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Learn to save

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

If one were to look at the basic reason for all the problems caused by USA’s sub-prime crisis, one will find the people’s spending habits as the fundamental flaw in the system. The habit of using credit cards in the American system is encourages spending.

If a person has no credit card in America (or is not in good credit standing), he is like an outcast. There, people who pay in cash look funny. Even for a dollar worth of purchase, people use credit cards. I witnessed this practice when I was in America. In the convenience stores, I was surprised to see people use credit cards even with small purchases. Stores would hardly have any change if you use a 100 dollar bill to pay.

Since America works on a credit system, the Fico Score, which measures your credit standing, would also serve as a measure of paying habits. A lot of Americans respect this, but the temptation to overspend is there. Buying a car on lease was so easy. Anyone with a good Fico Score could easily walk out of a car dealership with a new car. I walked out of an Audi dealership paying two thousand dollars as down payment for an Audi Q7, which I use when I visit the US.

America, over the years, has grown because people were taught how to leverage or borrow money. They have one of the lowest rates of personal savings in the world. Even America as a country, after the Paulson bailout, will have 10 trillion dollars in debt. On the other hand, countries like China will have 1.5 to two trillion dollars in reserve, Russia with 500 billion dollars and today, Asia has over three trillion dollars in reserve. Actually, the top five countries with the highest foreign exchange reserves are all Asian countries – China (+1,809 billion USD), Japan (+1,004), Russia (+597), India (+307), and Taiwan (+291).

Basic Asian culture is to live within our means. Asians have higher savings rates. For instance, People’s Republic of China’s gross domestic saving is 48.6% of Gross Domestic Product. Hong Kong has 32%, Korea has 30%, Malaysia has 42%, Singapore has 51%, and Thailand has 34%.

Now that a credit crisis has struck, not only America will be affected, but the rest of the world. What the Paulson plan achieves, if passed, is to force banks to get rid of the illiquid assets and to be housed by the US government.

During the Asian crisis, Special Purpose Asset Vehicles (SPAVS) were created for banks to unload their bad assets. In the end, most investors in these SPAVS made a very good return. But, the Asian crisis is nothing compared to what is unfolding today in America. If handled poorly, this could lead to a depression.

Even if the worst is to happen, I believe the bright side for Asia and most countries with emerging markets will be able to withstand this crisis better, as we live a more frugal lifestyle. However, there is no doubt that all of us will still be affected.

The only way for America to correct their problem is to make way for change in their attitude of spending and borrowing. But, this will come as credit crunch hits. Americans will be forced to cut back on borrowing, and as a result, the US economy will weaken. We hope it will be a short recession in America, but the chance of a longer recession at this time is much higher. Americans will be forced to cut back on borrowing. The process of de-leveraging the economy will take some time.

Opportunities for countries like the Philippines will be the outsourcing of businesses from the US, as the labor rates are so much lower in Asia. Americans have relatively high labor rates, as the cost of living is so much higher now in their country. Just imagine how much the American tax payer is burdened with a 10 trillion debt. You can imagine the budget deficit that they would have coupled with a huge trade deficit. With a recession, if the dollar is not the world currency, I would say America would be bankrupt.

We hope and pray that America will find a solution to its problem. It is still one of the biggest consuming-economies in the world. Both Paulson and Bernanke have proven to be the best choice of President Bush for the job. Nobody in their wildest dreams saw this coming, except for Paulson – founder of the Paulson Hedge Fund who made billions shorting the sub prime credit. Now, it is all in the hands of the American congress to pass this 700 billion dollar financial plan. A rejection would be catastrophic. It would have serous repercussions on the whole credit system in the world. All we can do is hope and pray for the best. In the end, this would be a lesson. It is always prudent to live within your means and avoid leveraging.

