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A Senen Turnaround

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Last Thursday, PLDT Chairman Manny Pangilinan and his PLDT SME Nation group launched a new line of services for negosyantes who are serious about improving their business information management system through Cloud technology. They did the launch at the beautiful Solaire Casino and Resort’s Grand Ballroom, and more than a thousand SME clients attended the event. Aside from MVP, PLDT President and CEO Poly Nazareno, PLDT EVP Eric Alberto, PLDT SME Nation Head Kat Luna-Abelarde, and PLDT SME Nation Community Consultancy Head Gabby Cui were also there during the launch.

PLDT SME Nation’s new services include internet or cloud-based applications for HR and Payroll, Accounting,, Google Apps for Business, SAP Business One, Coupa, among others. These applications will definitely revolutionize the way SMEs do their business, because it will now be possible for them to consolidate critical data from a single store branch to up to 500 branches nationwide.  With the presence of cloud-based technology in business, SMEs are now in for a sudden turnaround for the positive, as any entrepreneur could now focus their time to continue expanding their negosyos.
Speaking of a sudden turnaround, let me share a story of one Filipino entrepreneur who has brought technology, prosperity, and peace in a conflict-ridden place. Through his negosyo, not only was he able to uplift the lives of Filipinos there, he has also showed that it is possible for people from different backgrounds to work together in harmony towards the better good. I am talking about La Frutera’s Senen Bacani, who we have featured in our newest book “Go Negosyo: 50 Inspiring Stories of Agri-Entrepreneurs”. (more…)

Nordic Business Council Philippines bring the Nordic Ambassadors’ Luncheon

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013


On Franchising a Drugstore Business

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

gamot publiko photo

By Karen Pranada

Being a Licensed Pharmacist by profession, it has been my goal to put up my own drugstore because I saw great potential in this kind of business. After being employed for several years, I decided to take the first step in the realization of my goal.

Starting a drugstore on my own is one of my options but I know that it would be a daunting experience if I have to start everything alone. The thought of establishing a proven system from scratch and finding reliable suppliers will take a lot of my time, effort and money. Thus, I considered my other option, which is to get a franchised drugstore. I looked into several franchising companies but none appealed to me until I learned from a friend about Gamot Publiko Your Generic Drugstore. After several inquiries and meetings with Gamot Publiko, my first Gamot Publiko drugstore opened in Mogpog, Marinduque in 2010. It was such a fulfilling experience when I opened in Mogpog, Marinduque because the local residents thanked me for opening a drugstore there because they no longer have to travel far to buy their medicines.

Gamot Publiko’s system is easy to learn and understand, thus, store operation is efficient and my business decisions are guided. I have learned a lot in having my own business, from proper handling of inventory, customer service to managing my staff. I learned too that I have to be hands-on for my business to grow, but still have time for my family and other personal endeavors. All the things that I have learned prepared me to open another branch in Boac, Marinduque. I can say that the best part of my franchise is having a partner that I know will give me business support and advice.

To know more about Gamot Publiko Your Generic Drugstore, please email or visit

Go Negosyo Academy: MBA Managing Enterprising Families

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

MEF Poster Revised V.1

The Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo and ACE Center for Entrepreneurship and Management Education invite you to attend a program on the Dynamics of Enterprising Families.

The program offers a fresh perspective on family corporations, and how these should go from being a family enterprise to being enterprising families. Listen to the country’s top management speakers Dr. Alejandrino “Andy” J. Ferreria and Mr. Ricardo “Ricky” H. Mercado and learn about The Nature of Family Corporations, Successful Models of Enterprising Families, Sustaining the Family Enterprise…and many more!

The learning fee is Php 7,500.00 (inclusive of snacks, materials, and a Certificate of Attendance), but we are offering discounted rates for registrants who will sign up on or before July 10! 

For more information, please contact: 

Rose Peralta at 637.9229 / 637.9347

See you there!

