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Thursday, June 26th, 2014


For close to 8 years of writing this Go Negosyo column, I have shared different success stories of many entrepreneurs as Go Negosyo will turn 9 years this year. Some of these entrepreneurs are husband and wife tandems, such as Johnlu and Marilou Koa of French Baker who show commitment to family activities and doing things together and to them, spouses must know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and knowing business opportunities and threats which can lead to better decisions, thus less problems equal more time for enjoyment together;  Henry and Rita Lim Bon Liong of S.L. Agritech who mentioned that the key is having mutual respect and understanding, separating business from family matters, and complementing their roles where they are good at;  Lee Hiong and Rosalinda Wee of Marine Resources Development Corporation said they accumulate not wealth but a lot of romantic memories that they can draw from during challenging times, and the need to make family and keeping family values as top priorities;  Rikki and Beng Dee cited also the need for respect and priority in having constant family time, and involving at times the children in business; Nelson and Siu Ping Par of PR Gaz who complement each other in their business operation in order to set the overall direction of their business; and Josiah and Chiqui Go who said that couples should have shared responsibility and power, and common vision and joy.

Last Tuesday, Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Dennis celebrated their 20th year anniversary with a Game of Thrones theme which started with their renewal of vows at the San Antonio church. This is not new as Tessa, image of having different outfits and hats that surely catch everyone’s attention, is very creative and a happy person.  Both are lucky to be supporting each other. Dennis is a patient guy who supports her social life, having to host numerous events, which can be quite taxing on a marriage. But for these two, it’s different. They seem to be soul mates. Congratulations Tessa and Dennis on your anniversary.

Today, my wife and I are also celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary. Time does fly so fast. We have 5 children; the eldest is a boy, who now is 27 years old and our youngest of the 4 girls is Bella, who is now 7 years old and she keeps us young by keeping up with her. My wife Marissa gave birth to our youngest at 46 years old. One of those accidents you never plan for but God has blessed us with wonderful children.

As entrepreneurs, we are not bound by the usual working hours. We can work the whole day and even on Sundays as we pursue our passion in our own respective negosyos. And sometimes we put family and marriage as the last priority especially during the times when we are still building our business. This is true for many entrepreneurs; I have gone through this myself. But at some point, a certain situation makes us realize that we need to give time also to our family.

As I share my formula of success in our events and even to my children, I always tell them that God has given us free will and it is our decision to ensure we choose the right partner who will be with us for the rest of our life. Our spouse is so important for she or he will be the co-pilot, and the source of inspiration and advice. In my case, my wife and I started together as entrepreneurs with small popcorn stand many years back – a simple business that gave me some on-the-ground experience and confidence to handle bigger tasks in RFM Corporation today.  More importantly, it has given me the chance to help other entrepreneurs as well through the Go Negosyo Foundation. So from this tiny popcorn store, we both learned how to work together.

This popcorn store, which started in Fiesta Carnival today, is now known as KettleKorn, much larger than what it was years back. I guess this is our first experience to work together as a team during our early years of marriage. That is why I am thankful to God that we lasted this long and hopefully will last longer like my parents who just recently celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary.

In today’s modern ways, you don’t see marriages last long. Since I have 4 girls, I always tell them that you can be on top of your class in school but what is important in life is that you need to choose well your future spouse because your happiness will come from having a happy family. Wealth is not the source of happiness; it’s just part of a larger component in life in which you must have to balance. Your partner will be the key in helping you achieve this balance in life, in family, in spirituality, in health, and in work.

We still have a long way to go compared to many but I guess we learn to get through the years even though we age.
My wife and I both share a theme song entitled “For You” by Kenny Lerum.  Here is a part of the song that I want to dedicate to my wife:

‘Cause this life is no good alone
Since we’ve become one you’re all I know
If this feeling should leave I’d die
And here’s why, all I am is for you
Everything I do now makes sense
All roads end and all I do, is for you
Only for you.

