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Celebrity Book Tour Schedule

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008


Go Negosyo goes to bookstores near you!

As part of its Go Negosyo Celebrity Book Tour, the PCE team and student mentors from Entrepreneurs School of Asia will be in National Bookstores nationwide to answer your questions on how to start and grow a business.We will be there to give you advice on finding business opportunities, marketing, financing and training, as well as information on government initiatives for entrepreneurs. Just approach the Go Negosyo Celebrity Book booth and we’ll be happy to entertain you.


Go Neg Awards Biotech Entreps

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Go Negosyo Awards Biotechnology Entrepreneurs

Last April 16, Go Negosyo in partnership with Hybridigm
Consulting awarded the 10 Most Inspiring Biotechnology Entrepreneurs


Yes You Can, Go For It

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

I was in the Hongkong airport with my family on the way to San Francisco when a fellow Filipino approached and congratulated me. I asked him for what and he said for inspiring Filipinos. I asked him what he does and he said he frequently goes to the trade shows in Hongkong to get ideas and organize tours to expose people to new ideas. He also bought the Go Negosyo book and it inspired him to really pursue a negosyo by organizing tours for Filipinos to attend trade events. It felt good that in my 5 minute walk in the terminal, someone was happy to have been inspired by what we are doing. This leads me to believe that Go Negosyo has done more than just selling books, it has started the fire that has been in a lot of Filipinos all this time. Yes, the Filipinos can do it and they just need the reassurance that they really can.

Go Negosyo, together with the mentors from the Entrepreneurs School of Asia (ESA), has been going thru the National Bookstores and Powerbooks in the malls every weekend doing book tours as well as providing business mentoring services. This shall continue this summer at Powerbooks Greenbelt on May 10-11, and Powerbooks Trinoma on May 24-25. We will be joined by some celebrity entrepreneurs featured in the book and other Go Negosyo mentors to do mini-forums and mentoring sessions.

It is also encouraging to note that Go Negosyo is not alone in this advocacy since a lot of private corporations have also started to launch efforts to build a negosyo climate. Recently P and G has joined the negosyo campaign with the “Ariel Asenso sa Negosyo” promo, which is in partnership with Go Negosyo. Consumers can buy Ariel detergent powder products to have a chance to win seed money for a negosyo, supported by Go Negosyo and Entrepreneur School of Asia mentors to provide them with training on the basics of entrepreneurship. Perhaps you have seen some ads on this campaign with Vivienne Tan of ESA and me, with Gov. Vilma Santos endorsing the project. Go Negosyo mentors will also be assigned to the winners for few months to see through the implementation of his or her business undertaking. P and G realizes that a lot of entrepreneurs are women and it is fitting that their primary target market are also the more dynamic and responsible women so this is where they would like to put their efforts. This campaign will run this summer.

Some companies are also focusing on promoting and developing platforms specifically for SMEs to present more ideas on various business models or to help them achieve better efficiencies in business operations. An example of this is Nokia who also partnered with Go Negosyo for the Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, a search program for innovative entrepreneurs that use mobile technology for their business. This search aims to recognize local Filipino entrepreneurs who utilize mobile technology and encourage greater use of mobile technology in their business. The search is ongoing and we have received a good number of entries. We are now in the process of screening and shortlisting and we shall announce the awardees by the end of May.

Aside from promos and contests, companies are also starting to create negosyo packages which cater to start-up entrepreneurs. Telecom companies like PLDT/ Smart and Globe have started to offer business solutions services not only for big companies but for SMEs to help them achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, lower their costs and enable them to have a faster and more affordable business-to-business and business-to-customers transactions. PLDT SME group, under Eric Alberto and Kat Abelarde, has also branded their campaign as SME Nation and they are also doing a roadshow in different cities in the country to present their business solutions.

Vehicle companies like Hyundai have also been promoting their pro-negosyo vans and Porter models as essential “tools of the trade”. This only goes to show that companies are now beginning to gear towards having special packages which support not just the big time players in their respective industries but also those entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

To come out soon is the project of Concepcion Industries. Without my persuasion, they saw the opportunity in helping Filipinos get started in business. This is similar to the vision of my grandfather Jose Concepcion Sr., who started Concepcion Industries when he was in his late 60’s. Concepcion Durables will soon launch the first ever negosyo refs which are presented as the essential partner of stores and retailers nationwide. They will give out free Go Negosyo books and other Negosyo starter kit for every purchase.