Summer Negosyo

Monday, May 27th, 2013

The summer is about to end, and it was a pretty busy summer for Filipinos as they prepared for two major occasions: the busy midterm election that happened last week, and their annual summer trips. Summer is always a good time for families to bond together and have fun under the sun. But for aspiring entrepreneurs, summer can be a peak season for many products like ice cream and halo-halo, or cold refreshments, and tourism-related negosyos such as resorts, souvenirs, shirts, hotels, transportation and many more. Of course, the election period added extra demand for printers, caterers, food retailing, transportation, mobile fon loads, among others.  The opportunities are endless.

Go Negosyo fully supports these enterprising minds as they come up with new business concepts and improve the existing ideas in order to move up from poverty. Let me share three of the most interesting summer business concepts and the stories behind their owners. These negosyantes were actually featured in our TV show “SME, GO!: Powered by Go Negosyo” hosted by comedian Betong, which airs every Sunday, 8-8:30am, on GMA News TV. (more…)

Let the Good Times Roll

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

As we end our 19-day cruise with 42 family members (including parents, siblings, in-laws, and grandchildren), we shared our time with 300 Filipino crew-members. They compose more than half of the total crew of 500 on board Crystal Symphony, which is just one of the many cruise ships that Filipino workers dominate. Back home, Doris Ho of Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, Robie Delgado, and Carlos Salinas are some of the big names that supply the cruise and cargo vessels.

Some of the Filipinos we met onboard the Crystal Symphony are (from L-R) Gabriel (9 years), Clarry (13 years), Derick (7 years), Richard (15 years), Giovanni (20 years), Allan (2 years), Lester (8 years), Norman (20 years), and Leo (9 years).

Some of the Filipinos we met onboard the Crystal Symphony are (from L-R) Gabriel (9 years), Clarry (13 years), Derick (7 years), Richard (15 years), Giovanni (20 years), Allan (2 years), Lester (8 years), Norman (20 years), and Leo (9 years).

Out of the 800 guests, we were the only Filipinos on board, and many of the Americans, Australians, and Europeans that were cruising with us have heard about the Philippine turnaround story. It feels good to share with these people that our country has now achieved investment grade, and it feels good to see how hard our Filipino overseas workers sacrifice their time to work far just to be able to get a better life for their families back home. We met Filipinos in every place we went—in Cabo, Costa Rica, and even in Cartagena. Who would think that there would be around three thousand Filipinos living in a small island like Cayman, as well as Filipinos manning the security counter in a place like Charleston in South Carolina as you disembark? (more…)

Go Negosyo Academy: MBA Marketing & Innopreneurship

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Register: MBA Program on Marketing & Innopreneurship

The Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo is launching its Magandang Business Advice on Marketing & Innopreneurship in Cebu, Davao, NAGA, Lipa, AND PAMPANGA! 



It shall be a four-hour training on marketing and innopreneurship intended for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Participants are expected to gain insights and practical strategies on marketing and the importance of innovation in any entrepreneurial endeavor.


BE THE BIG BOSS SUMMIT: Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur on July 26!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur

Date : July 26, 2013

Time : 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Venue : PSE Auditorium


Program Overview

A whole day conference focused on the 10 Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur. The learning event will take you to your entrepreneurial journey that will be experiential, engaging and educational. We are featuring the “Be the Big Boss Summit” to showcase the “10 Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur” book that will equip you with the right technical and strategic steps for your business, and case studies that are derived from real stories of other Filipino champion entrepreneurs.

This conference aims to increase the learning of the Filipino’s on entrepreneurship, be a source of inspiration for countless of entrepreneurs, and aspiring ones, and to provide a level of expectation for every individual engaging on entrepreneurship.

Learning Objectives

The participants will greatly learn the following:

10 successful entrepreneurial strategies that is practical and doable.
Be equipped with right tools and knowledge to maintain and expand your business.
Increase your NQ (“Negosyante Quotient”) by providing you an Entrep Champ workshop kit.
Design, plan, and execute steps in creating your own business by applying entrepreneurship, leadership principles and technical champion entrepreneurship skills.
Opportunity to engage with the Entrep Champ models featured in the book as you learn how they applied these strategies in their entrepreneurial journey.