* * * * *

I had a talk in Finex about a week ago and was asked to speak about the new Magna Carta. The new Magna Carta has expanded its scope to include the micro entrepreneurs such that the mandatory allocation of banks’ loan portfolio would now include lending (directly or indirectly) to micro-entrepreneurs, aside from small and medium entrepreneurs. The allocation mandated has been increased from eight to ten percent. But as what we have observed, very key to enabling micro entrepreneurs to graduate to the next level and grow is for them to have a basic change in mindset. They must also have a change in attitude that is positive and entrepreneurial, and one that endeavors to build on their savings that will be the foundation of their future wealth, as well as source of funds for future growth. And as they strive to grow, institutions like Go Negosyo and other like-minded associations will be there to mentor and guide them.


Thursday, September 25th, 2008

GoNegosyo supports the

November 21 to 23 (Friday – Sunday)
10 AM -11 PM
World Trade Center Hall – A

 Celebrity and Charity Bazaar
This bazaar has lined up many merchants for your shopping experience and exciting family activities for the kids while the parents shop. You’ll also get a chance to meet your fave celebrities in person as they man their booths.

Tickets at only PhP 50 each to qualify for the raffle. All ticket sales will be for the benefit of Bantay Bata 163 and DZMM Aksyon Ngayon charity projects.


11 AM  Holy Mass Officiated By Rogationist Priests Of Paranaque
There will be a special fundraising art exhibit of the Rogationist seminarians.

12 NN Ribbon Cutting & Bazaar Opening By Celebrities
Guests :
Korina Sanchez
Pasay City Mayor Peewee Trinidad
Sir Peter Musngi of DZMM
Cheryl Cosim (Salamat Dok)
Tintin Babao and Mommy Ching
Adelia Majaba of Danex
Other celebrities…

4 PM A Parenting Talk On “The Importance and Value of College Education Planning”
and “How To Invest Your Hard Earned Money Wisely for Your Child’s Future”
with guest Celebrity Mothers and Professional Resource Speakers (Sponsored by AXA Philippines)

5 PM Book Launch of Christine Bersola-Babao’s Christmas Story Book “Bakit Siya Meron? Bakit Ako Wala? “  Storytelling and booksigning (sponsored by: Katha/Goodwill/ Bridges Bookstore)
*Prior to the book launch, an AVP of the Basura Monster Book will be shown, as narrated by the Seniors Class of Child’s Place School.

8 PM Magic Show C/O Party Island

9 PM – 11 PM – Live performances by Star Records artists, Party Island entertainers, and JJS entertainment singers

Other activities:
– Santa Corner backdrop and photo booth C/O Sweet Dreams Photography and Giant Santa Statues Exhibit
– Anchor Nutrition Institute free consultation and nutrition check up for kids
– Xmas carol number by Shepherd Of The Hills Orphanage Chorale
– The Christmas Story Book will be told and acted out by the teachers and sutdents of Sophia School Bulacan.
– kiddie play and learning area courtesy of Galileo Enrichment Program and Party Island (located near the main activity stage)
– live human statues at the entrance and main lobby


2 PM – A Free Health and Wellness Seminar on Basic Health Education by Dr. Gary Sy (Live at the Activity Stage of the Bazaar)
With raffle and book signing with Dr Gary Sy
C/O Prodcamp : Projector

4 – 6 PM –  A GO NEGOSYO forum with Celebrity Entrepreneurs- a one hour forum that will inspire, educate and empower aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. Attendance is free. Come Early to register!

7 – 8 PM – Live performances of Star Records artists, JJS Entertainment ,mime acts and dance performances by Party Island


10 AM – 12 NN Free Eye Consultation by Dr. Jessica Dy who will give away 100 pairs of reading glasses

2 PM -3 PM A free health and wellness seminar led by Dr. Tam Mateo

4 PM Mr Gerry Chua of Eng Bee Tin: Fire and Safety tips (with baby fire truck)


Organizers: Ms. Christine Bersola-Babao and Ms. Ma. Concepcion P. Bersola

For inquiries, call Ms. Ma. Concepcion P. Bersola at  tel.: 9310852 / cell: 09184880059 • 09174218423


Yes the Filipino Can! Awards

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008


New book: “Overview of Franchising”

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Written by GMB Franchise Developers president and franchise guru Armando O. Bartolome, OVERVIEW OF FRANCHISING" is a must-read for those involved in franchising and those who want to learn how franchising works.


