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   |    Friday, 08 August 2014 05:40    |   
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Go Negosyo publishes articles at the Philippine Star every Mondays (TAGUMPAY) and Thursdays (PILIPINAS NOW IS OUR TIME.) To read the current and previous articles, SUBSCRIBE for FREE to gain access to all the inspiring stories, development of a positive change in mindset as well as relevant entrepreneurship tools and concepts as the key to success.

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Go Negosyo Celebrates GEW; With the Launch of BEST Program and Passion Book

Monday, 24 November 2014 05:40 AM |

After months of preparation, we have officially launched our latest program last Monday, the Go Negosyo Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow (Go Negosyo BEST) program. British Ambassador Asif Ahmad and I opened the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014. It was attended by more than 500 top students who are eager to learn and get inspired by our power speakers including Aurelio Montinola, Sandy Prieto-Romualdez, Johnlu Koa, Kenneth Cobonpue, Jonathan Yabut, Joseph Calata, Joy Abaquin, Clang Garcia, Luis Gabriel Moreno, Rj David, Ronald Pineda and Mikhail Red. With the help of our partners, British Embassy; The Master’s Lighthouse; and TOSP Alumni Community, we were able to mount this successful program for a one-year mentorship for students.

Towards the evening, we also unveiled our 9th Go Negosyo book entitled Go Negosyo 50 Entrepreneurs of Passion. More than 400 entrepreneurs and advocacy partners celebrated with us that night. READ MORE.

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Go Negosyo Launches the Go Negosyo Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow (BEST) Programme

Friday, 21 November 2014 12:40 PM |

True to its commitment of helping transform the Philippines into an entrepreneurial nation, the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship, Inc. also known as Go Negosyo launched the first Go Negosyo Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow (BEST) Programme last November 17 at the Manila Polo Club, Makati City as one of the highlights of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 Celebration.

Go Negosyo is taking youth mentorship to the next level through the Go Negosyo BEST. It is a mentoring program that aims to be an avenue for academically outstanding college junior and senior students (who may not necessarily be business majors or business-inclined) to expose them to thought leaders and industry practitioners through a one-year program, with quarterly activities that may include but may not be limited to meet-and-greet with heads of corporations, company tours and immersions and teambuilding and personal enrichment sessions.

The launch conference was attended by around 400 students coming from 50 schools all over the region. The student delegates were selected based from their academic standing and leadership involvements. READ MORE.

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Go Negosyo is a Storyteller

Thursday, 20 November 2014 10:00 AM |

“Go Negosyo is a storyteller. And we will continue to tell stories that will inspire more and more Filipinos to entrepreneurship.”

These were my exact words last Monday when we launched the 9th publication of Go Negosyo entitled Go Negosyo: 50 Entrepreneurs of Passion. After months of preparation, we were able to successfully launch this wonderful book that will empower people to start their own journey of success.


More than 500 entrepreneurs and advocacy partners joined us as we unveil our 9th book. It was also the launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014. British Embassy Ambassador Asif Ahmad, who also joined our morning program and delivered his speech in Tagalog, also welcomed the guests that night and officially opened the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW).   He was joined by Deputy Head of Mission Trevor Lewis and their guests from the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines and Philippine British Business Club. READ MORE.

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Go Negosyo Launches its 9th Book Today

| Monday, 17 November 2014 02:15 AM |

Last Monday, I released the first batch of the entrepreneurs who were featured in our latest book: Go Negosyo 50 Entrepreneurs of Passion. Tonight, we are proud to announce that we are unveiling this 9th book of Go Negosyo in a private dinner with Go Negosyo advocates and supporters. It will soon be available in your favourite book stores.

Do grab a copy of our latest book: Go Negosyo: 50 Entrepreneurs of Passion.

And as promised, here are the next 25 entrepreneurs who will complete the roster of passionate entrepreneurs in the book: READ MORE.

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Go Negosyo Releases List of Official Delegates for BEST Programme

Friday, 14 November 2014 11:10 PM |

The Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship - Go Negosyo congratulates the following students for qualifying for the pilot batch of the GoNegosyo Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow (BEST) Programme. SEE OFFICIAL LIST OF DELEGATES.

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4th OFW & Family Summit Press Conference

Friday, 14 November 2014 05:10 AM |

Villar Foundation in partnership with Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship – Go Negosyo held the 4th OFW & Family Summit 2014 Press Conference earlier today at Worldwide Corporate Center. Present in the press con were Senator Cynthia Villar, Mr. Joey Concepcion, Go Negosyo Founder and Mr. Ramon Lopez, Go Negosyo Executive Director and members of the press.READ MORE.

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Of Passion in Business and Marriage

| Thursday, 13 November 2014 09:00 AM |

Finally, after months of detailed preparation, we have come close to the celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week which is going to be from November 17 to 23. Next week is going to be one busy yet empowering week because it will be filled with activities to celebrate the growth and success of entrepreneurship in the country.

On Monday, we are formally launching our latest program, Go Negosyo BEST (Building Enterprising Students for Tomorrow), dedicated to the top selected students from different colleges and universities who have shown their eagerness to become instruments of change by being outstanding and exemplary. I am sure that all of them will be equipped with more inspiration and knowhow on how to succeed in life and possibly in the field of entrepreneurship. They need not become entrepreneurs. What we want them to gain in this experience are the right values and character, the relevant competencies: to become enterprising and entrepreneurial. We know that these characteristics can also help them in their future endeavours as change makers of this society. The students will get to see and understand how successful individuals achieved their positions today. These role models will become the inspirations and examples for these students to follow. READ MORE.

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9th Book for 9 Years of Go Negosyo

| Monday, 10 November 2014 09:40 AM |


On the 9th year of Go Negosyo, we are proud to share with you a new book entitled: Go Negosyo 50 Entrepreneurs of Passion. This book is as special as our first book as this will tackle the journey of another 50 successful entrepreneurs who made a difference in their respective fields. Through this book, we are sharing with you a glimpse of their entrepreneurial lives which is filled with triumphs and success but not exempted from challenges and trials. With their innate passion to success, they were able to cope with and conquer problems in the unpredictable and ever-changing economy of the country. They showed courage to take risks, tenacity to make final decisions and resilience to adapt to the changing business climate.

I share with you the first batch of entrepreneurs who were featured in the books. I would like to share their stories with you but I want you to wait for its official release in your book stores in order to have a firsthand understanding of their stories. Do watch out for our latest book! READ MORE.

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Passion to Succeed

| Thursday, 06 November 2014 9:14 AM |


In the many years of Go Negosyo, we have shared with you countless inspiring tales of entrepreneurial journey of our partners in the advocacy. They revealed to us their dreams, the paths taken, the challenges they faced, and the triumphs over adversities. Real entrepreneurs have their vision, their aspirations and determination, and the common thread we see is their relentless passion on what they do: passion on their big idea, passion to make a difference, and inherently, a passion to succeed!

Passion has ignited many to generate creative and innovative ideas to start their business ventures, and with passion comes the determination to pursue those ideas.  I can say that the value of passion is more than just the character of one individual. It is a personal perspective, outlook or drive. It comes from within. It is the energy to pursue the goals and ambition despite the hardships and criticisms that one may face. And that is what makes dreams come alive. READ MORE.