To my dearest wife Marissa, happy anniversary. Thank you for being the anchor of our family. May we continue to share the same value of true happiness, commitment and doing our share to improve the lives of others.


We invite you to join the 1st Agri Negosyo Summit on July 25 at the World Trade Center. For more details, contact 6379229 or 6379347.


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S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo tonight, June 24, 2014, PTV 4, 7-8PM

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo takes on a new adventure with our new host, Go Negosyo Angelpreneur, Mr. Michael Angelo Lobrin. Drizzle your day with inspiration and practical tips that may help you, as you create your own entrepreneurial story.

Just like love, success knows no season. It may come anytime, anywhere as long as there’s an incredible hardwork. And today, we’ll visit a successful entrepreneur whose story precisely exemplifies that. Let’s take it from the man who bloom like no other — Mr. Dustin Andaya, “King of Roses” and owner of Island Rose, the first and leading flower supplier in the country. We will also join the recent run of the NegoSem Basics and Magandang Business Advice on Franchising with the Franchise Guru himself, Mr. Butz Bartolome.

All these and more, only on S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo this Tuesday (June 25, 2014), 7:00 to 8:00 PM on PTV 4.


Mr. Dustin Andaya


Finding Success in Agripreneurship

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014
Filipinos are never destined to be poor. We all deserve to live a life out of poverty for there are many ways of succeeding in life especially that our country is blessed with vast natural resources that we can capitalize on. In my last feature, we showcased successful Filipino entrepreneurs who saw the greener pasture through agriculture.Many are seeking ways to get a good paying job, some even go abroad to earn a living. In the context of small farmers and fishermen, many of them work very hard but still do not enjoy the quality of life that they deserve. Our advocacy wants to see this scenario change for the better and we hope to encourage future and present farmers to think like entrepreneurs and uplift their standard of living.

Agripreneurship is now becoming a hit for those who pioneered in this line of expertise and business. Many got their success because of their passion to do it. Today, many of our countrymen are enjoying the fruits of their labor and harvesting their success from their agribusiness’s success.

As we promote opportunities in agri-negosyo, we invite you to join the 1st Agri Negosyo Summit on July 25 at the World Trade Center. For more details, contact 6379229 or 6379347.

Meanwhile, let me share with you some more success stories of successful Filipino agripreneurs who were also featured in Go Negosyo’s 50 Inspiring Stories of Agri-Entrepreneurs book.

From being the former Department of Agriculture head during the Presidency of Corazon Aquino and former country manager for Dole Philippines and Costa Rica, Senen Bacani sure do know a lot about agriculture. He is now the CEO of one of the largest exporters of bananas in the country, La Fuerta Inc. With the determination to help his community in Mindanao, he converted the vast land into a plantation which now produces 5 to 6 million boxes of Cavendish bananas and exports them to the Middle East and some countries in Asia. They use their tagline as an inspiration, “We excel because we care.” True enough, it is not only in their World-class products that got them big, but also in their efforts to care and value their hard working farmers.

The youngest business tycoon in the country started by studying their family business and through his passion to develop their business, Calata Corporation is now the country’s largest distributor of agrochemicals, feeds, fertilizers and seeds. Joseph Calata believes that the agricultural sector be empowered for it will bear great products. He also treats their farmers as their best asset for they will not be the biggest agricultural conglomerate without them. He helped in the introduction of technology related to agriculture. Now, Calata Corporation has been signing deals with different foreign firms.


Without full expertise and with only limited knowledge in farming, Desiree Duran was challenged to start her agri-business after attending a seminar. She turned her 1 hectare of land into a plantation of tomato which piqued the interest of her own community. The community become involved in the production. Duran farm and Agri-business center now trains farmers and teach them about the modern technology in farming. Through these efforts, they have produced high quality fruits and vegetables. They also developed seeds which are now available in the market.

