We are only a day before we welcome 2016 and I am sure that many of us cannot believe that 2015 is about end. Looking back, I can say that it has been nothing but a great year not just for me and my family but also for Go Negosyo. Our 10th year has been blessed with good programs that inspire and empower our fellow Filipinos to strive for a better life through entrepreneurship. We are glad to have mentored and guided aspiring and young entrepreneurs who are bravely starting their entrepreneurial journeys.

As 2016 unfolds, may we all pursue for growth and development. I am saying this not only for the entrepreneurs but for the whole country. We know that there will be elections this coming May 2016 and I think that this is the first step towards continuous growth. May we elect leaders who will have a better vision for the country and will strive to turn these visions into achievements. More than the visions, it is their plan of action that we must consider the most.

With the rate of progress that the Philippines experienced in 2015, I see that the next year will be a better year for improvements. 2016 will be the year of changes, not only in the administration, but also in the economy as we see the effects of ASEAN integration and application of APEC learnings.

2016 will be an exciting year. I pray that we receive more blessings and opportunities and experience greater prosperity. Let us all strive to be better!

I asked some Go Negosyo entrepreneurs to share their expectations and wishes for 2016. Let me share them with you:

“I hope that in the coming elections, the Filipino people will vote for leaders that will work and care for their welfare.  I hope that the said elected leaders will have genuine respect for the law and not for their own personal gains.  And I pray for peace before, during and after the elections.” –Kathleen Dy-Go, Universal Records

“I hope that the local retail industry will be given more support by the government and the mall developers for us to show everyone and the other nations how relevant local Filipino retailers are in this growing business. I firmly believe that Filipinos are born with so much talent, and it’s a shame if we do not promote our talent and ingenuity effectively to other fellow countrymen and to the rest of the world.” – Roxanne Farillas, Plains & Prints

“I hope that our country will be able to select great leaders that will think of ensuring a great business environment for entrepreneurs, as well as have a clear agenda of prosperity and inclusion for all Filipinos.” – Mark Ruiz, Hapinoy

“We elect a new president who is assertive yet diplomatic, with business experience yet not corrupt, with vision yet unifying.” – Josiah Go, Mansmith & Fielders

“I expect a real brighter future for our country and business if our our people would elect a no-nonsense and decisive President whose integrity is unquestionable and whose priority is to serve our country and people. If this happens, I expect that good governance and optimism will be more prevalent in our midst and criminality and corruption will be minimized if not eradicated.” – Jun Manas, HenLin

“We expect more challenges to our businesses given the climate change issues facing every country, every business. Though we expect an uptick in business due to elections, we still think new challenges will be facing us especially with regards environmental issues.” – Pacita Juan, ECHOstore

“I’m very optimistic that the Philippines will continue with its upward economic growth in 2016. On the heels of a very successful APEC conference, my expectations are that ASEAN will play a big part and open up many more opportunities for young entrepreneurs and create competition that will stimulate our growth and lift our standards and services.” – Michael Deakin, Lifeline Ambulance

“As an avid supporter of Go Negosyo, I wish that more entrepreneurs would support this cause. I also wish that whoever gets elected as President this 2016, may be able to lead the country with empathy, selflessness, dedication and perseverance in uplifting the lives of our countrymen.” – Federico Moreno, Moreno Group of Companies