Learning Perks

Opportunity to meet and engage with Entrep Champ models featured in the book.
Free book and book signing with the chief speaker and author of the 10 Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur.
Be the first five (5) to be coached for one month by the Entrep Champ.

Program/Module Outline

A bird’s eye view of the whole day seminar.

Part I – 2013 Negosyo Outlook for 2013.

A Comprehensive Economic Platform for Businesses in the Philippines

  • Negosyo economic profile & perception. Your “negosyo” impact on the economy & what investment decisions to make and avoid.
  • Negosyante Mid-year Forecast relevant to the economic growth, inflation, exchange rates, external sectors, fiscal & monetary policies, short term and year long effects, and more.

Part II – The Ten (10) Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur

Strategy #1: C2C Crisis turned to Cash

Strategy #2: Dare to be Different

Strategy #3: Dip your Hand

Featured Guest: Mr. Ronald Pineda, F&H

Note: For confirmation.

Strategy #4: Benchmark and Hit the Mark

Strategy #5: Innovate the Plate

Strategy #6: Maximize Technology

Strategy #7: Expand on Surplus

Strategy #8: Collaborate, Cooperate = Co-Opportunity

Strategy #9: Lifestyle Check

Featured Guest: Mr. Chinkee Tan, Wealth Coach

Strategy #10: Share the Pie

Featured Guest: Mr. GJ Jimenez, Banapple

Note: For confirmation

Opportunity to engage with the Entrep Champ models featured in the book, as you learn how they applied these strategies in their entrepreneurial journey.

Nurture Spa (Ms. Cathy Brillates Turvill)— | Mang Inasal (Edgar “Injap” Sia) | The Generics Pharmacy (Benjamin Liuson)  | Zen Zest (Michelle Asence)  | Folded and Hung (Ronald Pineda)  | The French Baker (Johnlu Kua)  | Colleczione C2 (Joey Qua)  | Sagrex Foods (Ferdinand Maranon)  | Mekeni (Prudencio Garcia)  | Vivian Sarabia Optical (Dr. Vivian Sarabia)  | Li’l People Enterprises (Mary Grace Santos)  | Ehje’s Peanut Butter (Jennilyn Antonio)  | Mercato Central (RJ Ledesma)  | Salt and Light Ventures (Ardy Roberto)  | Echostore (Pacita “Chit” Juan)  | Hapinoy (Benigno “Bam”Aquino IV and Mark Ruiz)  | R.A. Gapuz Foundation (Ricarte “Ray” A. Gapuz) — | Go Negosyo

Part III – CHAMP & Closing

  • Book signing


Our modules are collaborations of theoretical and experience-based learning approaches, filled with workshops and practical applications to meet your individual and organizational needs.

Value Proposition

Entrep Champ Kit (Strategies of A Champion Entrepreneur Book, ID, Pen), Certificate, and snacks.

Who should attend?

CEO’s, company Presidents, aspiring entrepreneurs, franchisees, franchisors, OFW’s, retirees, home makers, educators, students, and anyone who desire to engage in business and aspiring to solidify and expand their business.

Learning Investment

Platinum Rate : Php 2,000 (+12% VAT)

Entrep Kit and free book

VIP/Premium seat

Gold Rate : Php 1,500 (+12% VAT)

Entrep Kit and free book

Early Bird Rate (until ________, 2013 only)

Student Rate : Php 500

Entrep Kit

Speakers Profile

PAULO M. TIBIG, Entrep Champ

  • Motivational Speaker
  • Entrepreneurship Advocate
  • Go Negosyo Angelpreneur
  • Regular Resource Person – TV & Radio
  • 2005 Top Ten Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Magazine
  • 2007 Teenpreneur Challenge Winning Mentor (Entrepreneurs School of Asia)
  • 2008 Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur Awards Finalist
  • CEO and President – VCargo Worldwide
  • President – Crown Gas
  • President – Orange Haul Inc.
  • President (2009-2011), Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI)
  • President (2009-2011), Bataan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCII)
  • Director (2010-2016), Freeport Area of Bataan
  • Honorary Member, Young Entrepreneurs Society (Worldwide)
  • Best Selling Author of “Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur”, 10 Guidelines for your Entrepreneurial Journey Towards Success

