Kwentong Go Negosyo: Small Things Turn Into Big Things

Who would’ve thought that a simple trip to the grocery can be the birth of an import-quality product? A combination of Filipino delicacy polvoron and chocolate comes ChocoVron, the polvoron like no other.

Joel Yala, the man behind ChocoVron, had his own share of humble beginnings. Before being a full-time entrepreneur, he was once a construction worker, a tricycle driver and an ordinary employee. His wife, Marissa, was also an employee in a garment company before they decided to quit their jobs and start their entrepreneurial journey. They tried pillows dealership, sari-sari store and bakery. Until one day, Joel joined his wife in her trip to the grocery. Going up and down the aisles, Joel was fascinated by all things coated in chocolate: chocolate coated candies, chocolate coated biscuits and chocolate coated marshmallows among others. He then thought of producing a similar product and called it ChocoVron.

Joel knew little about doing business that is why he grabbed opportunities of visiting bookstores and reading business-related books. During one of his visit, he saw the grand book launch of the very first Go Negosyo book. For someone who is aspiring to become an entrepreneur, it was a dream come true to see many successful entrepreneurs in one event. Joel then took this opportunity to buy a copy of the book and have it signed by featured entrepreneurs. Since then, he continues to read the other Go Negosyo books, watch our television show and attend some of our seminars and summits.

Through the examples of many Go Negosyo entrepreneurs, he was able to pick up tips and tricks for business which he has applied to ChocoVron Global Corporation.

At first, they gave it away for free to their friends and family and diligently took note of every suggestions and comments they received. Soon, they have perfected the recipe and started producing packs of 12. Aside from the order of friends and family, Joel brings their products to his place of work and offers them to his fellow employees.

But like many stories, it was not a smooth and easy sail for ChocoVron. During their first few years when Joel still brings their polvoron to work, he was held up while he was on his way home, losing P15, 000.00 collected sale. Another problem they faced is the dishonesty of middlemen who took advantage of their trust. Filled with optimism and hope, Joel transformed these challenges into energy and continued pursuing to improve their products and grow their family business.

Today, ChocoVron is importing their products to the United States and Canada and has market exhibits in Thailand, China and Hongkong. From the small enterprise, ChocoVron now employs a total of 50 employees, all hailing from Surigao, the same province of Joel and Marissa since it has been their mission to help improve lives of fellow Surigaonon. Every day, they are producing a total of 5000 packs of polvoron of different variants; from the classic ChocoVron to the flavoured polvoron and the healthy polvoron, NutriVron.


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As we usher Go Negosyo to its first decade of leading the entrepreneurship revolution among our fellow Filipinos so more can go out of poverty and so we can usher the country to an economic revival in the long run, this time, we would like to hear your stories. We would like to know how Go Negosyo, in whatever ways, has influenced you in your journey of becoming a more enterprising and entrepreneurial person.

As we always say, Go Negosyo does not want and could not credit for the success of a particular entrepreneur. We are just ‘part’ of the journey. And we would like to know how we are able to inspire, enable or mentor you in anyway in that tough journey. Anyone who believed GoNegosyo and any of our programs in the past nine years has helped him/her is invited to submit his/her ‘My Kwentong Go Negosyo’.

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