Go Negosyo is the advocacy of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a non-stock, non-profit organization that advocates for a change in MINDSET and ATTITUDE. We believe that Filipinos can address poverty in the country by engaging in entrepreneurship and developing an optimistic, passionate, creative and innovative, resourceful, diligent and persevering character. We encourage everyone to take charge and make the most of their resources and abilities by utilizing and transforming these into viable enterprises.

Through our Caravans, Negosems, multi-media (TV and web) campaigns and books, Go Negosyo hopes to demystify entrepreneurial success and popularize entrepreneurship as an alternative to unemployment, job-seeking or migration. We are a partner in improving entrepreneurship education, and in providing a marketplace of ideas, innovations, business models and best practices. In short, we aim to catalyze the development of entrepreneurship in the country. An entrepreneurial culture would lead to an entrepreneurial nation and, consequently, to improved economy for the country.

Go Negosyo do not endorse a particular kind of business or franchise. Instead, we provide links to our partner entrepreneurs’ businesses, to business opportunities, to entrepreneurship-related training programs, and to funding sources. Hoping to generate competitive Filipino entrepreneurs, we seek to be the institution that brings together all key stakeholders and enablers of different entrepreneurship programs.


After being appointed in 2005 by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the Presidential Consultant for Entrepreneurship, Joey Concepcion envisioned a movement that would advocate for a positive and enterprising attitude among Filipinos — a mindset that would help them move up in life. With the help of like-minded trustees, Go Negosyo was born.

Since its conception, Go Negosyo went on to forge partnerships not only with business corporations and entrepreneurs but also with academic institutions, non-government organizations (including business chambers and professional organizations), microfinance institutions, government agencies, and local government units. Creating linkages with members of both private and public sectors allowed us to increase Filipinos’ access to a negosyo support system, and facilitate a nationwide movement.

It was the formation of partnerships that allowed Go Negosyo to embark on a full-blown advocacy that has reached out to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. What started as an idea quickly snowballed into a massive movement. Within four years, Go Negosyo was able to embark on over 30 full-blown Caravans all over the country, produce a TV show, create a website portal for entrepreneurs, and launch bestselling books (three volumes of inspirational stories of entrepreneurs and a how-to-start-a-business book). We gained widespread presence in the print media through Mr. Concepcion’s weekly column AskGoNegosyo in Philippine Star and through the publication of entrepreneurs’ stories in the front page. Every month, we’re invited to conduct talks on starting a business, and we’re often featured in TV and radio shows. We even have a global audience as our TV show is aired in GMA’s international channels.


We want to create an entrepreneurial climate for the Philippines: one that would lead to a country of enterprising and progressive Filipinos who are optimistic and empowered, and who don’t rely on dole-outs and are in control of their destinies. We hope to forge a country of smart, innovative and value-adding entrepreneurs by inspiring and by teaching.

Our motto has always been to “Teach a nation how to fish, feed the nation many lifetimes”. The statement represents the collective effort of all our partners to foster a culture of enterprise and promote innovation and the best business practices in the country.


Jose Ma. “Joey” A. Concepcion III
Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship,
Go Negosyo Founder and ASEAN BAC Philippines Chair

Merly M. Cruz
Adviser on MSME Development

Ginggay Hontiveros-Malvar
Adviser on Agripreneurship and Sulu and Marawi Projects

Josephine Romero
Adviser to the ASEAN BAC PH Chair

Aeron Christian R. Morado
Head of Programs, Media, Communications & Marketing


Gianina Joy Napo
Programs Development Officer

Paul Anthony De Guzman
Programs Development Officer

Jose Alvaro Nito
Programs Development Officer

Jennelaine Dingalan
Programs Development Officer

Nicholas Murillo
Programs Development Officer

Patrick Tiongson
Programs Development Officer

Haron Ar-Rashid Dima
Programs Development Associate

Mark Eugene Eudela
Programs Development Associate

Ednyl Esguerra
Programs Development Associate

Aimee Diane Tidalgo
Programs Development Associate

Claire Intervalo
Programs Development Associate

Ronnafe Artiaga
Programs Development Associate

Janelle Turija
Programs Development Associate

Miguel Strauss Marin
Programs Development Associate


Awduenli Viana
Media Officer

Rhoanne Torres
Writer for TV

Shiela Marie Incendencia
Videographer / Editor


Jarielle Andrea Reyes
Communications and Special Projects Officer

Shyn Soteo
Communications and Special Project Associate

Melanie Regalario


Eva Pasagui
Marketing Associate


Cyd Francis Recidoro
Graphic Artist


Sophia Ramos
Finance and Administrative Manager

Arlene Ignacio
Admin Assistant

Remar Mahilum

Ana Rose Viana
Accounting Associate

Regalado Mangila
Admin Associate

Aldrin Castillo
Liason Staff