“It takes a good man to prevent a catastrophe, but it takes an entrepreneur to make an opportunity out of it. The successful entrepreneur has an eye for things like these. This book does not only profile the winning features of a champion entrepreneur but it actually teaches the principles on how to develop the ability to become one. I love the practical exercises contained in this book. Any one and everyone should have a copy of this book.”

~ Francis Kong (Author/Broadcaster/Columnist/Entrepreneur)

“Learn 10 strategies that are practical, easy to read, and easier to relate with. I recommend the book of Paulo Tibig.”

~ Josiah Go (Chairman & Chief Marketing Strategist, Mansmith and Fielders, Inc. and Bestselling author of the We Entrepreneurs)

Kudos to Paulo for this first educational material for all our aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a real guide for start up entrepreneurs to know what’s important in business and to avoid the pitfalls and misconceptions in sustaining a negosyo.

~ Joey Concepcion (Founder, Go Negosyo)



LBC now offers free pickup service!

Friday, May 17th, 2013


Sending a document or parcel locally or abroad? Now, you don’t have to go all the way to the mall or courier office to make sure your package is delivered on time.

LBC Express Inc, the country’s leading provider of courier and logistics services, announces its free pickup service for all its customers in the National Capital Region. This additional free service is being introduced to provide better convenience to the innovative services that the company provides to its customers.

“This focus on personal shipment pickup is a testament to our commitment in delivering the best courier service for our customers. With a continuously growing network of branches nationwide, customers can expect a new level of convenience in their courier and logistical needs.” says Oliver Valentin, LBC SVP for the Philippines.

The free pickup service is initially available in NCR for all documents, parcels and air cargo. Available 24/7, the new service does not require a minimum package size or a corporate account. For Sea Cargo services, customers will be able to avail the service for a minimal pick-up fee of P 400 per CBM.

To avail of the free pickup option, customers can reach LBC through their main website using the Live Talk feature, or sending a request using the online form. They may also opt to use their 24/7 customer hotline over the phone and speak to an LBC customer service representative to process their request for pickups and to answer their inquiries about the service.

In addition to this new level of convenience, customers can now use selected branches for sea-cargo service. These branches and cargo stations are strategically located near ports/piers.

To take advantage of these new options that LBC provides, you may call customer support at 8585-999 or, visit or their Facebook page at


Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Monday’s elections seem to be a vote of confidence for PNoy. From what the current unofficial results look like, a 9-3 win for Team PNoy seems to be sure, with Grace Poe topping the senatorial elections. She spoke during our Women Summit this year, and she was well liked by those who attended. She is also from the Assumption School, and it seems Assumption has produced two topnotchers in the Senate in Grace and Loren Legarda. I am happy that both Bam Aquino and Cynthia Villar seemed to make it also in the Senate. As I have mentioned in my past columns, both have contributed a lot to the development of entrepreneurship in the country, and we hope they would continue to fight for the small entrepreneurs as they join the Senate. Another great inclusion in the list of new senators is Sonny Angara, who joined our Technopreneur Summit and is also an entrepreneurship advocate, as he has definitely been mentored well by his father.

I think most of us have noticed that there was a greater call to exercise conscientious voting in this recent election than in the previous ones. In general, voters kept themselves informed about their candidates’ qualifications and warned about ill practices such as vote buying. Media has carried this positive trait further and offered a lot of balanced airtime for people to learn more about each candidate.  Media has also strongly influenced more voters to vote wisely and adopt a “Dapat Tama” attitude. While it is true that there are so much more to improve in our electoral system, we are a young democracy that thrives on positive influence. Change is indeed happening in our country, and we hope to sustain it in the coming years. (more…)