Young and Innovative Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For

Go Negosyo and the US Embassy organized the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Workshop (YEDW) in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Manila to empower young minds with existing businesses or business ideas. Here are some of the promising start-up ventures that we discovered from all over the Philippines and the young entrepreneurs behind them:

Venue Open

Hazel Yap, a promising young entrepreneur from Cagayan de Oro, has recently started an application called Venue Open. This application is a one-stop shop for event organizers that allows the users to book their desired venue in just about 10 minutes—a task which usually takes weeks and even months to accomplish. All the users have to do is pick a venue, location, indicate the expected number of guests and make the payment, just like shopping for clothes online. Venue Open offers real-time price and details on date availability of its partner venues with no added extra fees for the users. For more information about Venue Open, send an email to: [email protected] or visit

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Macho Mucho

For all Filipino men, getting a haircut is always a hassle. There is simply not much choices when it comes to barbershops. Either you go to the local barbershop to get a 50-peso haircut which does not always guarantee quality service, the feminine salon, or a very expensive high-end barbershop that only few can afford. This problem finally has a solution. Kaye Layco is now managing the Macho Mucho in General Santos City, a barbershop and salon specifically designed for men who want good and stylish haircut in a non-traditional yet masculine environment. Macho Mucho, which was started by Kaye’s brother Ralph Layco, provides its customers with a certain guide to their choice of hairstyle and quality service from well-trained “macho” barbers, not to mention the free coffee and wi-fi. Kaye is planning to expand and bring Macho Mucho to Manila. We are quite sure it will be a hit. For franchising inquiries, you may send an email to [email protected] or contact Kaye Layco at 09321651165.

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Dotimas Documentaries

Social media has taken the world by storm. These days, it is one of the most effective ways to advertise a product, or even a certain personality. It’s a good thing the Jayvee Dotimas founded the Dotimas Documentaries—a company that creates short documentary-style video features that highlight the identity, philosophy and trademark of a brand. It’s a perfect opportunity for start-up enterprises especially because Dotimas Documentaries’ videos are tailored to exhibit, market and showcase the brand’s products and/or services, especially in the global online community. It boasts its signature of having the light-hearted documentary treatment in its videos. The entrepreneur or brand ambassador tells the story of the business which will serve as a personal communication of the brand’s vision, mission and values to the public. For inquiries, visit

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Visit Tarlac

Visit Tarlac is a product-advocacy of Proudly Tarlac Made Inc. which offers packaged and customized tours of Tarlac. Given the range of possible activities in the province, tours can lean towards cultural, culinary arts, sports, outdoor adventure and may sometimes even include business/local industries. Co-founder and Managing Director Diana Prado shared that before, there was a gap between the destinations in Tarlac and the prospective tourists. In other words, the places and activities are great but there is no one making it easier for people to go there. That is how Visit Tarlac started. The tours come in two varieties: A packaged tour (mix of local food, backyard industries and adventure) and a customized tour (itinerary will depend on the tourist’s preference.) If you are interested to go whitewater kayaking, or see Mt. Bungkol Baka, Timangguyob Falls, and all other beautiful places and adventures in Tarlac, you can visit:

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Ako’y Magsasakang Organiko (AMO)

Erica Midori Acuña is the 22-year old marketing and communications director of Ako’y Magsasakang Organiko or AMO. AMO is a social enterprise that aims to fight hunger and poverty by decreasing the cost of production (by as much as 50%) and increasing the yield and revenues of farmers (by 30 to 100%) thus, making food affordable. Their product is a foliar fertilizer, insect repellant, fungicide, growth enhancer, and soil conditioner all in one. It is non-toxic, environment-friendly, and has no chemical residue on all produce. AMO also provides free trials to prove the efficacy of their product wherein a noticeable improvement on the produce will be seen within 3 days. Backyard gardeners, farmers, agricultural landowners, and fruit and vegetable plantation owners are encouraged to try AMO. For more information visit Ako’y Magsasakang Organiko’s facebook page.

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