding principle behind our new project. All it will take is for the entrepreneur community to hire among the OSY we have screened, trained and transformed through our program, to allow them to earn income, half of which will be allotted to their educational fund. This program thus aims to be a vehicle for the employment and education of the OSY.

Speaking together with other resource panelists such as Ms. Prie Reyes-Lopez, owner of Messy Bessy, Ms. Bea Misa-Crisostomo, co-founder and owner of Ritual the Collective, Mr. Robert Alejandro, co-owner of Papemelroti, Mr. Mark Ruiz, co-founder and managing director of MicroVentures Inc. as well as founding partner and board member of Rags2Riches and Mr. Ibba-Rasul-Bernardo, an IT entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Sari Software Solutions.
Title: “BUKAS…Open to Sustainable Development: AC Social Enterprise”
Date: July 31, 2014, Thursday
Time: 8:50 am – 12:10pm
Venue: Plenary Hall


Monday, August 4th, 2014

Go Negosyo hosted ten young Filipino-American professionals who would like to know more about how they could possibly give back and reconnect with the Philippines.

Entrepreneurs Johnlu Koa of French Baker and Danica Gapuz of Gapuz Grape Farms shared their respective entrepreneurial ventures.

French Baker CEO Johnlu Koa sharing some insiprational message to all Fil-Am delegates. (in photo: RFM CEO & Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion, Ambassador Cuisia- Amb of the Republic of the Philippines to the United States and Mr Johnlu Koa himself)

From top left to bottom left (clockwise): Amb. Joey Cuisia, Frenchbaker’s Johnlu Koa, one of the Fil-Am delegates asking a question during the open forum and Gapuz Grape Farm’s Danica Gapuz.

In Photo: Founding Trustee Joey Concepcion welcomes the Fil-Am delegates together with the representatives from the Philippine Embassy in Washington headed by Amb. Joey Cuisia and the Department of Foreign Affairs.