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The Heart of the Nation – Family

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

For my column today I will take a look back in time, because as we get so occupied with all the parties brought by the Christmas fever, we sometimes tend to forget the things that really count. We were really busy with the Christmas preparations as my wife and I played host to both the Orosa and Concepcion clans, on top of the pre-Christmas parties of our children. Then on Christmas Eve, my wife’s brothers and sisters and her relatives from Vancouver and Australia came together for their annual reunion. Talent, especially in singing, runs in the Orosa family, while we Concepcions are more of the entrepreneur type, and that has been our excuse when it comes to performing for these Christmas programs. But we enjoyed watching our relatives dance the famous Korean song Gangnam Style, which I think is the most performed song in Christmas parties this year. My daughter Isabella, who was the youngest performer in that number, danced together with her cousins and my wife’s brother from Vancouver, and I must admit that her talent definitely did not come from me.

Having a Christmas mass at home is something that our family has been doing for so many years now, and it is always celebrated by Fr. Dennis Meim, a former classmate of mine who went on to become a priest. (more…)

The True Meaning of Christmas

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

People have been talking about the end of the world which will supposedly happen on December 21, the date when the Mayan Calendar stopped. But just recently, we saw a real, sad situation with the Connecticut shooting last week.  This is not the first time that a crime of this magnitude was committed, as we all know what happened in Columbine years back. Despite the fact that this happened many miles away from the Philippines, as parents, this has somehow affected all of us since those killed were innocent children mostly between the ages of six to ten years old. Being a parent myself, we tend to get worried when our children are sick or are still out of the house late at night coming from a party. But these feelings can never stand against the pain of losing a child forever. I am sure that we all can feel for the parents of these children whose lives were violently claimed.

My children are also affected with the Connecticut massacre as they told me the victims’ stories. It was recalled that one of them was asking her dad the night before the tragedy about what was it like to die, while another one was expressly saying “I love you very much” to her parents. As we offer our prayers for the victims and the families that they left behind, I am also hoping that this will change the gun control laws in America. I am glad that our laws on gun control are quite strict in the Philippines. My siblings and I were not allowed by our parents to play even with toy guns when we were growing up. While I have friends who love to do target shooting and are responsible gun owners, I think it is wise to start early and mold our children with proper values so we can prevent situations like this from happening in the future. (more…)


Monday, December 17th, 2012

The Christmas season is here, and we Filipinos celebrate because of two things: to commemorate the birth of Jesus and to be thankful for the blessings that we have received in the current year. Go Negosyo has achieved many milestones, and even after seven years since we started the advocacy, we continue to go further. Aside from successfully mounting our Women Summit, the Youth Summit caravan, and the Negosyo seminars throughout 2012, we were also able to discover entrepreneurs whose stories of passion and hardwork are truly remarkable and are worth sharing with those who aspire to be successful someday. These negosyantes are the faces of entrepreneurship—individuals who proved that success is really achievable, especially if one is willing to work hard for it.

Let us go back and recall their stories. (more…)

Rising up from Poverty

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The Christmas fever is definitely in the air, with parties that my wife and I have to attend almost every night. These gatherings are hosted by many of our partners and advocates who have supported the Go Negosyo advocacy for the past seven years, and accepting their invitation is a way for me to show my appreciation for them. In one of our gatherings just before the Pacman-Marquez fight, my group of friends, who are all Pacman fans, decided to place a cheap bet among each other just for fun, with the loser paying for the dinner of those who will win. I took the side of Marquez—not that I am anti-Pacman, but I felt that his advisers did not do the right thing in having him take a fourth fight against Marquez. To me, Pacman had more to lose and nothing to gain in this situation, plus the fact that he had beaten Marquez twice. Maybe the fight purse is tempting, and this is the reason why he was convinced to do it, despite the risk being too high. Instead of being happy that I won a dinner bet, I felt sad that he lost, just like the millions of Filipinos who watched him last weekend.

Pacman, whom I met when he signed up to be an endorser of one of our products, has achieved a lot and is truly an inspiration to many Filipinos. And as proof of his success, he was able to buy a new home in Forbes Park, and he will be moving in as soon as he arrives back from the US. But sometimes, with all the sudden fame and wealth, one really has to take in good advisers that will look at his future with good intentions, and not where they think they can make the biggest buck of money. To me, that fourth fight was not necessary and is a bad judgment from his advisers. (more…)

Go Negosyo to host the 2nd Filipino Technopreneurship Summit

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

True to its commitment of building the Philippines as an entrepreneurial nation, the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo is holding its 2ND FILIPINO TECHNOPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT (FTSii) on JANUARY 21, 2013, MONDAY at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

This Summit is centered on reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino people by engaging them in the powerful realm of technology. The summit above all else aspires to inspire future Filipino technopreneurs who will harness and maximize the powerful duo of technology and entrepreneurship for one’s economic empowerment and as an important contribution to the nation. The event also aims to enjoin the participants to develop a positive change in their mindset, and empower them with relevant entrepreneurship tools and concepts as their key to success.