Weekend Tsunami

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

As early as May, I wrote a column entitled “The Perfect Storm”, which was about the worsening crisis in America. In the month of July, my column talked about recession or depression.

Over the weekend, we saw two of America’s biggest securities and investment companies disappear – Merrill Lynch, which was bought by the Bank of America and Lehman Brothers, which filed for bankruptcy. This is one of the biggest news in the history of America’s financial world.

My previous columns have stated that America will be in for a rough sailing for quite sometime, and the problem is basically a fundamental issue of people spending beyond their means. In a way, the Asian culture of conservative borrowing and spending within their means is what will shield us from problems like what America is going through.

Living on credit is what Americans have been accustomed to. From house, car mortgages, travels and other expenses. The economy has grown on leverage. Now that Americans and companies as well are forced to de-leverage, this can lead towards a more serious recession. This will cause the whole world to suffer, as America has borrowed from the rest of the world.

The dollar has remained as the world’s currency. As Filipinos, our dollars are invested at the very least in the US treasury. This is now the time that we should even push for more growth. Emerging markets like Asia has a very low cost structure base, which will continue to give us that competitive edge.

In my past columns, I have stated that we need to lower interest rates to push more people to invest and to push more banks support micro and small businesses. The current global financial crisis is something that many of us have not seen much earlier. We do not know how long the effects of this crisis would last. But, we have gained experience from the Asian crisis, which caused a number of big Philippine banks to disappear or be merged with other banks. This crisis lasted for about three years in Asia, and a bit longer in the Philippines.

The government should continue to push for growth and business expansion. They should encourage and support micro, small and medium negosyos. With the passage of the new Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, we hope that greater help can be extended now even to microentrepreneurs (asset-based of less than P3 million), aside from the small (P3-15 million) and the medium enterprises (P15-100 million). The new Magna Carta has expanded it’s coverage to microenterprises and has adjusted the definition according to their sizes. It has also increased the mandatory allocation for banks to lend to this sector, from 8% to 10% of their loan portfolios (i.e., 8% for micro and small, and 2% for medium enterprises). It has likewise provided more alternative and relevant instruments that will enable the banks to comply, such as the inclusion of wholesale lending to participating financial institutions (PFIs) for on-lending to MSMEs, the purchase/discount of MSMEs receivables and the actual subscription to preferred shares of stocks of Small Business Corp.

* * * * *

The RFM Corporation, together with the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo, Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines, and NAMFREL, will be giving recognition to inspiring individuals or organizations who have exhibited the “YES THE FILIPINO CAN!” values and principles. This is RFM Corporation’s way of promoting the values of entrepreneurship, in celebration of 50 golden years in the industry. The “YES THE FILIPINO CAN! Awards” emphasizes a way of life as guided by a heart for the Filipino, a fighting spirit and positive attitude, an entrepreneurial mindset and a concern for helping the community in improving the lives of others. There will be two awardees for five categories in this search, namely: Agri-entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Workers, Youth/Education, and People Empowering Groups. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Go Negosyo website and can be sent to the PCE-Go Negosyo office at the 5th Floor of RFM Corporate Center, Pioneer cor. Sheridan sts., Mandaluyong City or may be sent through the Go Negosyo email on or before September 19, 2008.

This effort once again inspires us to recognize the selfless and inspiring Filipinos who we all consider the heroes of our time.

* * * * *

As we head back from the province of Iloilo, we would like to thank the Ilonggo’s warm welcome to our Go Negosyo sa Iloilo. Close to 2,500 Ilonggos filled the Rose Memorial Auditorium at the Central Philippine University last September 12 to take advantage of the content-filled forum and expo we have prepared with our partners.

Go Negosyo also recognized Most Inspiring Ilonggo Entrepreneurs and Micro Entrepreneurs who rose from the challenges of life, serving as role models in their hometown. Together with Iloilo Business Club Chairman Tony Jon and VP Terence Uygongco, and the assistance of Governor Niel Tupaz, and Mayor Jerry Trenas, and our Go Negosyo advocates Gaita Fores (Cibo), Jay Aldeguer (Island Souvenirs), Illac Diaz (Pier One), we were able to bring to Iloilo the entrepreneurship advocacy.