The private education system has also started to adopt more entrep courses to complement what DepEd and CHED have done in integrating entrepreneurship development programs in their schools. Aside form ESA, we have received numerous requests for entrepreneurship materials for private high school institutions. I know our mentors Angie Resureccion, Dean Pax Lapid, Andy Ferreria and Jay Bernardo have accelerated their respective campaigns in training the trainors, and offering courses for teachers. Gina Lopez and Ed Morato of Bayan Foundation have also launched their Bayan Academy that focuses on entrepreneurship training and this is to complement their micro financing activities. Worth mentioning also is the Multiple Intelligence school of Joy Abaquin who has devoted her time molding the young minds at grade school levels on the basics of entrepreneurship and giving the children practical exposures on these activities.

We have also seen the emergence of more private sector and NGO micro financing institutions nationwide. Ed Jimenez and his group under Dep. Governor Nesting Espenilla of the BSP, have been doing the rounds in the country to do trainors’ training on financial literacy. Of course Plantersbank has always been there on SME financing. PS Bank has also started special financing for micro SME’s. But we need more private banks to allocate a bigger portion of their funds for MFIs, to augment the efforts of DBP, Land Bank, People’s Credit and Financing Corp, Phil Exim Bank, Small Business Corp. and other institutions in serving all the micro financing requirements in the country.

Media is also playing a big role in helping create this Negosyo culture. GMA7 and QTV are actively supporting programs that promote this entrepreneurship advocacy. This includes broadsheets like Philippine Star which features inspiring entrepreneur awardees and other broadsheets that cover entrepreneurs’ stories. The weekly Radyo Negosyo program of Carl Balita at DZMM has also been very helpful in providing useful Negosyo information and advice to listeners.

Again, all of these efforts are important if we really want to make the Philippines negosyo-friendly. THE BIG BROTHER – SMALL BROTHER HAS STARTED WITH HIGH INTENSITY. Every one is willing to help the Filipino entrepreneur succeed. America is a great model for small and medium sized entrepreneurs. Its economy which is now in serious threat due to a recession has been built by these entrepreneurs. This is the way the Philippines will be able to solve the poverty problem. The food crisis today presents a lot of opportunities especially in the agri and food categories. In every problem there are opportunities and the food crisis, while it presents a problem, also presents opportunities for Filipino entrepreneurs.

Mastering Risk Management

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Mastering Risk Management

Implementing ERM Strategies for Better Business Performance

opportunities involve risks. Ignoring them can lead to disasters while
addressing them properly can spell great rewards. Learn practical and
effective approaches to implementing enterprise-wide risk management
(ERM) strategies in order to grow your business safely. Know how top
global companies and successful businesses use ERM as a strategic tool
for better business performance.

One of the biggest risks in business is in not knowing how to manage and control risk. The Center for Global Best Practices, in partnership with Go Negosyo invites everyone to attend this 1-day pioneering seminar entitled "Mastering Enterprise-Wide Risk Management" scheduled on Thursday, April 24, 2008 at The Peninsula Manila, Makati City, Philippines. For inquiries, please call (+63 2) 842-7148 or telefax (+63 2) 842-7159.

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Blue Ocean Strategy in the Government

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

As a continuation of last week’s column, let me share with you some insights from Mr. Josiah Go, Chief Strategist of Mansmith and Fielders and the 1st and only Filipino to complete the rigorous Blue Ocean Strategy qualification process. He has also been conducting the Blue Ocean Strategy Executive Bootcamp since 2006. Since I have previously referred to our country as a corporation called Philippines Inc., it is interesting to know how we can apply the concepts of the Blue Ocean Strategy to our country:

How Blue Ocean Strategy Can Help Philippine Government Promote Entrepreneurship and Investment?
By Josiah Go

Blue Ocean Strategy was conceived by two brilliant professors of Insead – Prof. Kim Chan and Prof. Renee Mauborgne. Unlike traditional marketing and strategic planning, Blue Ocean Strategy aims to help organizations become value innovators or pioneers in their industry instead of being mere me-too settlers or value imitators.

The most fundamental tool of blue ocean strategy is the strategy canvas, which has a 4-step process to help practitioners come up with their blue ocean strategy. To apply the blue ocean strategy to help government promote entrepreneurship and investment, the following steps are suggested based on the blue ocean strategy tools and frameworks:

The first step is the visual awakening, where an organization evaluates itself with competitors. In the Philippine context, we can identify and compare how entrepreneurship and investment are being promoted in the Philippines and in other countries.

The second process is known as visual exploration, where strategist of firms personally talk to customers and different non-consumer groups to find pain points to see where a firm’s strategy need to change.

If we ask existing entrepreneurs as well as potential entrepreneurs what are their pain points (biggest blocks to utility or areas of dissatisfaction)? This will include the inconvenience of filing of licenses in different offices, too much time spent in doing government reports, lack of capital, bank’s lack of willingness to lend start-up businesses, high interest rate of loans, waste of resources and time due to lack of experience in handling the business, ignorance of existing laws, including obsolete laws or having to know too many government laws.

The third process is the visual strategy fair which basically asks the following questions: Which of the factors that the industry takes for granted should be ELIMINATED? Which factors should be REDUCED below the industry’s standard? Which factors should be RAISED well above the industry’s standard? Which factors should be CREATED that the industry has never offered? These questions can be answered by using an Eliminate, Reduce, Raise and Create (EERC) grid.

Eliminate (E): Government can encourage new entrepreneurs like young students and old retirees by cutting required paper works to be submitted to the government. Simplified report means lesser paper cost for the government, lesser manpower to receive and read these reports, lesser rental to house the people and file these paper works.

Reduce (R): The numbers of laws affecting entrepreneurs are too many to mention. Yet, new laws are being introduced yearly via legislation. Reduction of bureaucracies that hamper the entrepreneurs can be done in at least two ways — by rewarding government employees who can identify obsolete laws, thus reducing potential corruption due to ignorance and/or confusion of existing laws in different government departments and bureaus. A second type is for the leadership of the legislative department to encourage proponents of new laws to identify as many obsolete laws that can be superseded with the introduction of the proposed new law. The manner of helping entrepreneurs in identifying and abolishing obsolete laws will trigger a tipping point for other obsolete laws to be identified and abolished as well.

Raise (R): Income tax exemption can be granted to first year independent distributors earning less than P240,000 a year. Also, to encourage people to invest in training, two recommendations are defined: By allowing a higher amount of training expense as part of allowable income tax deduction of independent distributors. By requiring companies to invest at least 2% of their revenue in the training and development of their employees, distributors and suppliers, thus creating a learning culture.

Create (C): A network marketing environment can be created by taking advantage of the unique characteristics of network marketing of having low entry barrier, low capital requirement, low exit barrier, and matchless free training and mentoring provided by their network marketing principals. People young and old, without the financial resources, can now be entrepreneurs by being independent distributors of network marketing companies. Eventually, the income and experience gained by these independent distributors can be used when they open their own businesses. Targeting 1 million new network entrepreneurs yearly for the next 5 years, this may be the tipping point of the Philippines to encourage more successful entrepreneurs, more successful businesses, and eventually raising more taxes and the number of taxpayer base in the future.

The last and final process is visual communication, a comparison of the old strategy canvas versus the new strategy canvas. The Philippine government can then focus on investing only on those things that will make the new strategy canvas a reality, in building a customer-centric organization where civil servants will not just be listening but be relevant to the needs of the entrepreneurs.

Before blue ocean strategy can be implemented, adoption hurdles must be recognized to ensure a smooth implementation. Such hurdles can be classified in one or more of the 4 types of hurdles – cognitive (old paradigm), resources (lack of money), motivational (uninspired employees) or political (powerful individuals with vested interest). Usually, either a crisis or a highly determined leader will make a firm much more receptive of the need to formulate and implement blue ocean strategy.

As we have always said in the Go Negosyo advocacy, the change in the structure must also coincide with the change in mindset of the people. A change in the system must also come from a change within ourselves. What if, on the mindset perspective, we eliminate procrastination, complacency, and mediocrity in all aspects of life? Eliminate “bahala-na”, “puwede na ‘yan” and other related pessimistic and counter-productive attitudes. Again on the mindset perspective, reduce complains, bickering and blaming one another for situations and events beyond everyone else’ control. Raise the level of accountability, integrity and professionalism by doing the work diligently. Raise solution-oriented attitude whenever problems overwhelm situations. Raise or increase level of encouragement, affirmation and complementation on high levels of performance, new ideas, innovative actions that made things more efficient and better for all concerned. Create avenues for constant learning, which encourage creativity and innovative thinking among Filipinos and where mistakes from the past will never be repeated again.

Then again, this is just one of the ways on how to review our country’s current situation. I guess what is more important is to have an actual timeline as to when this review will actually take place. This is why we are continuously pushing for the 2010.2016 proposal because as we gather more and more people who would like to see a change happen, new strategies and concepts will emerge which will hopefully put an end to our country’s cycle of misery.

* * * * *

Yesterday, Go Negosyo in partnership with Hybridigm Consulting awarded the 10 Most Ispiring Biotechnology Entrepreneurs. The awardees include Dr. Samuel Bernal of Globetek Pro, Dr. Gisela Concepcion of Biomart Asia, Rolando dela Cruz of RCC Amazing Touch, Vicenta Mendoza-Escobar of Sol y Viento Research Center, Dr. Saturnina Halos for pioneering in the research and development of biofertilizers, Dean Lao Jr. of Chemrez Technologies, Dr. Vermen Verallo-Rowell of VMV Skin Research Center, Robert So of Ecosystems Technologies Inc., Dr. Rainier Villanueva of Rainiers Research and Dev’t. Center and the Palawan Center for Appropriate Rural Technology (PCART) as the Most Inspiring Biotechnology Community Venture. Congratulations again to the awardees and I do hope that we can further promote and commercialize these thriving biotechnology business ventures.

Biotechnology in a way is our gateway to the industries of the future. The field offers highly innovative products and services and surprisingly, the raw materials needed for these ventures can be often found locally. There is a clear value added for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider, with a clear market for these new products. This is also an avenue to consider new ideas in a new market as with the “blue ocean” principle and encourages entrepreneurs to not be a “me too” in the highly competitive low-margin and bloody red ocean.

Philippine Blue Ocean

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Recently, we engaged the services of Josiah Go who used to work for RFM Corporation during the early days but decided to go on his own as an entrepreneur. Aside from his water purifier business, Josiah has focused on sales and marketing education as his business and has done quite well now, doing seminars especially on the “Blue Ocean strategy” for corporations to review the business models they are in and see how they can improve on it to create more value.

For the last few weeks, this column has proposed 2010.2016 as the period for change. As entrepreneurs and a group helping out in developing an entrepreneurial culture, it is in our interest to have a more lasting improvement on our overall structure to create a more stable and conducive entrepreneurship climate that can encourage greater value among entrepreneurs.

We have proposed a 2010.2016 as the title directly reflects the timetable of making a move towards a long-term improvement in our structure. As we discuss the proposal with various sectors and leaders, there is a good consensus to start with a review process of the system. We do not advocate a specific political structure for the future, as what is needed at this time is to agree on a series of milestone dates on when we want to see change happen. I have been meeting a number of senators over the past weeks to suggest that 2010 is the time when we start the process of change. Of course the public information and awareness campaign should start before that. Congress should decide if we shall have a Constitutional Convention or a Constitutional Assembly. If it’s a concon, we elect delegates in 2010. But if it will be a constitutional assembly, the public must know that next members of congress they will vote will form itself into an assembly to review the charter.

Like in the blue ocean session where companies review their business model to have a more relevant and responsive structure for their customers’ needs and wants, the country also needs to review the economic and political structural changes needed to strengthen its competitive position. All these investigations must lead into something that will reshape this nation and if not it would just been a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Again, we are not saying we should go federal or parliament or stay where we are as a presidential unicameral. What we are advocating for is a timeline of change and this review should start in 2010 and any implementation or enactment can take place by 2016.

I am glad that as I talked to a number of senators, many see the need for change, each having their own vision of a political structure. Sen. Nene Pimentel is for a federal form of government, Sen. Cheese Escudero is for a parliamentary form, Sen. Kiko is open to it as well, Sen. Mar is more for the current system while Sen. Migs Zubiri is also for a parliament. In the end, we need 2010 to be a different kind of election, people talking about which economic and political reforms should take place and not more on the personalities who are running.

Go Negosyo does not take any preference of what is the right form of government we should be in. In fact, the basic principle for pushing reforms on the political side is to have greater empowerment for the regions and towns. This will allow them to take control of their future by creating an enterprising culture that encourages greater competition. Then we can easily duplicate the success of Cebu, Camsur, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Gen San, Quezon City and all the other progressive cities. The idea is as you have great entrepreneurial regions, national progress will happen faster.

It’s time we start to change and the blue ocean thinking is what we need. Again, we are setting a timeline of change on 2010 for either con con or con ass. It is not for us to decide but for congress to act by 2010. The changes in the charter should take effect by 2016, particularly on the political provisions and form of government, if any, while changes on economic provisions can take effect upon ratification of a new charter. PGMA will hopefully join and support 2010.2016 as a time for change. Let the experts present and debate what’s best for this country and in 2010, we will see a different type of election, less of the dancing and singing but contenders debating for our country’s future. Many people are for change and I hope our senators and congressmen take the challenge. 2010.2016 is a time for change, not really for us but for our children’s future.

Those who support this proposal, please continue to sms at 09175591245 or email to and we will send this to all senators and congressmen. Below are the sms that we have not yet published:
Pres. Adviser, I read your column. I SUPPORT your 2010-2016 PROPOSAL.

I am for your 2010.2016 proposal. Thanks. – Boying

I strongly support your 2016 parliamentary form of govt. I hope GMA will focus on this splendid proposal. More power to you JOEY

Saw your article at Star calling for support for the 2010.2016 proposal. I am open to supporting the proposal in whatever way I can. This is Jun Umali of Parañaque. God bless your efforts in making a change for the better!

I want to support 2010.2016. Please include my email to your mailing list if any. Thanks! – Homer Villa

O.K. ako to your proposal. Problem is educate first our electorate to vote intelligently to have right parliamentarians or representatives. – G. Tanada

Re: Your go.2010.2016 proposal. I concur. Ernie Camat, Biñan, Laguna

I’m willing to support 2010.2016. Fermin V. Jarales. HRDD Manager MORESCO-1, Misamis Oriental

I am willing to support your 2010-2016 proposal. I am a senior citizen. -Leandro Tolentino

I do support your proposal, the 2010-2016! Because it really promotes the right, just and fair governance. DANIEL M. MAQUIRANG , 3rd yr BSA of Aklan Catholic College

YES I agree to your 2010.2016 proposal. Good luck, Manny de Veyra

I fully support 2010-2016. Let’s move it. Roger, Cainta

Yes I support the 2010.2016 proposal! We’re tired of political grandstanding. If we have lawmakers who are real statesmen, they better do something good now.

I just finished reading your column in the Philippine Star today, I’m supporting your 2010-2016 proposal. I’m Raul T. Magallano, 44 years old from Cagayan de Oro City.

We support shift to parliamentary system as proposed. Sps Don M. Davila and Carolina Guerrero Davila, Lucena City.

Count me in. I will support you 2010.2016 proposal. I am an owner of a small business. Jessie I. Corgos, La Calota City, Negros, Occ.

I am supporting your view, maybe it’s high time for us to make a shift to parliamentary system. More power to Mr. JC. – Mr. Liwag of Batangas

I support your 2010-2016 proposal – Gaudioso Rulvivar, Kingsville Court, Antipolo City

Mr. Joey Concepcion, I am in favor and support your PROPOSAL for a Concon in 2010 and a Parliament in 2016 in your ASK GO NEGOSYO column at the Business Section, The Philippine Star, March 6, 2008. From Silverio Cadayo, Guinobatan Albay

Mr. Concepcion, I support your 2010.2016. Bert, Bulacan.

Please count me in your proposal. Lauro S. Pguay, Brgy. Treasurer, Wawa 1, Rosario, Cavite

I support your proposal, may I propose to convert it to movement organization, willing to lead it here in San Fernando, Pampanga. Panahon na para mahiahon ang bayan. Thanks. Nong Cabral.

Minsan lang tayong maging Pilipino kaya isipin natin ang pinakamaganda para sa bansa, para sa kapakinabangan ng bawat isa. GO NEGOSYO & Parliamentary form of gov’t. Count me in. Loreto Isok, Boac Marinduque.

2010.2016 – It’s about time, sali ako ‘dyan! – Jane Flores, Cardona, Rizal

I support the 2010.2016 proposal, parliamentary. The earlier the better! – Dobol of Zambales

Long overdue and count me in. Rolly Cuevas of Bacoor, Cavite

Lets go with your 2010.2016 proposal. Let’s go to the streets again if necessary as what we did in EDSA 86 – Felix Rulona

I am reading your Go Negosyo, Philstar reach Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte, I will try to support 2010.2016 proposals in church where I am a PPC member – Atil G. Hisula

Congratulations Graduates

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

I attended the graduation of my daughter Margarita who graduated from Assumption High School, the same school that PGMA and Loren Legarda came from. My daughter is an average student and did not receive any special mention or honor but as a parent, I am very proud of what she has accomplished. I have seen her try so hard just to make it thru high school, studying an additional 4 hours a day with so many tutors. As parents, the effort and perseverance is what really makes the difference.

The valedictorian was Angela Po, the very bright daughter of entrepreneur Jojo Po who runs El Tigre, Leonard and all the animal agencies and Pinky Po who is a fulltime Gawad Kalinga volunteer. She has definitely been mentored well by her parents.

