Holy week seems to have started early. As I attended Palm Sunday mass, I noticed that what normally is a full attendance in our village, this Sunday’s mass was about 70 percent full. The priest and lay ministers had their dinner early having to eat the remaining host not given out.

We’re headed to the beach but my parents decided to spend quiet time at their place in Tagaytay and at home, away from all the fun and distractions that happen when you are on the beach. On our end, my wife is quite strict about Good Friday: we’ll all have to fast. As the priest noted, Catholics have to fast only twice a year, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, while the Muslims fast for 45 days. So it’s not asking much of Catholics to fast on these two days, and if we don’t comply, it’s a mortal sin, with the exceptions of course of those who are sick and elderly.

We’ll have a barangay staying with us: family and friends for bonding moments. Yes, it would be hard to pray when you have all these distractions. But for sure, Friday will be our quiet day and fasting day as no food will be served as instructed by my wife. If the Muslims have the Ramadan, Catholics have the Lenten season to make a little sacrifice.

Catholics still hold the dominant religion in the Philippines; but the other religious groups are growing as well, with Iglesia ni Kristo, Born Again Christians, El Shaddai, Dating Daan, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and The Kingdom of Jesus Christ of Pastor Quiboloy. Religious practices are important. They strengthen our faith.
I admit it’s a struggle for me to go to confession, but in the end, I make an effort to do it once a year as it’s what the Catholic faith calls for.

I look at the various religious groups like different schools, and our pastors or priests are the teachers or mentors who guide us in our earthly life. But as we enter the spirit world, I believe we’re all the same. There’s only one spirit world; either we go to heaven or hell in spirit. We hope that the religious group we are part of would teach and mentor us well, so that we’d lead an earthly life that’ll make us worthy of entering the promised land.

Reflections on how Christ died for us are supposed to strengthen our faith. Quite challenging to do during holy week at the beach. But it’s not only on holy week and Christmas that we should reflect on our Lord and our Christianity; it’s a daily thing. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, when one has no time, work is 24 hours, and sometimes our passion for our business takes priority over family, health and spiritual life. We tend to forget ourselves in the process and lose the essence of living. Having time out, prayer or quiet time allows us to see things clearer, reflect on things we have done wrong or right, and how we can better ourselves as a person to live a Christ-centered life. Easy for me to write this column and place it on paper, but leading a Christian life and as an entrepreneur at the same time is challenging. We must be reminded all the time where we draw our success and power or else we can get lost in arrogance and overconfidence. As I write this column and think of what to share, I start to reflect on myself and things that I’ll confess. A solemn week and a happy Easter to all the readers of the Go Negosyo column.


Living a Christian life means a lot of giving and helping others who are in need. This is why it is fulfilling for us whenever we hear about stories of people whose lives have changed, or have had a change of heart and mindset, after attending any one of Go Negosyo’s programs or after reading our columns. Their stories and their kind words of praise give meaning to what we do, and somehow, it lets us know that we’re going somewhere with this. It also helps make the movement get bigger, allowing everyone to help each other in creating better lives.

We’re always fond of receiving feedback from people. Allow us to share some comments that fuel our passion to continue what we do.

It’s my first time to join an event (as an exhibitor) like this since I’m just a 21 year-old entrepreneur. I hope that more and more young hopefuls would be fearless to join this amazing event. Thank you Go Negosyo for giving us (the youth) an opportunity to grow. Two thumbs up for Go Negosyo! You’re a genuine inspiration! I hope to be the next STARprenuer and work hard for it. Congratulations to the STARpreneur 2011! Chiren Electric Bicycles on the 2011 Young Entrepreneurs Summit

A beautiful post on life. We therefore need to take action and live the life that we want to have every day. We can plan for six months, six years, or sixty but tomorrow will remain uncertain. The only life where we’re truly in control is the life we have now. I appreciate the post and it reminds me how valuable life is. Continue doing your passion and make the most of the life you have. – Jef Menguin on the column entitled Time Flies

There’s nothing more inspiring than reading stories of entrepreneurs who started with rags. Now, they may not be the richest but soon, surely, they’ll get there because of their dedication and determination to earn a living for their family. Kudos to Filipino entrepreneurs!Luke Roxas on the column entitled Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur