It’s the time of the year again when we’ll get our skin tanned under the sun whilst enjoying the sea and the sand. But have you finalized your summer getaway already? If not, here are some famous Philippine destinations that will prove that there is more fun in the Philippines.

BORACAY ISLAND. After its recent closure, Boracay regained its world-class beauty. Boracay island is a tropical paradise located in Malay, Aklan, Western Visayas. Last year, Boracay’s white beach was among the world’s top 25 beaches in TripAdvisor’s 2018 Traveler’s Choice Awards. Famous for its powdery white sand and pristine blue waters, it is a paradise for certified beach and sun-lovers around the world. The island also offers dynamic activities and attractions from hiking, island trekking, scuba diving, beach hopping to pub crawl, parasailing and many more!

CALAGUAS ISLAND. Before you indulge in the beauty of Calaguas, you have to go through a two-hour boat ride from the mainland. Calaguas is a group of island in the Pacific under the town of Vinzons, Province of Camarines Norte. It offers breath-taking powdery white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and unspoiled natural resources, a place where tourist can truly relax while enjoying the pristine beauty of the place. Over the years, Calaguas has evolved from being an offbeat destination to being a go-to place of beach adventurers.

EL NIDO, PALAWAN. After the successful rehabilitation of Boracay, El Nido is on the list to be rehabilitated. The island of El Nido in Palawan, known for its majestic beauty is set to face rehabilitation because of the flock of tourists and emerging environmental problems. The rehabilitation concerns plans for clean-up drive and easement of shoreline, waste disposal management, and overcrowding. With the help of the locals, NGOs and LGU, El Nido continues to retain its surreal beauty and splendid beaches, and an underwater world, that will make anyone’s summer truly memorable. El Nido is the primary base for exploring Palawan’s star attraction, the stunning Bacuit Archipelago. It is also famous for its Nido Soup, as tiny swiftlets build edible nests out of saliva in the limestone cliffs that surround the town proper – hence the name, El Nido (nest in Spanish). The town proper has an ordinary beach but is home to an emerging restaurant and bar scene. Truly, a destination that looks like a real paradise.

BANAUE RICE TERRACES. Banaue Rice Terraces is the world’s oldest rice terraces. The 2,000 years old terraces were carved by indigenous Filipino’s ancestors. Because of its high altitude in Banaue, it is often described as “where land merges with the clouds to meet the heavens”, the rice terraces as “the stairway to the sky.” Banaue is a place for nature adventures and cultural immersion and is also a good source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Days in Banaue are spent in different activities such as strolling, biking, and trekking. While evenings are for campfire chats at a village or warm indoor cosseting at the lodges and inns. A leading tourism destination in Asia, the Banaue rice terraces is indeed a must-see place.

VIGAN. Tagged as an old-world city, Vigan, with its centuries-old edifices, is a breathing reminder of what was once a royal city. One of the earliest Spanish settlements in the country, Vigan was founded in 1572 by Juan de Salcedo who patterned its design to that of Intramuros (Old Manila). Because of its beauty and its well-preserved Spanish-era streets, Vigan has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of these ancestral homes are still in good condition and some have been turned into cozy inns, museums, and souvenir shops. There are hundreds of things to do in Vigan, including a visit to the famous Calle Crisologo, experience Pagburnayan – an old and authentic method of pottery, visit Bantay Bell Tower and indulge in their sumptuous delicacies such as longganiza and empanada.

MALAPASCUA ISLAND. Malapascua is an idyllic island off the north coast of Cebu which is famous for its world-class diving. Tourists also have the chance to dive with thresher sharks, which are present all-year-round. If you are coming to Malapascua, better try their activities such as diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping, swimming, relaxing just offshore, and visit the famous lighthouse beach.

Those are just few of the thousand scenic and breathtaking tourist destinations in the Philippines. Sure, there are still more hidden islands that are waiting to be discovered and will eventually add to the increasing percentage of tourism in the country.

Islands and attractions can be translated into more entrepreneurial opportunities for the locals in the community as it can be their source of income. Truly, tourism can be leveraged to achieve prosperity.

To equip our micro, small and medium enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs in the tourism industry with knowledge from the international and local perspective, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Philippines and Go Negosyo together with the Department of Tourism will be bringing this year’s biggest summit on tourism, the TOURISM SUMMIT 2019 on May 2, 2019 at World Trade Center, Pasay City! Attendees will get a chance to learn from the ASEAN experts. Through this, they can explore on how to start and grow their business in the tourism industry.