Paris Uy’s advocacy for organic products has been welcomed in the country. He is into producing organic vegetables which today is very in demand to many. Live Green International Inc., is now distributing fresh produce and organic products to 19 outlets in the country including well-known malls and establishments. They also opened the first whole foods store in the country named Organiko. Live Green also gives training programs to farmers and has now produced a total of 160 graduates as of May 2014. 88 of these are now certified and official organic contract growers.


From his travel to Taiwan, Arsenio Barcelona was inspired by the technology and techniques used in their farming. He then brought this information back to Manila. In 1997, Known-You seeds Co. Ltd., the largest and most prestigious seed breeder, producer and distributor in Taiwan, got them to be the exclusive importer and distributor of their products which then led to the Harvest Agricultural Corporation.  After their success, they now offer monthly trainings to encourage and inspire Filipinos to try backyard farming.


Joel Magsaysay retreated from his top position in a food chain company, left the corporate world and pursued his mission to be a lover of nature.  He traded his prestigious life and lived in his own little farm. Turning his bee-farm into business was not the first plan. He and his family first started incorporating bee products to household items such as soaps and toothpaste. At first, they were just giving them as gifts to friends and family but through the word of mouth, news about their products eventually spread. Learning only through books, Joel Magsaysay and family is the proud owner of Ilog ni Maria Honeybee farm housing 800 colonies of bees. 


Edith Dacuycuy of REFMAD farm owns the largest dragon fruit farm in the country located in Ilocos Norte. Her dragon fruit farm was a result of her search for a cure for her daughter’s illness. The Dragon Lady, as she is called, was able to grow her business thru process innovation and research, and her farm is very notable for its zero-waste farming practices. With the expansion of her business, Edith realized the need to register her agribusiness and encourage other local farmers to engage in dragon fruit production. Her dragon fruit is also distributed here in the country and abroad. Her vision is to make the Philippines a very big producer of dragon fruit.

Jeffrey Lim has been involved in the business at an early age for his family ran a noodle factory. His business inspiration came from a request from his friend to have a goat as a gift for his friend’s birthday. He thought that since many farmers raise goats, he can easily source it. He also realized that there is more that he can do to use these goats for business which is goat breeding.  He and his wife started raising 6 goats in 2001. In 2004, he decided to convert his goat breeding hobby into a full-blown business venture. His goat breeding venture began to soar and in 2009, he was able to sell more than 400 gat breeders. JSJ is also expanding into related business like goat milk production and feta cheese. Today, his business continues to gain profit and is goat-raising has been his gold mine since he started.

Jose Mercado, Chairman of Merlo Agricultural Corp. knows that coffee business will make him successful. He grew up in a coffee farm in Lipa, Batangas owned by his father and spent his childhood years helping him run the farm. He was inspired to continue this kind of business for this is something that he knew by heart so he put up his own coffee business and realized his dream to have a better life. Jose did not go to college but took up courses in accounting and taxation for he knew by then what he wanted to do. MERLO is a combination of his and his wife’s last name – Mercado and Lopez. He is proud to say that his family is one of the pioneers in Batangas coffee industry. They bank on the quality of their coffee beans and roasting technique. In 1990, Jose developed his own blend which became a hit because of its flavour and called it Cafe de Lipa – named after his hometown. He sells three brands of coffee – Batangas Brew, Cafe de Lipa, and Kapeng Barako which are all proven to be popular in the market until today.

Ferdinand Marañon started his career in sales and marketing. After 14 years of being in that field, he ventured into agriculture where he found his niche and success. In 1980, he put up his very first company which is Sagrex Group of Companies. For over 30 years, Sagrex has never stopped opening new markets and dominating the competition in terms of agricultural trading. It has grown to at least five different companies engaged in the production and sale of different products catering to the different needs of the market. Ferdinand’s desire to set apart his products from others allowed him to discover more opportunities. He also ventured into fertilizer trading and eventually saw the need for packaging innovation hence; they set up the first polyethylene foam plant in Davao in 1990. He considers this as his most successful venture involving bananas. It them expanded in Cavite, catering to Calabarzon area. Sagrex Foods Inc. embarked on the commercial production of frozen microwaveable bananas for export. Today, they are one of the largest exporters of this product around the world.

