ASEAN BAC Chair Joey Concepcion, DA Secretary Manny Piñol and Henry Lim Bon Liong of SL Agritech.

ASEAN BAC Chair Joey Concepcion, DA Secretary Manny Piñol and Henry Lim Bon Liong of SL Agritech.

Back in 1985, the agricultural sector contributed 24.6% to the country’s economy according to the World Bank. 30 years later, in 2015, it significantly dropped to only 9%. We used to export more than we import in the same sector, but now it’s the other way around. This is happening in a time where 11.9 million people or 29% of those employed in the Philippines are in this line of work. As huge of a figure as it might seem to be, we still used to have more.

People are becoming less interested in this sector without realizing the possibility of success not just in agriculture per se, but also in agribusiness. We claim to be a predominantly agricultural country but are we really making the most out of our resources and exerting effort to add value to them?

The Philippines has been walking and living with agriculture for as long as we all can remember, but why are we not where we want to be? Could it be because we are individually taking the wrong steps, or because we are not making any at all? To get on the track to success in agribusiness, here’s a few steps you might want to take:

Step 1: Realign your mindset and values
Before taking big leaps, make sure to be at the right starting point, with a destination in mind. A healthy mindset, values, and attitudes towards agribusiness are essential in achieving and sustaining success. If fueled with the right elements, then success is already one step closer.

Step 2: Learn the proper production techniques
To make the most out of what is available, it’s important to get familiar with efficient ways or processes to add more value to raw produce. What would work for one type of agribusiness wouldn’t work for all, so it’s vital to find out what techniques would suit your sector.

Step 3: Consult and Ask Questions
The doors of growth and learning are shut when we begin to think that we already know everything about something. To be a step closer to success, it’s important to consult, inquire, and look through the eyes of another. The best people to ask for directions are those who have gone through the same road.

Step 4: Be part of a community of fellow Agripreneurs
Being surrounded and supported with people who have the same vision helps in moving forward despite adversities. This allows for inclusive growth, and partnerships that would nurture each other.

To help agripreneurs take these steps and help improve productivity and quality through new technologies, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council presents the ASEAN Agriculture Summit 2017: Agribusiness as the Gamechanger Towards Prosperity for All. The summit packed with forums on the most pertinent topics relating to agribusiness will feature the top agribusiness leaders and thought-leaders in the agriculture sector. Merging both public and private perspectives on the future of agribusiness and its impact on the regional bloc, the ASEAN Agriculture Summit will go into detail on the current ecosystem pervading this vital sector in order to help agripreneurs figure out how to position themselves for success in a rapidly developing sector.

The summit will be held on October 4, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. Register now at