Two weeks ago, Unilever-RFM Ice Cream Company launched the game-changing product Selecta Magnum in one of the best events I’ve ever attended. Prior to the launch, we saw a massive social media buzz on Magnum on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. John, my brother, who heads the ice cream joint venture, and his team have come a long way since I purchased this brand from the Arce family about 22 years ago. The brand is definitely RFM ’s crown jewel today.

Yes, Magnum exploded not only in that party, which gathered society’s who’s who, including Unilever global Chairman Paul Polman; Magnum sales have exceeded our expectations sixfold, and to think the projected demand was pegged aggressively. This has led RFM share prices to move higher. At this rate, our Selecta ice cream company could even become bigger than RFM Corporation. This product has definitely changed the game in ice cream.


Recently, Go Negosyo renewed its partnership with PLDT SME Nation with EVP Eric Alberto, VP Kat Luna-Abelarde, AVP Amil Azurin and Gabby Cui. PLDT SME Nation has been a partner of Go Negosyo for about four years now since they have created the group that focuses on levelling-up the capabilities of entrepreneurs through technology.

Last week, we attended PLDT SME Nation’s launch event for its new slogan: Success Made Easy (SME). True to form, success is definitely made easy with PLDT SME Nation’s technologies for entreps. The MVP Bossings, an entrep group that has been recognized by both PLDT SME Nation and Go Negosyo, can attest to the power of technology, beyond giving DSL and internet connection: a POS system that can track down sales and inventory per store, a system that can also track the movement of your sales vehicles (or if they are moving at all and if at the right routes), and a watcher system like a CCTV that can be monitored from wherever you are online. It’s now like a one-stop shop for technological support for SMEs. The various technologies for SMEs help enable entrepreneurs especially in the 21st century, helping them grow through business solutions suited for their specific enterprise.

Just the other day, we also flew to Cebu to join the PLDT SME Forum with around 500 Cebu SMEs. It was an enriching afternoon with inspiring speakers like Francis Kong and Jay Bernardo who talked about the importance of innovation, creativity and technology to have super remarkable enterprises. Our idol entrepreneurs were there: Justin Uy, who himself started from very humble beginnings and is now one of the biggest entreps in Cebu, making it big in dried mango exports, and now in hotels and mall businesses; Mr. Fern-C Tommany Tan, also inspired the participants on how he grew rapidly his direct-selling vitamin and food-supplement business through technology, especially Netcast which integrates his system with his millions of sellers.

We also recently renewed our partnership with Smart Communications with chief wireless advisor Doy Vea, James Bernas and Louie de Guzman. Smart, the biggest wireless telecom provider in the country has likewise been the partner of Go Negosyo in enabling entrepreneurs with reliable and nationwide mobile connectivity and mobile applications. One cannot imagine leaving home without his mobile phone, which is now serving also as a mini computer with the capabilities of many smartphones nowadays.
Beyond calls, sms and emails, smartphones have allowed us to access anytime any day any info on the internet, and to reach out to our market through the various social media networks, infoboards and text broadcasts. Speaking of technology, perhaps the biggest challenge we can pose to our kids, or even us, during the Holy Week is to have no phone or internet or any digital gadget from Holy Thursday to Black Saturday!


International Women’s Month is about to end, and with that, we’d like to share the remaining pieces of advice we’ve gathered from all our women entrepreneurs.

Your customers are your success and the people whom you employ to deliver to them are even more critical. As you seek to grow you need to take into account your natural capital (Planet). Ensure that where possible, the impact that you make is not a negative one and do what you can to minimize it. Finally, the one that drives all – Profit – but hopefully not at the total expense of everything else. Jocelyn Orosa Kolodziej, owner and founder fitness company FitBorders in Scotland

To succeed in business or in your career, you need to be a jack of all trades and an expert in your field. You need to work hard. Learn to accept that being in business is practically 24/7. Your mind is working even when you are asleep.

Continuous improvement is necessary to stay on top of your game. Innovate and stay relevant to your consumers. Have a vision and do everything you can to make it happen. When the going get’s tough, don’t give up.- Olivia Limpe-Aw, President, Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc, Publisher of Asian Dragon magazine, 2012 Go Negosyo Woman Starpreneur

My gold standard for business is honesty, be-the-best style of management with relentless focus on people, teamwork, and profits. Business is about people. It’s caring about people – your employees, your customers, and your business partners. Marife Zamora, Managing Director for Asia Pacific and EMEA, Convergys Corporation, 2012 Go Negosyo Woman Starpreneur

[The winning formula for success] is faith in ourselves and faith in God. I couldn’t have done it without constant prayer, for God to guide me every step of the way, for Him to send me the right people, and to teach me what to say and how to say. It is only by, with and through Him who knows and gives it all that we can succeed. We have to learn how to trust Him fully while we also do our part to get there. Elma Arboleras, inventor of the award-winning iBus system, 2012 Go Negosyo Woman Starpreneur