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As a developing country with a high gender-inclusivity rating – 10th in the Global Gender Gap Index 2017 of the World Economic Forum – the Philippines has harnessed formidable spaces in the digital sphere catering to the women sector.

Digital marketing plays an essential role in the growth of ASEAN countries’ digital economy. At the height of e-commerce, businesses today are going digital – slowly overtaking, if not replacing, the brick-and-mortar industries. Despite this change, MSME’s have yet to completely overcome issue hindering its growth: the lack of market access.

In the “Mainstreaming Market Access and Expanding Market Reach: Discussion on Innovative Platforms and Opportunities for Tapping New and Growing your market” forum of the 10th Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit, invited panelists will take on the essential role of digital economy in boosting market reach of Filipina entrepreneurs.

The forum will feature panelists that will discuss innovative platforms and opportunities in increasing MSMEs access not only to domestic but global markets. It will also highlight e-commerce as a powerful tool to take advantage of when they want to grow their market faster.

What is the role the women entrepreneurs in this paradigm shift? How can other business replicate their business models to ensure growth? These are some of the issues the fifth forum hopes to address.

Invited panelists are Inanc Balci, CEO and Co-founder of Lazada Philippines, Agatha Soh, Regional Marketing Head of Shopee, Constantin Robertz, Managing Director of Zalora Philippines, Atty. Paul Santos, President of Philippine Retailers Association, Steven Cua, President of Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association, Inc., Jeannie Javelosa, Lead of GREAT Women in ASEAN Initiative, with Bettina Quimson, Senior Advisor for ICT of ASEAN BAC Philippines moderating the discussion.

In this forum, key personalities from various fields will examine the impact of the digital sphere in promoting and developing their businesses. The panelists will also provide a glimpse of the status of business innovation in the country, its successes and challenges – and the ways they have overcome them.

The summit aims to provide inspiration and support to the significance of women’s economic power in the country by recognizing women champions who will serve as role models where more people especially the women can learn from and emulate.

Apart from the discussions, participants will have an opportunity to be part of the largest mentoring event happening in one day where 50 mentors at the least will be present to share their insights and expertise.

The Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit expects to gather 7000 participants hailing from various stakeholders such as women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, students and administrators from the academe, business organizations, NGOs, cooperatives and government officials.

If you have not yet registered, visit www.gonegosyo.net to secure your seat and prepare to be amazed by the beauty and power of the Filipina women.



The Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit is an annual summit is centered on reinforcing the entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino people, particularly the Filipina and recognizing their capacity to be agents of change and progress. It also aims to provide inspiration and support to the significance of women’s economic power by covering different entrepreneurship and empowerment topics to be highlighted by plenary talks and forums featuring prominent female personalities. Now on it’s 10th year, we invite you to be part of the biggest women negosyo summit and mentoring event of the year!

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