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GO NEGOSYO recognizes Filipina social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship enablers

Monday, February 28th, 2011

All over the globe, March is celebrated as Women’s Month. I’m sure that the different countries have their own activities and events in observance of this time of the year. For Go Negosyo, together with GMA Network and The Philippine Star, we are preparing the biggest women entrepreneurship event for the year – the Go Negosyo Babae Kapuso Ka ng Bayan Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Expo. This will be our third women summit, and it will be the biggest yet.

Aside from three days of seminars, expos and entertainment, we will be recognizing Filipinas who have made a mark in our country. They are women who have gracefully balanced life, family, pursuits and service to community. They are the 2011 Go Negosyo Filipina Starpreneurs. This is our way of recognizing inspiring women entrepreneurs and enablers, who have made a difference in their fields and have become role models as women with positive enterprising mindset, passion and innovative skills. (more…)


Saturday, February 26th, 2011

The Philippine Public Relations Society honored the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship—Go Negosyo the Anvil awards of Excellence and Merit on February 18 at the EDSA Shangrila Hotel.

The award was received by Ms. Katrina Nuguid, Go Negosyo Program Development Head.


The yellow revolution, the beginning of change

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Twenty five years ago, my father Joecon was 54 years old. He started NAMFREL when he was in his 50s. While my siblings and I were children of the EDSA Revolution, my kids today have no memory of that era, since they were not even born yet. Most of us ‘EDSA children’ are now in our 50s or close to getting there.

Eventually, the EDSA Revolution will just be part of history, similar to what we read about Jose Rizal. Just like Rizal, Ninoy will go down in history books as our modern-day hero. I am sure many of us have our own stories to share. (more…)

Silliman University visits Go Negosyo!

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

February 03—Around 40 senior entrepreneurship students of Silliman University visited the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE)—Go Negosyo to know more about and get inspiration from its advocacy and the different programs which Go Negosyo pushes forth all over the country.

The visit to Go Negosyo was part of the 5-day Local Study Mission program of Silliman University for the senior students. The program also toured Laguna and Baguio.
The event was graced by Mr. Ramon Lopez, the Executive Director of PCE. He gave a talk on Go Negosyo as an advocacy and the vision and mission of PCE.


Honor beyond politics

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Last week, I was able to have coffee with Sen. Mar Roxas after quite a long time. Since the election, he decided to maintain a low profile.

After seeing Mar, I can say that he is definitely back. I saw a new Mar, in very good shape. He lost weight, as he now has more time for exercise (Pilates Yoga in particular). But, his usual self was still full of ideas and concern for the country.


Go Negosyo launches the next best seller book!

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Go Negosyo launched their sixth and latest addition to the Go Negosyo book series last Feb. 8 at the National Bookstore Rockwell branch. Parents, entrepreneurs and supporters of Go Negsoyo fell in line to grab their own copies of the “Go Negosyo 8 Simple Secrets to Raising Entrepreneurs” book.


8 Secrets to Raising our Children

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Last Tuesday, Go Negosyo presented another “baby” to the public – the Go Negosyo: 8 Simple Secrets to Raising Entrepreneurs book authored by Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin. Parents, entrepreneurs and young people lined up to have their books signed. Joy, Mrs. Esther Vibal (who wrote the Foreword and who is the publisher of the book) and I enjoyed what seemed to be an endless moment of signing books and having photo opportunities with our readers.

As we welcome the sixth book to the Go Negosyo book collection, people sometimes ask what inspires us to decide on which book to publish next or on which topic or sector to feature. For me, the answers are more personal than what most people think. (more…)

8 Simple secrets

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

A teenage boy once approached our Go Negosyo booth in one of our events. He was looking at our displayed books for sale and picked up one of the Tagumpay books, the one that features 100 inspiring stories of small entrepreneurs. Our staff then suddenly started to give the basic sales talk to try to encourage him to buy. Then, the boy smiled, opened his bag and took out a book. To our surprise, it was also a Tagumpay book, only it looked a little damaged from overuse and it was covered with a plastic for protection. Then the boy proudly said, “I love this book! The stories really inspire me. In fact, I always bring this with me, especially while riding the bus. This is my favorite Go Negosyo book.” This is one of our moments of pride and joy.

Since 2005, we have published five Go Negosyo books, all of which were recognized bestsellers of National Book Store. The first book, also known as the “green book”, featured the stories of 50 of the biggest entrepreneurs of the country. Launched in 2007, this is still one of the mostly purchased among our five books. The “celebrity book” followed, featuring also 50 stories of celebrity entrepreneurs. Then, came the “red book”, which featured 55 women entrepreneurs and their inspiring stories. The fourth book or the “yellow book” currently has the strongest sales. Written by Angelpreneurs, Dean Pax Lapid and Ping Sotto, it features 21 Steps on How to Start Your Own Business. The fifth is the Tagumpay book. All these books have made a mark in the hearts and minds of our readers. (more…)

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Happy new year to all the Filipino-Chinese entrepreneurs! The Year of the Rabbit should be a great year. For those whose signs don’t match the rabbit, I always believe we just have to work harder. Fortunes are not made by fortune tellers or geomancers; they just predict how the year would be. The rest is up to destiny, our attitude towards life (hard work, passion, and perseverance), skills and –the biggest of them all– prayer.

Last Saturday, we were invited by Boy Reyno to attend Willie’s 50th birthday. Normally, my wife would try to keep a low profile and avoid events like this, but turning half a century old does not happen all the time. Willie is now an entrepreneur, after becoming partners with Boy Reyno (who is a good friend) and Boss Vic (who is the manager of one of our endorsers – Sarah Geromino). (more…)