Congresswoman Cynthia Villar likewise flew all the way from Manila to share the Senate President’s and her livelihood programs and how she can help replicate these in other parts of the country. Presidential Assistant for Western Visayas Dr. Raul Banias also attended our forum, together with co-organizers DTI Regional Director Dominic Abad and TSKI Exec Director Angel de Leon. Mrs. Judy Araneta Roxas also managed to grace our Go Negosyo sa Iloilo. She has been spearheading several livelihood financing and support activities thru the Gerry Roxas foundation.

Go Negosyo sa Iloilo had an interesting lecture series in the afternoon on entrepreneurship that kept the crowd, composed mainly of existing and aspiring entreps and business students in the province. Mindset change expert Ping Sotto and Entrepreneurs School of Asia’s Dean Pax Lapid shared their useful insights and tips. Enthusiasm was also the same with Jorge Wieneke, who spoke on guerilla marketing for MSMEs, with Daisa Peñafranca of DOST, Rey Ambao of TSKI-BDS, Joseph Idemne of WESVARRDEC, Lorena Yunque of TESDA Reg VI, Naomi Luis of DOST Reg VI, Alo Lacsamana and our TESDA and DOST partners in Region 6, who shared their ways of assisting entrepreneurs in product development. Valiant Bank President Ian Pama also spoke on Financial Literacy. Globe’s Aries Vasquez and PLDT’s Gabby Cui shared how mobile technology and IT solutions can increase the productivity of the MSME negosyos.

We would like to thank our major partners Iloilo Business Club, PLDT SME Nation, Smart Communications, Globe Business, Condura, RFM Corporation, Ariel, Entrepreneurs School of Asia, and San Miguel Corporation.

The Passion and Creativity of an Entrepreneur

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Last week’s column touched on our purpose driven life. A number of people asked me if I read the book. I haven’t actually, but I am familiar with the gist. It definitely has a very inspiring message. It was written by Rick Warren.

Last Tuesday, I attended the Rajo Laurel Fashion Show. Rajo is a Go Negosyo advocate who was featured in our book. I was in a table with Philippine Star Executive Vice President Grace Glory Go and CEO Kevin Belmonte. PhilStar has also been a key supporter of Go Negosyo’s projects to inspire regional entrepreneurs. These people have the passion and creativity that led them to success. Like them, Rajo started with his young dreams. He started building his vision through passion and hard work until he succeeded.

Rajo’s fashion show was a success. From the work he has done, you can see his gift of creativity with the unique clothes that were modeled. As my wife and I were seated on the side, we could see him making the sign of the cross so many times when his models went out to show his line. Clearly, aside from his creativity, you could see the passion he has for his business and the God-centered values he has kept all these years.

These are key factors for an entrepreneur to be successful. In a way, Go Negosyo has reached this level of awareness. It has the passion from many entrepreneurs who really want to help inspire people. The passion for our cause is even shared by our corporate partners and sponsors and those who have adopted the Go Negosyo programs in promoting entrepreneurship, like the Nokia’s Search for the Mobile Entrepreneur of the Year and P&G’s Ariel Angat sa Negosyo Promo. Condura has even launched its line of Negosyo refs for small retailers and sari-sari stores. Emperador brandy also gives seed capital for Negosyo. Both PLDT, Smart and Globe also have their respective units focusing on upgrading the technology solutions for SMEs. We are happy to see that our country’s leading companies share in a common cause to help build an entrepreneurial nation.

In our desire to further spread the good news of finding solutions to poverty through Negosyo, we are now heading for Iloilo tomorrow for our Go Negosyo Caravan. We continue our advocacy to change the mindset of people and encourage them to be successful entrepreneurs, or at least to have an entrepreneurial mindset that can help them succeed. We hope to share with micro entrepreneurs how they can make their Negosyo grow and move beyond livelihood levels.