Interest in Science and his considerable scientific knowledge led Philip Cruz to establish Herbanext laboratories Inc. which has grown to become one of the largest local sources of herbal extracts. Philip grew up having agriculture as part of his life because he spent time mostly in his father’s farm and fishpond in Negros Occidental. He first devoted his time and resources to his own aquaculture venture and eventually shifted to mushroom growing and processing. He mastered the science and process of it so in 2002, Herbanext was born. Through intensive research and innovation, he was able to manufacture and export herbal extract which are being exported. Herbanext was very keen on entering the export market for it will generate more jobs for the farmers. Philip believes that his determination to benchmark Herbanext against the best in the field has borne fruit as it has been able to establish itself as the pioneer herbal extract manufacturer in the Philippines.

Being in the poultry business since 1994, the close to 55,000 daily egg produce of GEMSUN Marketing has been the “gem” and “sun” of Martin and his wife Pilamar Ozatea. When they were starting, Martin did not have the background on poultry business but with the help of Pilamar’s parents, who are into this line of business, he learned the process slowly but surely. Martin and Pilamar started with 3,000 chickens and this has grown to over 60,000 today despite many challenges and setbacks thrown their way through the years. Hard work, determination, and fortitude are the two’s keys to success. Their determination to succeed comes from the fact that there will always be a demand for eggs in the market. Today, Martin and Pilamar are continuously searching ways to improve their production and produce quality to have a stronger market demand and trust.

Credited for saving the waling-waling in the Philippines from extinction, Charita Puentespina’s passion to grow orchids and love for plants led her to establish her own business. Gerowing up, she has always loved plants perhaps because her family is into agriculture and their backyard is full of plants and vegetables. Charita was enticed to grow orchids by her friends who had beautiful orchids in their homes. She knew that she can grow them herself. She started importing orchids from Bangkok and Hawaii. She researched on orchid breeding and propagation and invested on it. By the 1980s, she was able to successfully propagate waling-waling in her laboratory. It attracted demands locally and abroad so she expanded her farm which is now known as Malagos Grden Resort. In 2008, she bought a land adjacent to her farm and named it Golden Sunset where cacaos are grown and manufactured as chocolates.

* * *
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Saturday, June 21st, 2014

Congratulations to Go Negosyo Partner — SMART for the being named as the “BEST Place to Work” by Asia Communication Awards in Singapore.

PHILEX, on the other hand, was named as one of the “BEST in CSR” by Finance Asia.

NEDA ,chaired by PNOY, approved the 9.35 B MVP-Ayala bid for the largest PPP project.

Go Negosyo Bill, Approved!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

​After many deliberation, Go Negosyo Bill has been finally approved by both the Senate and House of Congress.
In photo: Go Negosyo founder, Joey Concepcion III, with co-author and supporter of the bill Sen. Bam Aquino.
Last week, we learned from Senator Bam Aquino, Chair of the Senate committee on Trade, Commerce and Entrepreneurship, the good news that the Go Negosyo bill he initiated has been finally approved in both the Senate and the House of Congress.  It will only be a matter of time until President Aquino will officially sign this bill into a law.  We are very fortunate to have like-minded and progressive lawmakers like Sen. Bam, and those who co-authored and supported the bill in the Senate.  The House of Representatives, led by the Chair of the Committee on Trade and Industry, Mark Villar, and Vice Chair, Gus Tambunting, and Chair of the Committee on SME, Neil Montejo, and all their members, gave the same support.

During the hearings, we got the impression that all of them want to strengthen the support system to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

The Go Negosyo bill, being the 1st pro-poor and inclusive growth bill of the 16th congress, aims to reduce poverty by helping the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in their development and stability. Also, this bill plans to provide additional incentives and benefits to the different MSMEs of the country.

