A new generation of entrepreneurs have arrived and are successfully growing. Young entrepreneurs have been starting more businesses and have started to look for local food and beverages in the countryside to innovate—taking what is good out there and bringing it into the city.  These young entrepreneurs are truly strong advocates of supporting local products and the local community. They have exalted the Filipino brand through their skills and belief in Filipino craftsmanship.

As a Psychology major in De La Salle University, Erwin worked as an HR recruiter for outsourcing companies and as a Business Development Manager. After 3 years of working, Erwin quit his job because he felt that he wasn’t fulfilled and well-compensated for the number of hours he spent working every day. As a fresh graduate, it was expected that he would help out his parents but he couldn’t since his salary was limited and enough for just himself. Erwin decided that it was about time to be his own boss and opened his own business.

We can credit Erwin’s natural flare for business and entrepreneurship to his family who also runs a chicken by-product business. The first business he thought of was liquid soap but this didn’t last long since the business didn’t seem to click. Erwin then shifted to enter the food industry since he has always been fond of eating. He first consulted his parents whether it was a good idea to pursue his food business because he was unsure whether the income would be sufficient. Erwin made sure to make the most out of his resources by using what his family business already had—chicken by-products. Part of chicken by-products are chicken crops which is called “Butche” in tagalog. The product Butcheron originated in Bulacan, Erwin’s hometown. Since chicken crops has been part of the family business, it was easy for him to get ample supply. Erwin chose to pursue the “Butcheron” industry because not only is it unique and uncommon, but also because it can be considered a staple Filipino snack that can be eaten anywhere and anytime whether you’re at work, at home or just simply wanting something to munch on. It also represents Filipinos distinct fondness for eating “pulutan” like chicharron.

Soon enough, his brainchild “Supercrisp Butcheron” came to life.  Upon starting, Erwin was very hands on in the business. Erwin, together with his mom and cousin would clean, cook and package the “Butcheron” themselves. They started producing and selling around 30 kgs of “Butcheron” but with the success of the business, they are now continuously growing. Erwin didn’t expect his business to grow but within 6-8 months, he is now supplying in some areas in North Luzon and within Metro Manila. Starting the business was a case of trial and error since their very first struggle was guessing the seasoning of the product itself. At first there were complaints of it having an inconsistent taste but as a dedicated owner, he spent sleepless nights just to make sure to perfect the taste and recipe of his “Butcheron” with the use of local and original ingredients. From humble beginnings of cooking at the side of his parents’ factory, Erwin now has his own factory for his “Butcheron” business. With “Supercrisp Butcheron” making a name for itself in the market, he is now able to give back and help his parents. In the near future, Supercrisp Butcheron wants to be a household name and top of mind preferred brand when it comes to Butcheron.  It is surely the next famous snack and “pulutan” of the Philippines that people will definitely look for. Supercrisp Butcheron has showcased Pinoy originality in its very recipe. So the next time you think of a snack, think of Supercrisp Butcheron.

It was 2014 when the youngest Escalona, Arielle, came to join her family business. With the guidance of her father Dr. Alan Escalona, they created Pure Nectar. Like any millennial, she was determined to change and revolutionize their fruit drink business. She believed that innovation was the key to move forward so she decided it was time to rebrand and redesign to keep up with the growing digital world we live in today. Dr. Alan guided her in finding a way to move away from the traditional ropes of business to moving into modern strategies and that would make their brand newer, and fresher than it already is. Pure Nectar is a juice brand that was created with an aim to keep up with the on-the-go world today. Before Pure Nectar was Pure Nectar, its roots can be traced back to their original business, Fruit Magic. Their fruit drinking business started in 1993 and was taken over by Dr. Alan in 1999. They thought it was time for the fruit and vegetable juicing business to get an upgrade. From the shake in a kiosk model, it was time to advance it into a product that a regular health conscious individual would opt for and incorporate in their lifestyle. With the ongoing fitness trend, people started becoming more conscious of their food intake, they wanted to keep their products as fresh as possible, while conveniently bringing it with them anywhere they go. With the busy life we live nowadays, Pure Nectar provides all the nourishment you need with just a sip. Its healthy and on-the-go, it’s a convenient way of being nutritious, and definitely refreshing. Pure Nectar advocates supporting local farmers by creating freshly bottled juices made from natural ingredients. Pure Nectar seeks to share the importance of overall wellness and how juicing has made healthy living more practical yet delicious. This is definitely the future of juicing.

A graduate of Biotechnology, this young entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Selula Hayagham Corporation – a Filipino-owned company that aims to become the largest diversified life science company with a focus on agriculture and industrial biotechnology. His company sources natural food products from small and independent local businesses and repackages it under their brand, Nipa Foods. Because he is young and would like to appeal to his age group, Stephen has recently launched a crafted microbrewery, Nipa Brew in 2015. Beer has been a staple in social gatherings by creating and maintaining generations of Filipino relationships. Stephen wanted to discover flavors that can showcase Filipino personality and has adopted a unique way of crafting beer by using local premium ingredients crafted with a Filipino taste in mind. They started experimenting with different ingredients inspired by Philippine flavors, climates and sceneries. They began construction on their Microbrewery in Makati and brewed their first beer in 2014 using their 200L brew house system – that beer is now known from their selection as Tropic Haze. In 2015, they began offering Nipa Brew to the public. The idea to develop this product sparked when he was still studying in UK.  When he finished his masters, he came home and immediately started his own brewery, Nipa Brew. The coined name “Nipa” is not only symbolic to Filipinos but it also falls under their mission to promote small industries under one roof. Nipa Brew is changing the Filipino beer industry one sip at a time by breaking away from traditional brewery, taking the local beer experience to a whole new level. Nipa brew aims to put their original wheat beer into the mainstream beer market.

As young entrepreneurs continuously thrive in the business industry, here are a few success tips

1. Don’t be afraid to take risks
Starting your own business is a case of trial and error. We never know the outcome of our efforts unless we actually do it. Try and try until you succeed.

Have a vision and know your goals
An entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a desire to create it. Keep your vision clear at all times. Set goals and remind yourself of them each day. Having the end in mind everyday ensures you’re working towards it.

Believe in yourself and in your product
Believe that you can succeed, and you’ll find ways through different obstacles. There’s no doubt that running a business takes a lot of time. The only way to succeed in your business is to do work that you truly believe in.

Know your customers and learn from them
Know those you serve better than anyone else, and you’ll be able to deliver the solutions they need. You must know what customers want or need because customers teach you where your products and services can improve on.

Develop a competitive edge and be unique
Competitive edge is something that your company and product does better than its competitors. Your reputation is also important; therefore, it is important to build and maintain a favorable image in the minds of customers. Innovation is key and change is constant. A successful entrepreneur should be constantly looking for new and better ways to deliver a service or searching for ways to improve a product.