Together with the Iloilo Business Club, we will also be awarding Iloilo’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Micro Entrepreneurs. They are the entrepreneurs and micro entrepreneurs who rose from the challenges of life, serving as role models in their own businesses. Their successes have proven the Ilonggos’ ability to utilize their innate sense of resourcefulness, determination and enthusiasm in developing profitable entrepreneurial ventures.

Let me share with you their brief profile and why they stand out as the Most Inspiring Ilonggo Entrepreneurs.

Arsenio Rafael has transformed an unfortunate situation of being unemployed into an opportunity to establish A.M Builder’s Depot. It is now one of the largest tile manufacturers and distributors in the region. Arsenio is now generating employment not only for himself but also for other members of the community as well.

In the spirit of giving back to his father’s hometown, Antonio Steven Chan has developed the Central Azucarera de San Antonio into one of the largest sugar mills in the province today.

With an entrepreneurial attitude, Tomas Hautea has established numerous business endeavors such as the RETCEM Bangus Hatchery and Fish Farm.

Iloilo’s Original Biscocho Haus is one of the first to create a brand for the local delicacy. Over the years, Jose Gerardo Guadarrama has kept to the corporation’s core values of perseverance, hard work, fiscal discipline, community service and generosity of spirit.

We also recognize Alfonso Uy for continuing the La Filipina Uy Gongco Corporation’s tradition of excellence for more than 100 years. His family has created a dynamic and diversified company in the country that benefits many Illongos.

Edgar “Injap” Sia II has created the distinctive and proudly Filipino Mang Inasal brand that promotes the local style of cooking and also achieved recognition not only in Iloilo but all over the country.

Salvador Sarabia succeeded in establishing the Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center as one of Iloilo’s foremost landmarks.

In the transport service industry, Joseph Vincent Go continues to set standards for customer service satisfaction through the Light of Glory Taxi Services.

Waffle Time is known for its service, cleanliness and high-quality waffle products. We congratulate Johnny Que for laying the foundations for the business and constantly undertaking steps to expand its business.

A Most Inspiring Ilonggo Entrepreneur Special Award will also be given to Angel De Leon Jr. for laying the foundations for Taytay Sa Kauswagan, Inc. His enterprise has played a big role in entrepreneurship development over the years throughout the country.

Go Negosyo will also be awarding Most Inspiring Ilonggo Micro Entrepreneurs. They are Grace Javelosa of Rgies Delicacies, Lucita Sionosa of Sionosa bakeshop, Candido Delgado with his candy-making business, Visitacion Ducay with her fish processing and retailing negosyo, Ana Cordova of Oton Women Products, and Agnes Tirol of Sweet’ness Fine Homemade Delicacies.

They are the Most Inspiring Ilonggo Entrepreneurs and Micro Entrepreneurs whose stories serve to motivate and push for an entrepreneurial mindset among Filipinos.

The Go Negosyo sa Iloilo Caravan will be on September 12, 2008 at the Rose Memorial Auditorium, Central Philippine University, starting at 8:00am. This year’s caravan promises to be more informative, dynamic and inspiring, with more learning sessions in our program. As always, we have made the admission free, and we expect close to 3,000 attendees.

* * * * *

Let me also share with you parts of a feedback on last week’s column that I received through my sister.

“Dear Michelle,

What an amazing article. Your brother has such a big heart. Bless him… He is not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeves for the causes he believes in. He said he is not a good writer but he certainly is right-on with this one. We all have to find our purpose in life.

His cause is to promote entrepreneurship. This is key to our country’s well being. Education is key to encourage people in starting small businesses. Some people may want to do it but are intimidated. Some people do it but fold up because they do not know how to run a viable business. Some people get discouraged with red tapes. There’s a lot of work to do. This is a lifelong commitment Joey has undertaken. There are actually a lot of entrepreneurship being engaged in this country but mostly underground and usually by women as a source of second income. One of the challenges is to make them surface to mainstream.

Microfinancing, if handled well, is another venue of promoting entrepreneurship. This is exactly what Gloria Arroyo is promoting thru Bangko Sentral. According to Pia, this is also what Washington Sycip is doing now, promoting microfinancing to spread money to the grassroots. Our bank is also engaged in microfinancing for this same reason, to promote and encourage responsible entrepreneurship.