This bill aims to establish Negosyo centers to facilitate the access to the one registration system. Through these Negosyo centers, the registration process will no longer be a problem to the business-owners. With the new and simplified system, the process will never be as complex and time-consuming as the one used today. Such Negosyo centers will be under the supervision of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Council (MSMED) which will coordinate with the local government units in order to fulfill the functions of the centers.  Getting business permits and incentives through a related law, the Baranggay Micro Business Enterprise Law shall now be facilitated by the local government units and concerned government agencies.

As these Negosyo centers are available in every province, municipality and city, the support service will be accessible nationwide, making it easier for the micro and small entrepreneurs.  The micro SME’s will also be linked to relevant markets and networks of buyers of SME outputs. This is critical to the sustainable growth path of any entrepreneur.

By empowering these enterprises, there will be greater job generation opportunities for the 2.969 million job seekers in the country according to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). This can help in the continuous decrease of the unemployment rate, which is now at 7% compared to the 7.5% from the previous first quarter of the year, according to the study conducted by Philippine Statistics Authority.

With the help of the academe and the local business associations, the Negosyo centers will also provide the young and budding entrepreneurs with trainings, mentorship, and programs to promote financial literacy and marketing development programs. With more relevant knowledge, these entrepreneurs will be more empowered to take their business to the next level; precisely the kind of value-adding and market-driven entrepreneurship we want to have in this country.

The centers will also facilitate the sourcing of financing for the various ventures through referrals to financing institutions and micro insurance networks.

Armed with the right negosyo mindset, appropriate competencies and skills, continuous creativity, the micro and small entrepreneur would have a stronger chance to succeed and this would be the means to break away from poverty and mediocrity in business.

In the end, we see the Go Negosyo bill once signed into a law, as the instrument to make the dreams of those wanting to have a change in their life through entrepreneurship, a reality.

One reality affecting the business sector, especially those that make use of the Manila ports is the issue of port congestion caused by the truck ban imposed by the City of Manila last February.  The supply of essential raw materials and ingredients has been hampered with the delays in the delivery.  Some have reported not only days but also weeks of delays that affected the production schedules and deliveries of finished goods to customers.

Thankfully, a solution has been reached among Cabinet Sec. Rene Almendras, Manila City officials and the Port authorities about 2 weeks ago to lift the truck ban and have a 24-hour express lane along Roxas blvd. and other connecting roads.  This will certainly ease the supply pressure and start de-clogging the ports with containers.  But we see the situation may get worse before it gets better since we learned that fees are now being charged per container as they are moved out.  For example, a port congestion fee of $100, container imbalance charge of $200 and emergency recovery fee of $300 are being charged per container. It sums up to about P28,000/container, and some claimed to pay almost P30-40,000 per container, compared to previous cost of around P8,500/container.

We hope the government can look into these charges, which are imposed on the business sector, a sector that didn’t cause the problem in the first place. Obviously, these charges would in the end have bearing on the costs and retail prices of products to the consumers.


Go Negosyo is conducting today the Magandang Business Advise (MBA) on Marketing and Innopreneurship, led by our country’s marketing guru Josiah Go. Learn new ways to innovate your business model, your products and processes that would help improve revenue and income streams.  Seminar starts at 1:30 PM at the RFM Auditorium, Mandaluyong City.  For details, please call 6379229 or 6379347.



Tuesday, June 17th, 2014



MBA Marketing and Innopreneurship LOGO

DATE: June 19, 2014

TIME: 1:30 – 5:00PM 

VENUE: RFM Auditorium, Ground Floor. RFM Corporate Center, Pioneer cor. Sheridan Sts., Mandaluyong City



This is a four-hour training on marketing and innopreneurship intended for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Participants are expected to gain insights and practical strategies on marketing and the importance of innovation in any entrepreneurial endeavor.


josiah go









  • GoNegosyo Angelpreneur
  • Successful Entrepreneur and Chairman/Vice Chair/Director of 12 corporations
  • Bestselling Author of 13 bestselling marketing, sales and entrepreneurship books
  • The most awarded business educator in the Philippines (Agora ’94, TOYM ’01, TOYP World ’02 , AME Lifetime Achievement ’07, World Brand Leadership ’09)
  • Took advanced marketing and innovation programs at the MIT Sloan, Kellogg, Wharton and London Business School