God blesses people in so many ways. Some are given special gifts which give them an advantage to excel in their respective fields as they move on to college and eventually as professionals or entrepreneurs. Aside from being blessed with these gifts, God also blesses us all with great mentors and these are our parents. What we learn in school is important but what’s equally important is how we are mentored by our parents. In many cases, the success of a child greatly depends on how they are mentored and if they are taught the right value system such as love for God and family. We should also teach them the value of money and hardwork, honesty and integrity, passion and perseverance, which are also the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

To the parents who have brought their children this far, congratulations to all of us. Mentorship is a great role we play in the lives of our children. I strongly suggest you watch the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith and you will understand what I am trying to say. This is why thru my Go Negosyo advocacy, we try to share the success stories of people not really to boast about their wealth but to encourage others to have the same optimistic, “can do” attitude which I also teach my children.

Not all of us may have the same level of intelligence but what will separate those who have or have not achieved more in life is the right attitude. The only award I received when I was in high school was a loyalty award for studying in La Salle. That is some achievement… But today, I would say I have received a greater reward thru the appreciation of the works that Go Negosyo has done to encourage people to develop a positive and entrepreneurial mindset.

Parents, be happy that your children have graduated and congratulations to all of you for mentoring them well. To the graduates of 2008, life is a journey and don’t be part of society that loves to complain about this government, corruption, about this and that but be an agent of change who will think positive and work towards moving this country forward. In your small ways, you can encourage people to never lose hope and to dream big. May you continue to inspire others as you work with corporations or as an entrepreneur. And as you have your own family and children, remember that your success in life is how well you were mentored by your parents. Keep that in mind and may God bless you with a successful life.

* * * * *

So far, the 2010.2016 proposal is firing up and here are the numerous emails/sms that were sent to us. Based on the strong response that we received, it is time to have a real change.

Dear Mr. Concepcion,
I am a retired United Nations Staff member. Although I am just a fence sitter nowadays, I can’t help feeling bad about the situation going on in our country.
The plan you’re pushing sounds good to me. I am down! Let me know how I can contribute.
Don Leus

Hi dude Joe! Shift to parliamentary system initiated by a young apolitical figure like you will be more accepting to the ever suspicious Pinoy. Words to the members of the younger gen: support this project. You had enough. Spare the next generation. Heavens bless your project. Thanks.
Conrad Alibcag

Enlist me among supporters of pro parliamentary system of government. If you need volunteers to work on the campaign in N.SAMAR count me in. More Power!

Hello Joey,
I missed the launching of your book ‘Go Negosyo’ at the Mall of Asia when I was in the Philippines last February. But I read from Philippine Star your column calling for support on the 2010.2016 vision.
Please count me in as an OFW supporter for this vision. I strongly believe that this vision must be broadly communicated to all fellow OFW’s globally. With the substantial monetary and technical resource that the current generations of OFW’s are pumping into our country, it calls for an efficient and responsive system of governance in order for us to leverage these phenomena for our future sustainable society.
Thank you for sharing this vision.
George France, Jr.

I do not support the parliament on 2016. It is too long to wait. We need it now. The most that I can wait is 2010. By that time, we should have the parliament already and federal in form, just like Malaysia. In short, I support the parliament-federated form but by year 2010. I have long been wanted this form many many years ago because I knew then that presidential bicameral breeds corruption and make delays for public services to be rendered. We are a very new republic, unlike America who has been for centuries and very much matured and civil.
Ides Rosales

Mr. Joey C., you are really correct in saying that ours is a defective system. I for one am supporting your call to change our system. The earlier the better for our country. Count me in. Thanks and God Bless our country.
Engr. P. Fiel Jr.

We are a group of young professionals based in Makati, we would like to support you in this campaign. Do let us know of future plans. I think no need for signature campaigning. A strategic plan should be drafted on how we can push this – I’m sure other young professionals can be counted on. We will make ourselves available for any meeting or gatherings as required.

There are others who also sent their support and we would like to thank everyone for their feedback

* * * * *

Be the first Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur!

Go Negosyo is now accepting entries for Nokia Mobile Entrepreneur Awards, a nationwide awards program for the innovative and progressive Filipino entrepreneurs that use mobile technology in their business. Social entrepreneurs are also encouraged to join. As much as Php300,000.00 could be won!

For more information, log on to or or call (632) 637-9229 and (63919) 685-7079. You may also fax at (632) 637-7873 or email at

Deadline for submission of entry is on April 14, 2008.