I’ve learned a lot about your brother from these articles. Thank you for sharing them with me. He has touched many lives and like your father, he is a dedicated person to do public service because he loves this country and he believes in the Filipino people. We Filipinos are actually very good entrepreneurs with our creativity, wit, and our resilience. Although I do not know Joey personally, my admiration for him has grown tenfold. He is not only a good businessman, he is also a good husband, brother, a model citizen, and a hero of this country.

Coincidentally, it’s this same book that also gave me solace when my brother passed away. When Michael was gunned down and he died immediately, we did not have the opportunity to say our goodbyes nor was he able to pray to the Lord for absolution. I was worried how his soul would pass on out of this world in peace. Reading this book made me realize that he will be fine. This book was literally my therapy. With prayers, they became my saving grace from those very dark moments.

Joey is right. We have to find our life’s purpose. Thanks. Take care.


Our purpose-driven life

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

The column last week touched on the question of whether or not Ninoy’s death was a waste. We received a lot of positive feedback from readers and most of them agreed that Ninoy’s death did change a lot of this for this country. Democracy, for one, is an example and sometimes, we have too much of it in a way.

Let us try to relate this to God’s purpose for us – how we came to this earth to do what purpose.

Many years ago, I chanced upon a book entitled “Into the Light”. It was about a woman who had a near death experience. She recounts how she died, what was shown to her by the angels, and how life in heaven was like. But, what struck me most is what she said, that we already pre-existed as spirits. She said we were brought to earth to experience an earthly life that will help us develop as better people. It was quite sometime ago when I read this book.

There are some people who are still not able to identify their purpose in life. They might be lost and unhappy. For those who have found their purpose, happiness is a constant and their lives are full of energy.

My father in law, Jose Orosa, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, turned 69 years old. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with a stage four colon cancer. He went through two operations, one in the liver and one in the colon, and chemotherapy. For eight months it was quite challenging for him, but he was able to pull through and the cancer went on remission for about four months. Just recently, the cancer returned. What inspires me about him is that he continues to keep a positive attitude despite all these challenges.

Way back during his younger years, he started many corporations, House of Rugs, Admacor and a number of handicraft businesses, some of which were sold and some he lost because of labor problems. As entrepreneurs, these are the risks. Even until today, despite his illness, he continues to think of projects, like helping build the victory church in the Fort. He has come out with world class coffee table books. The fore edge painting on the book entitled “Visions of the Possible” and some Malacañan Palace books are creations of Jose Orosa. Having this original design in all of Asia, “Visions of the Possible” won Best Books National Bookstore Awards for Best Book Design. The award giving body said nothing came close to it.

One can easily give up hope or blame God for all the unfortunate events in life, but Jose Orosa continues to maintain a positive outlook in life. In his own way, he continues to fulfill his purpose in life.

Former President Corazon Aquino, who was also diagnosed with colon cancer, continues to serve the people with her ‘Pinoy Me’ foundation that helps the micro-entrepreneurs in terms of financing and business advice. She is still out there trying to help Filipinos not lose hope.

Recently, I have come to know of a non-profit organization called ATRIEV. It was established by visually impaired computer enthusiasts Tony Llanes and Carol Catacutan. ATRIEV is the Adaptive Technology Training, Resource and Access Center. It is a non-profit organization that helps visually impaired persons to have access to college education, employment and other opportunities with the use of technology. ATRIEV has helped people like Marx Melencio, as I have also mentioned him in a few of my previous columns. Marx is a young man who lost his eyesight five years ago after being shot. And yet, he did not dwell on his misfortune. Today, Marx has an IT research company, employing about 89 people (around 17 of which are also blind). With the help of ATRIEV, Marx was able to have access to his success.

We also congratulate Peter Wallace in contributing to the development of ATRIEV. Since he first came across the organization in 2002, he has played a big role in making ATRIEV the way it is now. He moved to put together trustees for the organization. He also brought together members of the business and academe to give assistance to ATRIEV. As he is now a present trustee of ATRIEV, he considers the organization his baby as he continues to give support and whole-hearted assistance in giving opportunities to those who are in need but well-deserving.