01:30- 02:30 Registration

02:30- 03:00          Opening Message & GoNegosyo Primer 

Mr. Ramon Lopez Executive Director, GoNegosyo

VP for Strategic Marketing, RFM Corporation

03:00- 04:30          Plenary Discussion

Innopreneurship: Combining Innovation & Marketing to Entrepreneurship for Greater Sales & Profit

5 key topics to cover: Strategic Innovation, Marketing on Shoestring Budget,

Market-Driving Strategy, Business Model Map & Insighting.

Mr. Josiah Go

Chairman, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc

Chairman, Waters Philippines

04:30- 05:30          Tagumpay Forum

Entrepreneur Panel with Josiah Go & Ramon Lopez

05:30- 06:00          Closing

Distribution of Certificates



Learning fee is One Thousand and Five Hundred Pesos Only (P1500.00)

Inclusions: One (1) GoNegosyo book (8 Simple Secrets of Raising Entrepreneurs or 21 Steps to Start Your Own Business) and Certificate of Completion.


There are two ways to register:

1.    Fill up the Confirmation Slip then fax (02 6377873 or email ( together with the deposit slip.
2.    Sign up online:



Payment is made through bank deposit. All participants are required to write in their deposit slips the phrase “For MBA Marketing” below the stated amount before making the deposit.

ACCOUNT NAME: Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation Inc.
SAVINGS: 485-0088492


In case of refunds, cancellation, and substitution:

  • Refunds will be honored if we received a written notice of cancellation 30 days prior to the event and must be emailed at
  • Cancellation received less than 30 days prior to the event will be charged 20% of the total learning investment fee while those received one (1) week prior will be charged 50%.
  • Refund is unacceptable made for cancellations after the stated deadline.
  • Substitution is possible but only upon the advice of the original attendee. The original participant can email the details of the representative.
  • Reminder: As proof of payment, please present your deposit slip at the registration booth.

For questions and clarifications, you may contact Go Negosyo at

02 6379229 or 02 6318101 loc 7106 and look for Gianina Napo, or you may email



Program Primer HERE
Confirmation Slip HERE
Program Flow HERE.



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S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo takes on a new adventure with our new host, Go Negosyo Angelpreneur, Mr. Michael Angelo Lobrin. Drizzle your day with inspiration and practical tips that may help you, as you create your own entrepreneurial story.
Entrepreneurship necessitates humility to accept your limitations. Adding to that is the winning attitude of knowing how to recognize the strengths of others to complement your weaknesses and making it work together. And today, we’ll be inspired by an entrepreneur whose success story best attests this positive traits. Also, we’ll go around the metro to check out the latest events that Go Negosyo and our fellow enablers are up to.
All these and more, only on S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo this Tuesday (June 17, 2014), 7:00 to 8:00 PM on PTV 4.


Tune in to Go Negosyo sa Radyo, Fridays 2:00-3:00 PM pn DZRH (Metro Manila) and Radyo Natin (Provinces)

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Go Negosyo joins PFA Franchising Negosyo Para Sayo, Ayala Cebu

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

GoNegosyo is celebrating the Philippine Independence Day in Cebu!

We are supporting the Philippine Franchise Association’s Franchising Negosyo Para Sayo from June 12 until Saturday, June 14 at the Activity Center of Ayala Mall Cebu.

The Franchising Negosyo Para Sayo Cebu run officially kicks off with the ribbon-cutting ceremonies with the institutional partners.

Mr. Ramon Lopez, GoNegosyo’s Executive Director, moderates the forum. The panelists include Jan Rodriguez (Ilaputi/Irie Gastropub), Jay Aldeguer (Islands Group of Companies), Richard Sanz (Bibingkinitan/ Bar-b-king/ Ovn) and Wilson Ng (Ng Khai Development Corporation).

