The Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao remains to be one of the regions with the least access to education and means to poverty reduction. That is why Go Negosyo took the opportunity to hold a special Negosem for the members of the ARMM community.

Under the initiative of DTI-ARMM Regional Secretary Marites K. Maguindra, a special Negosem was held on July 18 at the Shariff Kabunsuan Complex as part of the celebration of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development (MSMED) Month. It gathered local entrepreneurs, heads of government offices and staff, community leaders, teachers and students. The whole-day event covered basic business principles such as having a positive mindset, spotting and developing business opportunities by Carlo Calimon and Victor Madlangbayan.


Such was the interest of the participants that entrepreneurs from the audience shared their personal challenges and difficulties to inspire and encourage others to put-up their own business. Even in the presence of competitors, there was a friendly sharing of ideas and strategies. There seemed to be a shared duty to contribute to the region’s local economy.

Based on a study done by DTI –ARMM, the region’s businesses are primarily on food, agriculture and fisheries. They are mainly micro to small scale and are family-run. Majority obtain materials and sell products within the province and intend to expand their businesses but do not have the necessary support mechanisms.

Even with these challenges, the leadership, dedication and commitment of DTI –ARMM and the people’s hardwork, economic development is highly achievable. And Go Negosyo will help in whatever way it can.