This sectoral summit is to be conducted, following the overwhelming success of the first three Go Negosyo Women Entrepreneurship Summits with 60, 000 participants combined and the first three Youth Entrepreneurship Summit participated in by almost 35, 000 participants since 2010.

The 2nd Go Negosyo Filipino Technopreneurship Summit is a one-day event that will feature different topics on technopreneurship in the form of inspiring keynote addresses and plenary forums. The event is expected to feature Filipino technopreneurs who were able to make it big in the borderless and ever-dynamic world of technology, even those who conquer Silicon Valley proving to the world Filipino ingenuity and technology-savvyness. The event will also highlight business models by featuring successful techno-enterprises in the fields of mobile applications, wireless applications, software development, game design and development, ecommerce, website development and even blogging, in the hope to empower the future generation.

The event aims to gather students, teachers and young and working professionals in the hope to give them a glimpse of Filipino technopreneurship which is a fairly untapped sector which can still be maximized for our collective gain as a nation.

Go Negosyo is reserving 500 SEATS for Participants who are Non-Students & Non-Teachers.

Registration fee is worth Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00) which will already cover for lunch, PM snack and a Certificate of Participation. Participants (non-students and non-teachers only) should reserve a slot by filling up the online registration database. Payment should be made to the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc. under Account Number 4850-088-492. To slot verification, the deposit slip should be sent via fax (637.7874) or via e-mail ( (Subject: FTSiiPayment_NAME). REGISTRATION IS EXTENDED UNTIL THURSDAY, JANUARY 17, 2013.

Interested College Students & Teachers may get in touch with the FTSii Secretariat through Ms. Rose Peralta (NCR schools) or Ms. Andel Reyes (Non-NCR schools) at 637.9229 or 637.9347. Schools are sent official invitation letters addressed to the College or University President. While the invitation is open to everyone, we would like to prioritize students of the following courses: Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Advertising, Community, Business and Entrepreneurship.

Interested Institutional Partners may get in touch with Go Negosyo’s Programs Development Officer Jap Uminga at 637.9229 or via e-mail (

Interested Media Partners may get in touch with Go Negosyo’s Marga Antonio at 637.9347 or via e-mail (

Interested Sponsors may get in touch with Go Negosyo’s Marketing Officer Carie Babasa at 637.9229 or via e-mail (

For more information, visit

Christmas Inspirations

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

It’s Christmas season once again, as marked by the first week of Advent that began with the traditional lighting of the Advent candle at church last Sunday. As Christians, Christmas is very special as it reminds us of the birth of Jesus, who is the basic foundation of our faith. It is the season for us to reflect on ourselves and on how we have lived our lives. But children look forward to Christmas for the festivities and Santa Claus, as what my five-year old daughter is excited about. As early as November, the Christmas rush was becoming evident because of the worsening traffic in the mall areas. But on a positive note, this is a good sign that consumers are upbeat and spending. The Philippines in fact got an early present, with the GDP hitting 7.1% in the third quarter of 2012, making us the fastest-growing country in Southeast Asia.

I am in Singapore today to participate in Standard Chartered Corporate Day, and RFM has been invited once again as one of the three companies from the Philippines. RFM’s share price, I would say, would top this year’s best performing stock with a 400% increase in less than one year. We will be meeting close to 30 investors to brief them on our company, and why it is the best time to invest in the Philippines right now. The Philippine stock market is one of the best performing markets in Asia.  Without a doubt, our economic team composed of Cesar Purisima, Greg Domingo, Amando Tetangco, and their team is doing an excellent job, which makes things easier for the private sector. (more…)

A Toast to the Bossings of 2013

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

November 27 was a night of elegance and victory for the 12 new members of the growing PLDT MVP Bossings family. Now on its third year, Go Negosyo and PLDT SME Nation continue to search for the country’s inspiring entrepreneurs—people who have hurdled difficulties and endured the challenges of entrepreneurship only to emerge as inspiring icons to others. They have proven that a Filipino can establish a successful enterprise that not only helps strengthen the economy, but also gives opportunities to other people as well. More importantly, these bossings were able to create “glocal” brands (local brands going global), or businesses whose resounding success have also touched the lives of people in the community.

This year’s nomination process was the most extensive that we ever had. The selection was finalized by the committee led by MVP, PLDT President Polly Nazareno and SVP Eric Alberto, Smart Head and Sun Cellular CEO Doy Vea, Sun COO Charles Lim, and myself. PLDT SME Nation Head Kat Luna-Abelarde, PLDT SME Nation Community Consultancy Head Gabby Cui, and Go Negosyo Executive Director Ramon Lopez did the tedious task of trimming the nominees from 300 to 24, and from there we selected the final 12. PLDT SME Nation’s team of Eric, Kat and Gabby did a wonderful job in mounting an elegant, inspiring and fast-paced program that everyone enjoyed. (more…)