Esther Vibal: Queen of Publishing

PHOTO CAPTION: Esther Vibal receives Lifetime Achievement Award for Entrepreneurship in the field of Education during the 7th Go Negosyo Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit last March.

Since 1953, Vibal Publishing House, Inc. provided educational textbooks and other educational materials for many Filipino children. Esther Vibal and her late husband, Hilarion Vibal started the Vibal Publishing when the government then wanted to Filipinize the textbooks used in the country. Their first few textbooks are Science and Health for Everyone and Science and Health for Better Living.

But like many other entrepreneurs, Mrs. Vibal and the company faced countless of challenges and trials which tested their entrepreneurial characteristics. One of their first few challenges faced is financing which several start-up companies experience. But with her determination and perseverance, the company surpassed these and excelled in their field.

Today, more than 2500 titles are published and more than 400 of these are used in over 3000 schools. With her experience and passion in writing, Esther Vibal steered the company to greater heights and has conquered the publishing industry. As the head of Vibal Group, Mrs. Vibal continues to lead the company towards innovation and change with the development of technology.

Recently, she was awarded by Go Negosyo with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her exceptional leadership for many decades in Vibal Publishing House Inc., the country’s leading and most reputable publisher of textbooks and other educational materials. Her keen adherence to quality and passion for excellence, have led the Vibal Group become an institution in the education and publishing fields.

Definitely an inspiring mompreneur!