One of the panelists, Mr. Richard Sanz of Food Asia Corporation, decided to leave his job at a multinational company as an engineer when he was only 23 years old to start his own business. Looking back, he shares he has no regrets. He is now continue expanding his businesses from Bibingkinitan to Bar-b-king to Ovn.

Congratulations to PFA Franchising NeGOsyo for another successful expo!







A Long Journey to Real Independence

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

LakwaTSA and Claire Buyson
In 1898, history saw the unfurling of the Philippine flag for the first time during the declaration of our independence. This signaled our freedom from almost 4 centuries of Spanish colonization, tyranny, and injustice.

Our grandparents and parents lived through the period of tyranny and most of the readers have also seen the period of injustice and loss of freedom during the Martial Law days. We were lucky to be a part of history when Filipinos learned to fight again for democracy. The democracy we have now is the fruit of so many battles that the earlier generation had to encounter so that the children of today will enjoy the freedom that they all deserve. This had been a blessing for many who are still alive and have been part of the struggle towards true democracy. It has built character in many of those people.

Today, we are definitely in a period of economic upswing. We now enjoy strong confidence in the economy, after a series of positive growth rates in the 5.5% to 7% range, backed with reforms in governance and excellent economic and monetary management that led to several investment-grade ratings. Our country is usually credited by many fund investors we meet as one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world.

People always say that growth is felt more at the upper end of the pyramid, but on the contrary, I would say that growth is felt by everyone who participates in the economy. One might be an investor, a worker in a fast-growing company, an entrepreneur, a BPO talent, a market vendor, a farmer or an agri-processor, or simply anybody who is part of the economic system, working hard, working smart. Those who try and those who dare to dream enjoy the benefits of growth.

If one does not do anything at all or simply would prefer to hang around and drink and gamble all-day, well I guess that person might be happier that way and we can’t blame him, but just the same, he cannot ask for any trickledown effect on him.
A lot of opportunities arise from this economic development and it is up to us whether to ride with it or simply watch on the sideline. Along with the freedom we have is the freedom to choose the kind of life we want to have and choose the kind of mindset we should have. We have the opportunities to learn the skills and competencies needed in the system right now, and the technology and abundant information sources to know what people look for and what kind of products or services are in demand.

Excelling in what we do and finding ways to maximize an opportunity in a situation is being entrepreneurial. This is where economic freedom is achieved. We Filipinos are never destined to be poor. This coming July, Go Negosyo celebrates nine years of continuous efforts of inspiring and educating people to have a better life through entrepreneurship. Go Negosyo has touched many hearts and enlightened many minds to become entrepreneurial and to have an enterprising mindset and knowhow; only then can they have the means to win over poverty.


During our business/family trip last week to London, we came across a café that is proudly Filipino. Its owner, Claire Buyson, is a good example of an enterprising woman whose dreams became a reality because of her persistence, passion, and courage to achieve her dream business. Our Go Negosyo friend Chit Juan who had to chance to meet Claire told us that when Claire was growing up, she was fond of going out and travelling to different places. Her mom would usually tell her that she was again doing “lakwatsa”. To her, the word became synonymous to socializing, going out and having fun with friends. You can imagine how she was very eager to break free and achieve independence, which of course, she later got.


Claire worked part time at a Thai restaurant when she was in college and continued to work for another Asian premium restaurant chain for more than four years while she was at University. One of the business people that she met gave her a break to work at his investment firm where Claire honed her entrepreneurial skills giving her the opportunity to travel and explore many places and try other restaurants, because she knew that someday she may have her own small restaurant as a business.

Her mom, who is a good cook, inspired her to take Filipino food and flavor to her café. Located in the Notting Hill in London, her café LakwaTSA is known for its milk tea, and bubble teas. The menu also offers Filipino dishes like adobo, lumpia and merienda servings. She brought proudly Filipino dishes in a foreign land where it became appreciated and loved.