These people who have lost their eyesight or hearing have not blamed God for their handicap. Instead, they have created an organization that provides access to learning for the blind and visually impaired.

Another story, as we all know, is Tony Meloto’s purpose in promoting ‘hope for the hopeless and land for the landless’ through Gawad Kalinga. Tony also finds himself with a son-in-law who has also found his purpose in life. Dylan Wilk, grew up poor in Leeds, England. At the age of 20, he started a computer games marketing company with a business loan of 2,500 pounds from the Prince of Wales Foundation. Dylan’s company, Gameplay, became the biggest in its field. As he became a very successful entrepreneur in London, he sold his business at the age of 25 to focus on community service and social work. He became an icon for the Prince of Wales Foundation, until he came to Manila. He met the Gawad Kalinga community and built his first village – the BMW-GK Village, which was from the proceeds of his brand new BMW that he sold to raise funds for GK. With this, he fell in love with the poor Filipinos, with the Philippines and with Tony Meloto’s daughter. He has also found his purpose in life, which was to help the poor in the Philippines. He embraced Tony’s advocacy and married his daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Wilk are now in Canada on a 30-day bus trip that was initiated to inspire Filipinos to love and not to forget the country where they came from. According to Tony Meloto, Dylan is what people may call as the entrepreneur from the poor for the poor.

Sometimes, as I look back, I never thought I would write a column as my spelling is bad and I never got good grades in grammar. Even thinking of starting the Go Negosyo advocacy was far for my mind. But, we all have our purposes in life. We just need to find it and fulfill it to the best that we can. Even if this column does not inspire you enough to start your own business, I hope that at least it will give you some encouragement to find your own purpose in life.

Life will be full of challenges. Sometimes, people are born with wealth and health while others are not. Some countries are given greater resources, like oil. As the lady who experienced near death, she mentioned that angels showed her that we are all called to come to earth to be able to learn and turn our weaknesses into strengths. Life is indeed a journey to those who are like Jose Orosa and former President Cory Aquino. They now face a greater challenge, and still they are able to continue God’s purpose for them. They are truly an inspiration.


Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008


with Anthony Pangilinan

September 23, 2008, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila – Emerald A Room

This workshop will equip you with the tools you need to define your Life Purpose and pursue this in different areas of your life: your personal life, your relationships, your spiritual walk, and your career.

Over the course of this seminar, you will:
– Develop an understanding of FIVE PURPOSES of LIfe based on Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose-Driven Life
– Validate, redefine, or simple reflect your overall Life Purpose as a foundation for your decisions, plans and actions
– Learn the attitudes and actions associated with e 5 purposes and assess yourself in line with these observable behaviors
– Begin to incorporate personal intentions and commitments into your regular agenda or daily schedule for an initially recommended minimum period of 3 months
– Give the book, The Purpose-Driven Life, an opportunity not only to inspire or spur you into some action but to significatly impact your life — and those you influence — for the better

Who should take this workshop?

This workshop is primarily designed for executives and professionals, regardless of industry, sector of society, or religious conviction. It will help executives and leaders apply the The Purpose-Driven Life principles to align their personal and professional goals to their organization’s overall purpose and vision.

While the workshop is designed with professionals in mind, the program will also appeal to everyone who feels the need to hear, discover, and experience the difference of living a "purpose-driven" life.

What makes this workshop unique?
– Each participant wil receive a comprehensive, interactive, and specially-designed Living the Purpose-Driven Life Manual.
– The seminar is designed to be interactive — individual tests and exercises, and group sessions will be conducted to help you understand your personality and shape better, apply what you’ve learned to your current situation, and grow and maximize your potential.
– The seminar will help you define a clear-cut purpose and vision, as well as practical action points so that you ca start living the purpose-driven life immediately,

Early Bird Rate: PhP 5,850


If interested please confirm to Ms.Flor (contact number: 09198983926)
or call 994-5908/994-5918.

Click here to download the registration form.

You can also click on the pictures below for more information.
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