Her emancipation from her comfort zone and eagerness to explore and learn led her to her triumphs. Seizing the opportunities around her and making the most of her resources, skills, and knowledge allowed her to pursue her dream business. As we enjoy the freedom that we gained from our brave Filipino heroes, let us continue to seek ways to be better, or to be the best that we can be. Once we take the initiative and the first step to combat poverty, only then will we realize that we can do so much more and we can also help others move up in life. Remember, we Filipinos are not destined to be poor. We are not destined to live a life of misery.

Happy Independence Day!


We are pleased to announce that the Go Negosyo Bill has passed the 3rd reading and has been approved in both the Senate and House of Congress. Thanks to the initiatives of Sen. Bam Aquino and his co-authors and their counterpart in the House, Committee Chairmen Mark Villar and Neil Montejo and all their colleagues and to all the institutions in government and private sector that worked for the passing of the bill.
We invite you to join Go Negosyo’s Magandang Business Advise (MBA) Seminar on Marketing and Innopreneurship, on June 19, to be conducted by our Marketing Guru Josiah Go, 1:00 – 6:00 pm at the RFM Auditorium. For more information, visit or call 637-9347/637-9229.

Magandang Business Advice: Franchising 101, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


23 May 2014 | Friday | RFM Auditorium, Sheridan cor. Sts. Mandaluyong City

A four-hour training on the basics of franchising. This learning opportunity is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs who are eyeing to get a franchise business and practicing entrepreneurs who would like to convert their businesses into a potential franchise. Learn how certain brands started small and now invading international market.

Mentor/Moderator: Armando O. Bartolome is the president of GMB Franchise Developers Inc, a pioneer franchise development company established since 1993. The company has assisted numerous entrepreneurs whose brand names are now known in the country. Some of these brands are like Generika Drugstore, Gingersnaps, Fiorgelato Ice Cream, Laybare, Lots A Pizza, Bayad Center of Meralco, Mang Inasal, Brothers Burger, Ahead Tutorial and Review Center, Freska Ilonggo Seafood, Julies Bakeshop and a host of 326 other brands.

The many clients he mentored dubbed him as the Philippines’ Franchise Guru. He is one of the chosen Angelpreneurs of Go Negosyo. The Guru is also the resident consultant writer of Entrepreneur Magazine. Bartolome’s latest book “Is Franchising For You?” is a guidebook with numerous steps to help people wanting to invest the right way in a franchise business. Initially the book was only available during his speaking engagements. Today the book is available in Amazon and iTunes. Limited copies may be purchased during this speaking engagement. He has a regular weekly column “Franguru Speaks” every Monday in Business Mirror.

2:30PM Franchising Model (Food) – Lot’sa Pizza

3:00PM Franchising Model (Water Refilling) – AquaBest

3:30PM Franchising Model (Services) – Big Apple Express Spa

4:00PM Franchising Model (Pharmacy) – Generics Drugstore


Topics discussed:
ο Basics of Franchising

ο Franchising as a Tool

ο Checklist if Your Business is Franchiseable

ο Choosing the Right Franchise Brand for You

ο Qualities of a proven Franchise Brand

ο Understanding Franchisee – Franchiser Relationship

ο Secret of a Successful Franchisee

ο Avoiding Franchise Scams


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S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo TV Show

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo takes on a new adventure with our new host, Go Negosyo Angelpreneur, Mr. Michael Angelo Lobrin. Drizzle your day with inspiration and practical tips that may help you, as you create your own entrepreneurial story.

Entrepreneurship necessitates humility to accept your limitations. Adding to that is the winning attitude of knowing how to recognize the strengths of others to complement your weaknesses and making it work together. And today, we’ll be inspired by an entrepreneur whose success story best attests this positive traits. Also, we’ll go around the metro to check out the latest events that Go Negosyo and our fellow enablers are up to.

All these and more, only on S.M.E. Go Powered by Go Negosyo this Tuesday (June 10, 2014), 7:00 to 8:00 PM on PTV 4.